Page 9, 14th June 1968

14th June 1968
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Page 9 from 14th June 1968


11..1trdlnal Heaton Of Westnthister Friday: Sings Solemn Requiem Mass for the late Senator Robert Kennedy, 11.30. Cathedral. Attends tureting of Governors of Cardinal Vaughan School. ArchbIshop's House, 7. Saturday: Blesses foundation stone of Catholic Radio and Television Centre, St. Gabriel's House, Snatch End. Middx., 3. Tuesday: Concelebrator Mass with Silver Juhivrians, St. Edmund's College, 6. Bhshop Casey, Auxiliary of Westminster -Friday: Offers Mass and gives Conftrnration. St PetcrS-In-Chains. Stroud Green, 6.30. Sunday: Offers Mast and opens Chapel-of-ease, Fulham, 12 noon. Gives Confirmation, Cathedral, 4.30. Offer' Mass and gives Confirmation. Italian Church, 7. Monday: Offers Mass and gives Confirmation, St. Ausustine's, Hammersmith, 8. Tuesday: Contxlebrales Mass with Iubitarians, St. Edmund's College, 6, Wednesday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. Ignatius, Stamford Hill. Thursday. Continues Visitation, Stamford Hill. Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of wesrminster -Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Redbourn. Tuesday: N'teltation and Confirmation. &dwell, Wednesday. Westminster Administration Council, 11. Hitchin Ecumenical Garden Party, 6.30. Friday: Visitation and Confirmation, Old Hall Green.

Archbbhop Dwyer of Birmingham Friday: Presides at Requiem Mass lot Senator Kennedy. St. Chad's Cathedral.

7.30. Saturday: Opens Fete, St. Gabriel's

Retreat House, liarborne, 2. Sunday: Confirmation, St. Mary's, Warwick, 3. Monday: ViSilatiOn, St. Mary's. Warwick. Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation, Blessed Martin de Forms. Moseley, Birmingham. Wednesday: Blessing of New Organ, St. Chad's Cathedral. 7.45.

Archbishop Beck of Liverpool-Saturday: Presides at meeting of the I.D.C. of the C.P.E.A. in London, 2.30. Tuesday: Concelebrates Mass for group from St. Augustine's and Sacred Heart parishes, Southport. at Cathedral 8. Thursday: Blesses Sc. Joseph's Commemorative Stone (Menlove Avenue). 7.30. Low Maas follows.

Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark

Saturday: Maas and Investiture of Kniehts Of the Holy Sepulchre at Cathedral, IL Sunday: Mass and Confirms lotion at St. Vincent's, Dartford, 10.30. Mass. Visitation and Confirmation at St. Anselm's, Dartford, 3.30, Tuesday: Consecration of Altar, Ss. Peter and Paul. Mitcham, K. Wednesday: Mass and Opening New Primary School, Tooting Bee, 3.30. Opening of New Catechetical Centre at Tooting Bee, 7, Thursday: Mass, Visitation and Confirmation at New Addington, 7.30. Bishop Warlock of Portsmouth-Saturday: Attends Laity Commission Meeting, Sloane Street, S.W.1. 10.30 Addresses Catholic Teachers Federation, Park Place Centre, Wickham, 2.30. Sunday/Monday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Swithun's. Southsea. Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Saviour's, Totland Bay. Wednesday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. David's, Suet Cowes. Thursday. Visitation and Confirmation, St. Thomas al Canterbury, Cowes.

Bishop Grant of NOrthomptOn--Satur day: Ordination to the Priesthood, Holy Ghost Church, Luton. 5. Sunday: Confirmation and Mass, Holy Ghost, Luton. 4. Tuesday: Clothing Ceremony. Convent Of JetillS and Mary. Ipswich, 10.30. Wednesday: Red Mount Ceremonies, 'Chia Lynn, evening, Thursday and Friday: Visits and Conlirms at St. Joseph's Callege, Birkfield, Ipswich. Bishop Ellis of Nottineham---Wednesday: Concelebrates Mass for Clergy Reunion. Cathedral. Thursday: Presides opening Dane Hills Fete, Leicester. PITtents prices. Corpus Christi School, Leicester, 7.30. Bishop McClean of Middlesbrough Saturday; Concelebrates Mass for Tour Of Martyrs Shrines pilgrims: Bl. Margaret Clitherow Shrine, York. 9.15 am. Sunday: Carries the Blessed Sacrament in Middlesbrough Corpus Christi Procession. From Cathedral. 3. Wednesday: Presides at Rev. 51. Hardy Silver Jubilee Mass. Si. Charles, Hull. 11.15. Thursday: Presides at Mgr. l'rovost J. McMullan Golden Jubilee Mass. Si. Joseph's, Middlesbrough, 7. Bhhop audderham of alltoo-Tuesday: Attends Apostleship of Sea Chaplains' Conference. Anchor House, Hull. Thursday: Presides at monthly meeting of Diocesan Schools Commission, 10.30.

Bishop Rustle:aux of Plymouth-Sunday: Leads Procession of the Blessed Sacrament. St. Bonifacc College, Plymouth. Monday to Friday: Attends Clergy retreat, Buckfast Abbey.

Bishop Cunningham of illeshans and Newcastle-Sunday: Visit and Confirmation, St. Joseph's. Hartlepool, 3.30. Tuesday: Attends meeting of Governors, .St. Bede's Grammar Technical School, Lanchester, 4. Thursday: Visit and Confirmation, Our Lady and St. Cuthbert's, Prudhoe, 7. Bishop Foley of Laneaster-Friday: Coneetebrates at St. Anthony's. Cadley. for Parish Jubilee, 7.30. Saturday: Says Mass or Si. Anthony. Cadley. for the Children of the Parish, 9.30 a.m. Addresses A.G.M. of Dioduan Catholic Teachers Association at Windermere. 2.30. Sunday: Confirmation at St. Joseph's Preston, 3. Wednesday: Attends Jubilee Mass of Canon Mason at Newhouse, 51. Consecrates the church of SS. Mary and Michael, Garstang, 7. Bishop Grunts of Shrewsbury-Saturday: Education Day. St. Augustineel. WythenShawc, 11.00. Sunday: Confirmation and Visitation, St. Albans, Macclesfield. Monday: Visitation continued, St. Alban's, Macclesfield. Thursday: Attends Catenlan Clergy Dinner, Blossoms 1 to te I , Chester. Bishop Cashman of Arundel and Brighton-Friday: Attends Meeting, Diocesan Liturgical Commission. Hove, 3, Saturday: Attends Annual Dinner, Civil Service Catholic Guild, Guildford, 7. Tuesday, Confirmation. Tilgate, 7. Wednesday: Concelebrates Mass. Mgr, Westlake's Silver tebilee, Mark Croak 11. Thursday: Proc-ession and Benediction, West GrInstead, 3. Bishop Wheeler of Leeds-Saturday: Attends Ecumenical Commission Meet ing, Wood 10.10. Attends Annual General Meeting of Leeds Diocesan RI:Willi Society. 3. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Si. Joseph's, Goole, Monday: Wetherby Borstal-Mass and Confirmation, 7. Wednesday: Preaches at Priestly Silver Jubilee, -Edmonton, 7.30. Friday' Attends Curial Offices.



Fr, Leo Ward of Southall to be an honorary canon; Fr. Denis Britt-Compton of St. Edmund's College to be an honorary canon; Fr. Michael Groarke From Chiswick to Islington as parish The following assistant priests have been appointed: Fr. Bernard McCein. nets to Hoddesdon, Fr. John Walsh front liampstead to Tottenham, Fr. Brian Ward from Hoddesdon to Hertford. Fr. Peter Gilbun from Potters Bar to Chiswick.

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