Page 8, 14th June 1985

14th June 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 14th June 1985 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Poor Mission Fund, Good CouncIl, Child Welfare Society, All Saints Church, Council of Pnests, Vespers SI Thomas Mere Church, Noeder Standing Committee of Bishops, Ushaw College Durham, Devine Thunder LSU College Of Higher Eclutallen, St Joseph's College, English College, Woolpll Parish Church, Bishops Council, Society Garden Party, Interdenominational Committee, Mal Bariboiough Hell School, Northern Church Leaders ConSultallOn Committee, Servile Church, CDA Archbishops House, Sacred Head Church, Hierarchy Standing Committee, Saint Mary's High School, Training College, Saint John Mahal School, Lianarth Court, Catholic Women's League, St Judas School, St Francis' Church, Council of Clergy, Didebury, Open Hull Geopleinoy Garden Party, Syon House Appeal Fund, Diocesan Liturgy Commission, Thanksgiving Service, Southampton Standing Joint Committee, Bromley Civic Centre, Education Council, Vocations Commission, Diocesan Finance Committee, Guild of St Slephen, fLitChD Centre, SI Thomas More's Church, Committee for Sick & FleUred, SI John Fisher Church, Old Boys' Association


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Bishops Engagements .

Page 8 from 1st October 1982


Keywords: Religion / Belief

0 • Ordination. mass, C ConfirMallett, V x Vishstion

Carden, Hems, Archinkhop of Westminster SunderM and Firm Communion Parsons Green, 11.30am. M Sacred Head Church, Holloway, 6.30pm. Noeder Standing Committee of Bishops' Conference. 11.30am. Requiem M for Dons Edmund Jones Cocklostors, 7.30pm. Tuesday-Wadnasday: Bishops Council 01 Dim:Bean Affairs Thursday: Vespers SI Thomas Mere Church. Henry Road. Friday, Bishop Grant's Jubilee M Northampton Cathedral, 11.30am. CIIR AGM Cathedral Hall, pm. Saturday: Salerno PA for SS John Fisher and Thomas More Westminster Cathedral. 11.30am.

Archbishop Coins de Mnville of Birmingham Sunday: V 8 C. Corpus Christi, Stechford. Monday: Hierarchy Standing Committee: Westminster, 11.30am. Tuesday: M S C St Edward's, Sally Part,, 7.30prn. Wednesday. Pariah Jubilee M: S7 Marie Goretti, Bucknall, 7pm Saturday. 0: Reverend David Kennedy to Prieethoori, St Thomas More. Sheldon. 3pm. Solemn consecration or SI John Fisher Church, Coventry, 7pm.

Atchblehop Ward el Cardiff Sunday: C, Lianarth Court 330pra Monday Standing Crinurrittee ol Wallops' Conference. Westminster. Wednesday. Golden Jubilee M ter Canon O'Connor, S1 Francis Xavier, Hereford. B 30pro Followed by Reception al the Shire Hall. Thursday. V. Caorleon & St Julian's Pariah, Newport PA, St Julian's, 7pm. Friday: Golden Jubilee M for Canon O'Connell, St Frances of Rome, Rosaion-Wye, 6.30pm Followed by Dinner al the Chain Hotel Saturday: M, riming 'Padre Pro Day', SI David's Concert Hall, Cardiff, 3.16ran. Arehbishop Warlock of Llynecier gunny: u. sr Bedah. Clayton Green. Charley. Thunder Northern Church Leaders ConSultallOn Committee, BIshoplhorpe. York, 11.30am Church Leaders' Meeting. Bishop's Lodge, eprh Friday. M for School, St Richard's Parochial Genre, Skelmersdele, Sen. Saturday: Celebrations for SI Thomas Moore anniversary, Westminster.

annoy maxandet of Clifton Sunday: Pilgrimage, Glastonbury, Tuesday: M. Golden Jubilee of Father Alexander Daley. MSFS. at Holy Ghoet. Yeovil, 11.30am and 7.30pm. Wednaaday: Council or Priests' Meeting at Newman Hall, Wasiburponil fro, Clem M at St George's Taunters, Deacon Ben Oorrington's retirement. 7.30pm. Thunder Diocesan schools Commission Meeting al Clifton Cathedral House, 10.30am. M at Nazareth House, Cheltenham, Mgr J Sutton's Golden Jubilee, 3pm C at St Peter's, Cirencester, I.30prn Friday: Mat St Thomas More School. Bristol. 9.30am. trilogy Conference Stanbrook. 2.30pm tiaturider 0. Hey Thomas Gunning to the Sacred Priesthood at SI Alphege, Bath. 3pm. V: SI Came nil's. Salisbury. Preaches at all Masses Bishop Brame of Lancaster Sunder V: St Francis, C;oosnargh, Preston, Tuesday: Golden Jubilee M of Mgr T Welch. Shrewsbury. Wednesday: Presides al Meeting of Council of Pnests. Lancaster, Item. C, Sacred Hearl, Preston. 7.30pm. Thursday: Presides Diocesan Finance Committee. Bishop's House, 10.45arn Presides staling or Dee, Bishop's House, 3pm C. SI Mary's, Coremont &Herder 0' Rev Joseph O'Connor in !he Priesthood.

Our Lady 01 the AlieumPliOn. Blackpool.

Risher) Burin, luminary tar Salturd Sunder C M, St Mary's. Oswaldtwistle.11am. Tuesday. Governors' Meeting, SI Bede's Collage Mancheste, 3 30orri Wednesday Concelebrated M as English Martyrs'. Whalley Range on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the English Martyrs, School, 6pm !Winder Concelebrated M, Westminster Cathedral on the 450th anniversary of the martyrdom al BS John richer and Thereat More, 11.30am.

Bishop Clark of Emit Anglia Sunder Continues V 01 St Thomas of C,anteroury parish, Woodbridge, Suflolk Mender Hierarchy Standing CArmmillee, Archbishop's House, Westminster Wednesday Thanksgiving Service or Bishop KnappiFisher, Westminster Abbey, B 16pro Friday Attend, Golden Jubilee hi for Bishop Grant, Northampton Cathedral, It 30arrt Seturday. Begins V ol Slowniarkel perish. Celebrate!' M 8 C at Woolpll Parish Church. 6pm. Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary for Birmingham Seturder M 6 C: 5$ Peter & Paul, Wolverhampton, 5.30pm. Sunder M S Procession of the Blessed Sacrament. Maryvale, 3pm. Tuesday: M 6 C. Nuneaton, 1.30pm Thunder M A C: St Nicholas, Boidmere, 7.30pm, Friday Concelebrates M with Bishop Grant, Northampton, 11.30em. M A C' St Gerard, Castle Vale, 7.30pm Bishop Emery of Portsmouth Sunder Our Lady Of Lowden, New Milton C IA 10 30am Tuesday: st Joseph's, TIlehurat, Reading C M. 7pm Wednesday SI Laurence, Pelerstleld M for the Diamond Jubilee of Canon J Devine Thunder LSU College Of Higher Eclutallen, Southampton Standing Joint Committee Meeting, Marn St John Bosco, Woodtey C M, 7pm. Friday: V to St Judas School, Farehon 2015 Anniversary of Opening ol School. 11am. Sacred Head. Fareham C M. 7pm. Blehop Grey at Shrewsbury Sunder Pilgrimage H. Shrine of Our Lady, Evaaharn. !wonder Mooting or Interdenominational Committee. Telford, 10am. Tuesday Presides el Chapter M, Shrewsbury, to men Golden Jubilee of Mgr Terence Welch, Item. Wednesday! Meeting with Abbot Rossiter, Bishop's Howse, 12.30pm. Coolers C. SI Amen& Macciashaid, 7.30pm. Friday: M to mark Golden Jubilee of Bishop Grant. Northampton Cathedral, 11.30am Confers C. St Mary's, Crewe. 7.30pm. Saturday: N. St Augustine's, Latchlord. on occasion of V, 6.30pm.

B ishop elmeneel, Auxiliary lot Wintrninview Sunder Commissioning ceremony. Mlle End, 10 30am C. West Kilburn, 6.30pm Tuesdey:11sliriplon deanery meeting 10.30am, CDA. 5prn, Wednesday USA, 10am Pav Christi meelieg, I 30pm M, Convent Ellerdale Roar], 4pm Thursdrry: Meet Contionandi, fsilngton. 7pm. Friday. Deans 6 Pastoral Workers' groups meeting, PJH, 114 30prn Saturday: M, Cathedral. 10,30ant 0, Papier, 5pm.

B ishop Hannigan of Mantras Suede yiTuesday: V 6 C, Colwyn Bay. Wednesday: 0 to the Diaconate 01 Menevia Sludent Anthony Si uart Foster. at Holyweii, pm. Saturday. Catholic leachers' Federation, St Mary s Wrexham, M at 2.30pm. Bishop Herds ol Middlesbrough Sunday: Mayor's Sunday, St Francis' Church, Middlesbrough M, 11arn, Blesses Statue, SI Gregory's Church Bandields, 4pm. Mender Standing Committee meeting, London. Tuesday: Diocesan Liturgy Commission meeting Ampielorth. 11 30am Wednesder M. St Marys School, Grangetown, 10am. Thureday, Official opening of Church Hall, Thlrek, M, ?pm.

Bishop Harvey, Auxiliary for Wettmlatter Sunday: C, SI Mary Magdalen, Whetalone. leant C, SI Philip the Apostle. North Finchley, 3.30pm. Tuesday Meeting, London Churches Group, Marn CDA. 5pm Wednesday: CDA, team. C. Our Lady A St Thomas of Canterbury, Maranon:die Hill. 7 30pm FrIder C. St Patrick, Wear Hendon, 8pm. &Hardly: M. Westminster Cathedral, 1 lam.

B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary lot Southend, Sunday: V. Sydenbarn, Sam-epm. M A C. Sydonharn, 3pra Mender V. Sydonham, continued. fpm-9.300m. Tuesday. M and Piesontal ion of Bens Moroni Medal, Fenno Well Hall. 7 30pm Thursday: Sit & C. BaCkenhare 7.30pm. Friday. Luncheon. Bromley Civic Centre, 1pm. Centers Ministers of Reader arid Acolyte, St George's Cathedral, 7 30pm. Saturday: M for the Guild of St Slephen, Aylestord. 11 30aro Bishop Inchon, Auditory lot LiverpoolSunday: C, St Mary's, Eilackbrook Tuesday, CAFOD, London V/ 00000 day-Thursday: Deacon's Retreat, MinIsteracres. Thunder Church Lentos' Monne, Bishop's Lodge, Bps. Fridley: SI Thomas More's celebrations, Aigtai dn.

Bishop Jukes, Auxillery for Southwark Sunday Official V to Canterbury pared, ecumenical service at Rochester Cathedral to celebrate 450th anniversary Of martyrdom of SI John Fisher, 6.30pm. Tuesday: House of Hoapttality mooting. Holy Cross Priory. Heathrield, SLAII*X, 11.15arn C at Rainharn, 8pm Virsdneadey, Moots with Korn Industrial Chaplains al The Plarrollage, 9.30am. Meets with C Candldalea at Edembridge. 7pm. Thursday: TV South Meeting Ridgy' V to Herne Bay parish Celebrant and hornilist at Vigil M, Rochester 8pm, Saturday, V to Hurter Bay parish.

Bishop Kelly ol Salford Sunday-Tuesday: Continues V to English College, Valladolid. Wednesday: Meeting of Board or Adnunieftation. 2pm. Cationetical Meeting, 4 300nr M with Caritas Christi, Canada, Manchester. 7.30pm. Thursday: Church Leaders' Consultation, Bishoosthorpo, York, 11.30arn. Meeting ol Deans. Wardley Hall, tips Farley: M to celebrate Me 150th anniversary of the consecration of St Peter's church, Sionyhurat, 6.30pm. Wortley: 0 to the prieathOod Of Rev Gerard O'Shaughneasy, SDH. I herniate's College, Bolton, 11am. Rescue Society Garden Party, Didebury, Manchester, 2.30pm Bishop Protestant, Auxiliary for 1Weetminster Sunday C, Servile Church, Fulham Road, lOarn. C, Westminster Cathedral, 5.30pre Monday Bishops' Conference, Standing Committee Meeting, 11.30am Schools Chaplains' Conference Spode House, 6prn Wednesday: CDA Meeting, Archbishop's House Westminster, team. Friday: CIIR, AGM, Cathedral Conference Centro, epto Saturday SS John Fisher and Thomas More M. Westminster Cathedral. 11 an B lehop LIndeay at Northam A Newcastle Sunday V A C St Wilfrid's, Gateshead. Monday: Ushaw Deacons' Day, minsierecrou Bishop McCann, Auxiliary for BirmInghon Sunday: M 6 C Holy Family Coventry, 11.30am. Monday: Hierarchy Slandrou Cortrinitlee• Westminster. Management Committee St Gerard's Hotipital, CrJesten horn Tuesday: VAC St Mary

Evesham, Wednesday: PA for Archdiocesan Catholic Women's League, Clayton, 11.30am Intraday: V: Si Brigid's, Northfield. Friday: V A C: SI Thomas Mom Coventry Saturday. M at Westminster Cathedral, 11.30am.

B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham Sunder Drone's°, Pilgrimage to Walsingham, pm. Tuesday. Meeting will Committee for Sick & FleUred clergy, 11am ViCoril SS Paler A Paul, Earl Shilton, LE, 7pm. Wednesday: V Kirby Muxtoe Convent, 8pm. Tlwredar Jubilne M, Cathedral Saturday: 0, John BMus, SSS. Blessed Sacrament church, Leicester. 2pm.

B ishop Than McMahon ol BrAM1100tlel Sunday: V & C, Sacred Heart. Frinlon-on-Sea. Wednesday-. Service, Westminster Abbey, 6 15prn Thursday: M & C, Si Francis, Strattord, 7.30pm. Friday: kit & C. Holy Redeemer. Harold Hill, 8pm. Standar. M for St Thomas More S St John Fisher, Cathedral, Westminster, 11.30em.

Bishop Merton Mealier, for Westminster Sunday C. East Acton. 12 noon. PA, South Ruislip, 8pm. MondayiTuesdey: AGM Pontifical Mission Aid Societies, St Joseph's College, Mill Hill Tuesday: CDA, Archbishop's House, Gpm. Wednesday CDA, Archbishop's House. 10am. M A C, Padvaie, 7.30pm Thursday: C. Osterloy, 7.30010 Friday: Ecumenical Sonar.. St Jame' Twickenham. pm. Saturday: Commissioning of Special Ministers, Hounslow, pin

Bishop Morweley ol Hallam Sunday. C al Spinkhill. 10.30am. Monday: Mal Bariboiough Hell School, 12 noon Celebrations for golden Jubilee of Ft Robert Woodbridge at Hathersage, 7pm Tuesday: Meeting of Council of Clergy, 10.45am. Wednesday: M at Saint Mary's High School, Chesterfield, 11.30ern Moulin of Governors of Child Welfare Society. 6.30pm. AGM at Holy Rood. Barnsley. 7.30pm. Thursday: V S M at Eckington, 7pm. Friday Pageant at Saint John Mahal School. Hackenlhcape, 7.30pm. Saturday: PA for Fisher and More at Westminster, I tam. Attends Berekorough Midsummer Ball, 8pm.

Dioclithasapn Malian ol Swansea SurRierFrldsle Retreat Saturday SS John Fisher & Thomas More, Concelebrated M Cl Westminster Cathedral, 1 lern,

B lehop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel S Brighton Sunday: Woking Deanery C. Arundel Cathedral, 3pm. M ol Ihanksgtvinq for Sliver Jubilee of Consecration of All Saints Church, Harahan, 6.300,11, Wednesday: Woking Deanery G, Our Lady Owen of Heaven, FrImley. 7.30pm. Thursday: PA for Youth Leaders, Our Lady's Priory, Sayer, Common. 8pm. Friday: Reception, Syon House Appeal Fund, Angmerrng, 7.30pm Saturday: M In honour 01 St John Fisher and St Thomas More, Westminster Cathedral, am. V Interchurch Youth Leader, Day. Methodist Hall, Horsham, pn:

Bishop J O'Brien. Auslitery for Winamlnalia Sunday: C at Poles Convent. 2pm. Mender Standing Committee of Bp's Conference Cl Archbishop's House. I 1.30am. Tuesday: CPA Archbishop's Mouse, '5pm. Wednesday. CDA Archbishops House, team. Friday: C at St Thomas of Canterbury Puckendge 7.30pm Saturday, Thrones More M Westminster Cathedral, 11.30pm.

Blaine K. O'Brien Auilliary In Middlesbrough Sunder Open Hull Geopleinoy Garden Party, 2 30arri Tuesday. Inner City Easterner in Hull FridayM for the

celebration of the Martyrs rally el Howden. Saturday: 1.4 to celebrate 50th anniversary of the canonise' ion ol St John Fisher and St Thomas Mote at Westminster Celhechal Bishop O'Connor of Liverpool Sunday C. St Theresa's, Sutton Manor, 11am. C, St Tenets's, Devon Street. St Helene, 3pm. Fr H ML-Cattneh Golden Jubilee celebrations, Nazareth House, Dillon, Bprn Monday: C for handicapped. St Julie's, Hooleston, 7pm.

Bishop flestleaux at Plymouth Sunday: M & V, SI Thomas More's Church, Southway, Plymouth, 1030am. C, 3pm. Friday: Education Meeting. County Hall. Eveter, 2.30per. Saturday: Jubilee M to commemorate the arrival 01 Ihe None Dame Sisters in Plymouth. Cathedral. Plyrnoieh

Bishop Platesihorn• of Liverpool Sunday, Adult Christian Education Meeting continued liphcliand. Monday: Meeting with ARE, Broughton 6pre Tender Chaplaincy Committee Meeting, 5 15Prn C. Donn of Martyrs. Croxieth, 7 30po, Wednesday: Schools' Corenention Meeting, 10.15arn Chnst's A Notre Dame College Governors' Meeting. 4pm C, Sr Teresa's. Norris Green, 7 30pm Thursday: Church Leaders Mining, Bishop's Lodge. 6prn.10pro Priem: Education Council Meeting. Upholtand, 7.30Ora Bishop Serindiehurst, Auditory for Heenan, II Newcastle Sunday V 6 C. SI Mary's, Blackhir Tuesday: Ushaw Deacons Day, Minstaracres. Wednesday. School Centenary M. Si Cuthbert's. Stockloo, 10am. Thursday, Ecumenical Meeting, Blehopthorpe. York, 11.30sm. Similar Priesthood 0 ol Rev B Burns, Ushaw College Durham. 1 tam Bishop Thomas of tionlamplon Sundry: V St Joseph's, Luton Monday. Deana' Meeting. t lam WODurn Sands, 6.30pm, Wednesday: St Joseph's Luton. ShOlholl Centenary M. pm Thursday: Vocations Commission, Evening C Our Lady of Walsingharn. Corby. 2.15pm. Fritter. Bishop Grant's Golden Jubilee Celebration Cathedral, Northampton, 11.30pm. Seturdar V, St Margaret of Scotland, Luton Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary in Southwark Thursday, Concelebrates M, John Frahm School Old Boys' Association. 8pm. Friday: Presentation of Papal Award to Di Anthony Milner al Wimbledon Perk, 8pm. Saturday. Concelebrates M In honour of SS John Fisher and Thomas More at Westminster Cathedral, 11 30am Bishop erralmstey IHM ForestalSunday: Memorial requiem PA, for Fr Timothy McGlynn RN, HMS Raleigh, Plymouth, 11.30am. Thursday: Army Chat:titans Dinner. fLitChD Centre, Bagehot, Sprn. Sella-ally: SS John Fisher A Thomas Moms Anniversary M, Westminster, 11.30am.

Bishop Whoa's., of Leeds Sunday: V A C. Assumption, Leeds. Monday Sliver Jubilee M 01 Ppriyh of Our Lady of Good CouncIl. Leedaluansday: Golden Jubilee Celebrations, St NIChOlaa. Leeds, ?pm. Wednesday: Poor Mission Fund, Curla, 1 tam Child Waller° Governors and AGM Bram ley, 6.30pm Thursday Governing Body at Training College, Horalorill, Horn V & C, Barnoldswick, 7.30pm Friday: Church Leaders Meeting, 10 30arn. Saturday: Preaches SO John Asher 8 Thomas Mose Celebrations. Weskorester Crithedral, II .31-Jsrn

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