Page 10, 14th June 1974

14th June 1974
Page 10
Page 10, 14th June 1974 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Cardin.] Heenan of Westminster -Friday. Meets Seitate ul Plieete Steeileg Committee. Archbishop's House. 11.3D: meeting of University Cheplalne, Archbishop's House. 3. Saturday: Sayz Mass for Nees, London Coiney, 5. Monday: Inaugurates Theological COLifte. taridOn Ceiney, 5. Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of West[Molnar -Friday, Hertfordehire and Bed fordshire Ecumenical Consultative Com mittee, Diocesan Office. St Albans. 10.30. Seturday• Blessing of new Schaal. St Albans.

3. Sunday; Parochial Visitation, Hoddesdon; Pronessioe ot the Blessed Sacrament. 6. Monday 17111 to Friday, 28th: Westminster Clergy Insece Couese, All Witte Pastoral Center Bishop Guattolli, Ausitisry ol Westminster .-Feeley: ConfirmetIon. Max Road,

7. Saturday: Visitation, Hexton. Sunday' Visitation. Heston, 8, Concelebrated Mess. Kensington Deanery. 3; Contirmetion, Weet minster Cathedral, 5.313. Monday Primaiy School. Heiden. 9.30: Confirmation, ClUe%

Road. 7. TeesdayConfirmation Max Road 7. VVeielnesday Confirmation Highbury. 7.30. Thursday St John's Weed. 2.30; Confirmation, Pimileo, 7.30 Bishop Mahon, Ausiliary of Westminster Friday: Represents Cardinal, Cemrreanwealth Day Service, Westminster, Abbey: Confirmation, Stamford Mk Seturday-'

Monduy: Pastoral Visit. North Harrow. Tuesday: Confirmation Kingsbury Green. Wednesday: Confirmation, Doles Hill, Thursday: Confirmation. East Acton. Friday Visits St Teresa's Schnee Confirmatiort. Headstone Lane Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Friday: Meeting at Schou! Religioue temper: tors. Archbishop's House. 2. Sunda y1 Preaches at Glastonbury Pitgrimage, 3.30. Monday: Visitation St Dunstan s, Kings Heath. Tuesday Coricelehiates Mass. Ostret College. 11: Mass and Conlin-nation. St Dun. stares, Kings Heath. 7 30 VVederistiey: Meeting ot Governors. Bestord Coed, 11, attende Newmae Cohlege. 7. ThursdayVieitatien. St Penick's, Coventry. 10,30.

Biehop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham • Friday. Ceneeleterites Mass. RI

Thomas Maefield -School, Newcastle, So? fordshira. 11. Saturday: Ordains Rev Francis Poole, CSSP Our Lade Stoke on-Treet. 7.30, B ishop Emery, Auxiliary at Bir

minghem • Ma ia arid eineeirmation. St Mary's, Werfnesbury, 7.30. Saturday: IVIeeting of Govesteers. Plater College, ;Deiced, 11. Sunday: Mass and Confirmations. Our Lady, Wings:ere 11.311; Confirmations and Benediction, St Thomas More, Sheldon 3; Presides al Mass. St George's, Worcester, S. Tuesday: Conceiebrates Mama Our Lady, Alt:ester 12 noon. Wednesday; Govereure' Meeting. St Peues College, Regby. 10 30: Meen end blessing of Si Joseph's Middle School. Nuneaton, ;Lae. paasasy: vets St Joseph's School. Kings Norton. 11: Goetirnors1 Merdieg. Olion Corwent School. 4.45: Mese and Confirmations. St Joseph's. '

Biehop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool.

Friday: Visits SI Edmund ArrowsmIth School. Pre%col, 1.30, Confirmation. St Kovirea, Kiekby, p.m. Sunday: Coneetebrates Mass ond Anointing ot Sick, Cathedral, Liver!tout, pen Tuesday: Attends meetleg of Norther; Bishops, Mancheater; administers Confirmation. St Vircent's School, West Den by. Liverpool. p.m. Wedeeselay: Bleastrig of exteneion and Mass. St Joseph's Secondary School, Widnes; First Coefirmetton. St Gregory's, Kirkby, a.m. Thursday; First Confirmation, St Kevin s. Kirkby. p.m. Friday: Second Confirmation SI Kevin 5. Kirkby. p.m. B ishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Friday: Confirmetioe during Meer:. St Mary's, Chorley, 7.30. Saturtley: Celebrates Mass, Community Chapel, West Park, St Helens, on ocerteion ol iti Dene Golden Jubilee of Religious Fecteseien Stierlay: Presides and preaches et Mass. $I Gregory's. Ctiorley, no occasion of perish aI.c;ttiori I 1 1 concelebrates Holy Year Mast of anointing. Metropolitan Cathedral, 5, Monday; Attends meeting of Cooed of ArtreinIstratinn, Curial Offices, 10.30, Gimlets CLieelimnin [(urea' Mass. Our Lady's, Terleture Tuesday: Attends meeting of Northern Bishops, lNardley Hell. Salford 11, confers Confirmation during Mass. All Salets, Golbnirree. 7.30. Wednestiley: Curative Cut-demotion dieing Mass. Lydiate, 7 50. Thurscley: Biesses new Junior School, Sr Cuthbert's, Wigan, 3.30: coerces Canfirmatinn during MASS. St Cullibeife. Wiper.. 7_30 Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark Sattarley: Muss anal levestiture tor Knights of the Holy Sepelcere. St George's Cathedral, 1 1. Sunday: Mons. Visitation and

Confirmation Westneham, 12 ROLM. Wecineeday: Attends Stalf Meeting arid Clergy Nee St Jehriee Seminary, Wonersh. Thursday; Consecration of Sacred Heart Church, Cambetwell. 5.

B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark Fridey: Attends meeting of Chaplains at Westrninstei. Saturday; Celebrates Mass for Knights of the Hely Sepulchre. Cathedra!, 11: celebrates Mass for Diocesan Youth COMMISSIOn. DinGPSner CaleChiitiOt COMM Tooting, 3. Sunday: Mass and ConfiimatIon. ErIth, 1 Feeseed Sacrament Procession, Levies Abbey, 3. Monday: Presides at Diocesan Finance Committee Meeting Wednesday: Attends Open Day, St John's Seminary, Wonersh. Thursday: Attends Conferenee of Carbolic Teathere, Allinglon Castle, B ishop Warlock of Partamouth -Saturday Interviews candidates for priesthood. Bshops Heuss, 2.30; celebrant,* Mess for diocesee breech of Church Musk Asset:laden, St Jetties Catliudrai, Portsmouth, 5, Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St Culrnen s, Cosham. Wednesday: Attends Bishops' Staff Meeting and seminary "Open Day," St John's Seminary. Wonersh,


B ishop Grant of Northampton Saturday-Monday, Viseetion and Confirmation. Chipshem Bois. Tuesday: Confirreetien. Sr AidieS, Northampton. evening. Wednesday: Meeting Steering Committee Diocesan Srmate. Thursday: Confirmation, Bletehley, evening.

Bishop McGuinnees, Coadjutor of Nottingham --Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St Bereariette s, Scunthorpe. Mooday. Visits St Bernadette's School, Sceethorpre Mans. 10.30 Tueeday: AGM Catholic Youth service Council KSG Club. London, noon. Wednesday: Cierty Reunion, Nottingham. Thursday: Meeting of Diocesan Literdical Commission. Cathedral, 3.

Tuesday: Presents KSG insignia to Mr C. A. James Thursday: Vieits Bishop Ellis School, ThUrthattUll iMans 10-301, Bishop Wagon of Middlesbrough Sunday; Visitation and Confirmation, St Patilinne, York. 10: Confirmation, Sr Geolgies. York. 6.30. Tuesday: Attends Northern Bishops Meeting. Wardley Hall, Wednesday: Confirmation. St Gabriel's. Middlesbrough. 7.30. Thursday: Pastoral Council Meeting Knights of Columba, Mirellesbrough. 8. Bishop Holland of Salford Sunday: viaitaikm. St William. Lee House, 10.20.

Friday: Visits Alexien Brothers, Menton, 4.30. Tuesday; Northern Bishops, Wardley Hale 11. Wednesday; Holy Year Celebrations, Stela Mario, Salford, 7.30_

Bishop Burke, Aintillary al Salford Sunday: Mass and Blessed Secrament Procession, Burnley_ 3.

Tuesday: Northern Bishops, Wardley Hall_ Wednesday; Jubilee Mass. Salford Cathedral, 12.10; Visits SS Peter arid Jolts Primary School, Salford, 3. Thursday: Mass and Final Precession, presentatien Convent. Collyhuret t1.30.

Bishop Rudderhern of Clifton Sum (ley. Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to Glastonbury. Wedeesilay: Mats Tar Bath parishes. Cathedral, 8 Mishap Alexander, Auxiliary of Clifton Seterclay, Garde. yew O. Lady of Lourdes, Weston. Sunday Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to Glasteeleury Monday-Friday! In-Service Training Course, All Saints. London Colney. Bishop Reath:elms of Plymouth Feder Cotechetical Meeting. Exeter, 11. SaturdayCruernissioes Loy People to give Holy Communion, Cathedral, 11.30. Sunday: Procession of Blessed Sacrament. St

B oniface's College, Plymouth, 3. MondayFriday: Clergy Retreat, Beckfast Abbey. Tuesday: Mass with Valladolid Association. Exeter, Weenesday: Music Festival for Junior Scheele ot Dorset. St Jeseptes. Weymouth.

Bishop Casey of Brentwood Sunday: Ordinations. Dublin. Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation. Our Lady of Ransom, Reyleigh. Wednesday: Meeting of staff and bishops. Si John's Seminary, Wonorsh, Thursday; 'Filar:ice Board, 10,30; Hewes! Chaplaincy Council. Chutch House, Wealminsier, 4: Mass and Confirmation. Our Lady of Leen-lea VVanstead, 7.30, ElishOP Wheeler of Leeds Friday: School Mass, Adel-ton. Bradford, 11. Saturday: Receives pilgrims to Hazelwood at E ttofts, 8.30. Sunday: Confirmation and Visitation, St Matthew's, Allerton, Tuesday; Meeting teI Neale-ion Bishops, Wardley Hall. Bishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lan emitter Seturday: Attends Austin Friars School Summer Fayre. Sunday: Conti, malien, St Margaret Mary's, Carlisle, 10.30. leteeday. Meeting of Notthere Bishops, Wardley Hall, Manchester Thureday; Concelebrates Mass for Centenary

Celebrations. St Joseph's, Preston. 8.45,

Bishop Grasar of Shrewsbury Saturday: Blesses Birkenhead Catholic Youth

Centre, 3_ Seedily; Visitation end Comfit matiuri. St Paul's. Poynton. Mondey: VisiteFinn continued, St Paul's, Pnynton. Tuesday; Atteride Northern Bishops Meeting. Werdley Hall. Tuesday-I ridayi Attends Diocesan Clergy Retreat, Hewkstone Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Friday; Attends formal opening of

extensive, St Nicholas School. Hartford: attends Runcorn Development Corporation Lunch: Confirmation. Si Teeesa's Witmsiow. Saturday: Catholic Teachers' Federation Council Meeting, Birmingham Suedes,

Monday: Visitation and Confirmation, Our Lady of Lourdes, leasowe, Tuesday: Attends

Northam Bishops' Meeting, WartiVey Hall. Wednesday: Speaks at Rally, Chester Cathedral. Thursday: Coneirmation, St Ambrose, Adswood.

B ishop Bowen of Arundel end BrIoh•Wm Friday' Coeceiebrates Golden Jubilee Mass of Vary Rev Canon .1. Preedy. Church of the Assumption. Englefleld Green, 7_30 Sunday: Confirmations, Church of the Holy Family, Heath End Farnham, I I_ Mon

day_ &trench meeting 01 Diocesan Council ef Administration, Bishop's House, Have, 11;

attends meeting Diocesan Education Com mittee for Surrey, Sr Duesteres Preabytery. Woking 8. Tuesday: Visitation arid Confir mations, Hersham. Wednesday, Attends meeting. St John's Seminary, Wonersh: attends Clergy Day. St John s Seminary. Wonersh. Thursday: Consecrates alter. Church of the Holy Family, Heath End, Farnham; visitation of parish.

Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Ifecham and Newcastle Sunday: Mass and Con firmatiee. Bedlinglort. 3.30 Tuesday: Meeting ot Northern Bishops, Warciley Hall. Manchester, Wednesday: Conlirmatioe and Mass. St Augustine's. Leant Lane 7 Thiel:relay: Confirmation and Mass, St Patrick s.. 7. B iehop Foley of Lencester --Saturdey. Garden. Party in aid of Diocesan Mission in Zambia Crossleial. Barrow, 2. Sunday: Visitation, Holy Family, Blackpool, II, Centemotion. 3. Tuesday: Attends Northern Bishops Meeting. Werdley Hall, 11. Wednesday: Presides at Holy Year Mass, Our Lady's Shrine, Fernyhalgh, 7.30. Thursday: Loneetehrates Mass, Centenary, St Josephs. Preston, 7.

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