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14th March 1980
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Page 8, 14th March 1980 — Bishops' Engagements

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Organisations: High School, AGM Council of Churches, Council of Priests, Television_ Centre, Northern Bishops Review Committee, Archbishop's Council, Standing committee, Diocesan Council, Lunchtime Service, Holy Family Church, Catholic Women's League, St Edmund's Church, National Congress, pm. Bible Service, Mary's High School, Cathedral Advisory Committee, Ministry of Reeder, Schools CommisSion, Italian Church, Bishop Welsh School, Irish Embassy, Ushaw College, Trustees, Radio and Television Centre, Lady's High School, C. Sacred Heart Church, Catholic Radio and Television_ Centre, Uphotlend Northern Institute, Bishops' Conference Standing Committee, Standing Committee of Bishops Conference, Maryvale Pastoral Centre, AGM Stella Marie Club, Park Place Pastoral Centre, St Anthony's Church, Bishops' Review committee, Blackheath Luncheon Club, Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission, St Gregory's Church, Ecumenical Service for Peace in Northern Ireland, Congress, St Mary's College, Standing Committee of Hierarchy, St Patrick's Society, Upholland Northern Institute, Finance Board, Servite Secular Institute, Servite Church, Board of Trustees, St Patrick, Hierarchy Steering Committee, Upholland College, Teresa Church, Good Shepherd Church, Grand Hotel, Notre Dame School, Digby Stuart College, East London Racial Commission, College for Patronal Feast, St Joseph's School, Bible Service


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Bishops' Engagements

Keywords: Religion / Belief

A = Prementation of Awerd.

C = Confirmation M = Mass V = Visitation,

Cardinal Hums, Archbishop of Westminster: Friday: Chairs Standing Committee of Hierarchy, Archbishop's House, am. Saturday: Attends Trustees meeting, Catholic Radio and Television_ Centre, Hatch End. Meets Young people, Archbishop's House, 8 pm. Sunda: Hosts reception and lunch in honour of Cardinal 0 Fiaich, Archbishop's House. Presides at Service of prayer for peace in Northern Ireland, Westminster Cathedral, 3 pm. Monday: Receives Shamrock from Aer Lingus, 10 am. M, for St Patrick's Day. Westminster Cathedral. 10.30 am. Attends Lunch at Irish Embassy. V. Irish Centre. pm. Tuesday: V. VIth FOOD Maria Fidelis School, NViy1 pm. Wednesday: Addresses International Justice and Peace Conference, Archbishop's House M. for Servite Secular Institute', Servite Church, SW10. Thursday: V. Diocesan Seminary, Allen Hall.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Friday: Attends Bishops' Conference Standing Committee Meeting, Westminster, 11 am 4 pm, Saturday: Attends Trustees Meeting Catholic Radio and Television Centre, Hatch End, 11 am. Monday: Lunch, Irish Embassy, 12.45 pm. Tuesday: Governors' Meeting, Digby Stuart College, 5 pm. Wednesday: Lenten Station M, Greenwich Deanery, Well Hall, 8 pm, Thursdey: Meets HRH Prince Philip. Downside Settlement. Bermondsey. 8.30 pm. Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham: Friday: Theology Curnmission Birmingham. Saturday: Trustees Meeting. Catholic Radio and Television Centre. Hatch End. Sunday: M and C, Krdsgrove, 11 15 am.

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool: Friday: Meeting of Bishops', Standing committee, Archbishop's House. Westminster, 2 pm. Saturday: Board of Trustees, Radio and Television Centre, Hatch End, 11 am. Sunday: 0, Permanent Deacons, 3 pm. Tuesday: Archbishop's Council, Curial Offices, 10 am Wednesday: Patronal Feast, St Joseph's Upholland. M, Upholland College. 11_15. Thursday! Church Leaders Conference, Scargill House, Yorks.

Bishop Alexander of CIifton FnidayrM. Cheltenham Deanery, St Gregory's Church, Cheltenham, 7.30 pro. Sunday: M, Final vows of Sister Margaret Pennell, Good Shepherd Church, Betheaston, 2.30 pm. Monday: Addresses St Patrick's Luncheon at Ashton Court Mansions, Bristol, 1 pm. Tuesday: Lenten Lecture at Parish Church Hall, Wootton Elassett, 7.30 pm Wednesday: Attends Annual Free Churches Congress, Unicorn Hotel, Bristol. 2 pm. Preaches at Wells Deanery Lenten Station M, SS Joseph's and Teresa Church, Wells, 7.30 per Thursday: Attends Diocesan Schools Corn: mission meeting at Clifton Cathedral Clergy House, Clifton, 10.40 am. Bristol N/VVest Deanery Lenten Station M, St Anthony's Church, Henbury. 7.30 Pm.

Bishop Brewer kursillary of Shrewsbury: Friday. Committee for Per manent Deacons. Allen Hall, London. Saturday: National Pastoral Congress meeting, Winsford. Sunday: V and C. Si Chad's Cheadle. Monday: Northern Bishops Review Committee, Upholland. Tuesday: Council of Priests, Crewe. Presides Committee for Deaf. Manchester. Wednesday: Preach Lunchtime Service, St Thomas', Stockport. C. Hattersley.

Bishop Burka, Auxiliary of Salford: Friday: V. St Anthony's, Trafford Park. Saturday: Diocesan Covenant scheme, AGM Stella Marie Club, Salford, 3 pm Sunday. V. 12.10. C. St Anthony's, Trafford Park. 4 pm Wednesday. Lenten M. Sacred Heart, Accrington, 8 pm. Thursday: Schools Commission, 10.30 arn. St Bede's College Governors, Manchester. 3.30 pm.

Bishop Casey of Brentwood: Friday: Meeting of Standing Committee of Bishops Conference. Westminster, 11 am. Saturday: National Pastoral .Cnngress meeting, Colchester, 12 noon. Sunday: M, for Patronal feast, St Patrick's, Soho Square. 6 pm. Wednesday: Attends Seminar on Britain and the Third Development Decade, Westminster, 10 am. Thursday: M and C. St Mary's, Hornchurch, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Clarke, of East Anglia: Crider Blackfriers Hall, Norwich, 7 pm. Saturday: NPC meeting, Hengrave Hall, Bury St Edmunds. Monday: ND High School Concert, St Andrews Hall, Norwich, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Church reopening cermony, Withermarsh Green. 7 pm. Thursday: Berth's St John's Passion, St John's Cathedral, Norwich, 7.30 Pm.

B ishop ciliary. Auxiliary of Slim!autism: Sunday; M and C. St Teresa's, Tram Vale, 3 pm. Mondey M. for Petrone! feast, St Patrick's. Wolverhampton, 11 am VVednes day: Attends Justice and Peace Conference, Westminster. 10 are, M, for delegates of National Pastoral Congress, Holy Family Church, Coventry, 7.30 pm.

B ishop Emery of Portsmouth: Saturday / Sunday: NPC Delegates, Park Place Pastoral Centre. Tuesday: Council of Priests meeting. Park Place Pastoral Centre, 11 am. Wednesday: V. Bishop Challoner school, Basingstoke C. Si Joseph's Parish, Basingstoke. pm.

B ishop Fcdey of Lancaster: Friday: Attends Lancaster schools' concert. Our Lady's High School. 7.30 pm. Saturday: M, for handicapped children, St Thomas More, Lancaster, 3 pea Sunday: V and C. St Mary of the Angels, Bolton-le-Sands, 3 pm. Monday: Attends St Patrick's Day Dinner, Morecambe, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Attends St Augustine's Deanery Conference, Preston, 11 am. St Kentigern's Deanery Station M. St Monica's. Blackpool, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Preaches Clergy Day of recollection, Little Sisters, Preston, 11 am. Attends "Community Evening" of Church Caring week. Our Lady's. High School, Lancaster, 7.30 pm. Thursday: V. St Bernadette's Parish, Lancaster, 2.15 pm.

Bishop Grant of Northempton: Monday: CAFOD and Christian Aid meeting. Tuesday: Chapter and Finance Board Meeting Mishap OffiSaf of Shrewsbury: Friday: Lenten Station M, Our Lady's. Ellesmere Port. Saturday. National Pastoral congress meeting Winsford. Sunday / Monday: V and C, St Joseph's. Seacombe. Tuesday: Diocesan Council of Priest, Crewe. Thursday: Church Leaders meeting, Scargill.

B ishop Grey..Auxillary. of Uverpool: Saturday: M. and presides at General meeting of the Catholic Women's League in St Oswald's, Ashton in Makerfield, 2 pm. Sunday: Presides end preaches at M. 9 am end 6 pm. M. arid V. St Teresa's, Birkdale 10.30 am. C, 3 pm. Monday: M and preaches at St Patrick's, Wigan. Tuesday: Attends Arc. hbishop's Council in the curial offices, 10 am. Wednesday: M. Upholland College for

Patronal Feast, 11 15 am. M at St Joseph s, Brinscall, 7.30 pro. Thursday: M and pre aches at Lisieux Hall.

B ishop Clusamilli, Bishop in East London: Friday: C, Tollington Park, 7.30 pm. Sunday: Ecumenical Service for Peace in Northern Ireland. Cathedral, 3 pm. C. Cathedral, 5.30 pm. Bible Service, Italian Church, 8 pm. Monday: Bible Service, Mile End. 8 pro. Tuesday: East London Racial Commission meeting, Underwood Road, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: City Temple, 2.30 pm.

Bishop Harrier of Middlesbrough: Sunday: V. Holy Cross parish Coningham. M, 10.30 C. 3.30 ern. V. Hull University Chaplaincy, 6.15 pm. Monday: V. St Mary's High School. Hull. Ecumenical discussion at Easingwold. Wednesday' M, St Joseph's Primary school, Loftus. Thursday: Attends Scargill Conference.

B ishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Friday: Harrow Deanery Station M. St Joseph's, Wealdstone. 8 pm. Saturday / Sunday Pastoral V. Our Lady of Muswell, Muswell Hill. Thursday Hospital Cnaplains Meeting, 11.30 ant, Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwick: Friday: M and C. Sacred Heart Church. Wimbledon. 7.30 pm. Saturday V. Briefing Session for tencesan delegates to the National Congress, Notre Dame School, Southwark. pm Tuesday: Cathedral Deanery Lenten M. St Georges Cathedral, Southwark, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Attends Justice and Peace Seminar, Archbishop's House. Westminster, 10-2.20 pm. M and V. Little Sisters of the Poor, St Peter's Home, Meadow Road, Vauxhall, 3 pm. Thursday: Blackheath Luncheon Club, 1 pm. Deanery Lenten Station M, St Edmund's Church. Beckenham, B pm

Bishop Hitch•n, Auxiliary of

Liverpool: Friday. Governing body of Catholic Social Services, 2 pm. Sunday: V. Holy name, Farakerley. Monday: Bishops' Review committee, Upholland Northern Institute, Tuesday: Meeting of Archbishop's Council, Curial Offices, 10 am. Cathedral Advisory Committee, 2.30 pm. Ecumenical Lenten M. Si Agnes. West Kirby. Wednesday: Petrone! Feast of St Joseph. Upholland College.

B ishop Holland ofiSatford: Friday: V. St Joseph's. Helliwell. Sunday: V, 11 am. C. 3 pm, St Joseph's, lialliwell. Monday: St Patrick's Society, Grand Hotel, Manchester, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: V, St Teresa's, Firswood. Wednesday: Lenten Station M, St John, Rochdale. 8 pro. Thursday: Schools Commission. 10.30 am.

Bishop Konstent, Bishop in Central London: Friday / Sunday! RE Conference. Uphotlend Northern Institute. Monday M, St Patrick's, Soho, 6 pm, Tuesday / Wednesday: CRAC meeting. Tuesday: Governors Meeting, Maria Fidelis, 6 pm. Wednesday: Cornerstone meeting, 5 pm. M, Tyburn Infants school, 7.30 pm.

B ishop Lindsay of Hexham •nd Newcastle; Friday: Attends meeting of Bishops' Conference standing committee. Westminster, 11,30 pm. Deanery M, St Francis, Newcastle, 7.30 pm. Saturday: Attends NPC Diocesan delegates electing. St Mary's College, Fenharm 10.30 am. Sundae: V and C, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Gateshead, 10 45 am. Monday: Meeting of Northern Bishops' Review Committee. Upholland. Tuesday: Deanery M. St Anne's VVinlaton, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: M. for Ministry of Reeder, Ushaw Collage, Durham, 5,45 pm. Thursday: St Cuthbert's Feast Day M, Ushaw College, Durham. 9 am. Attends Northern Church Leaders meeting, Scargill. Bishop McCortie, Auxilliery of OhreIngham: Friday: Bishop Butler Lecture, Sally Oak Colleges, 12 noon Schools CommisSion. Birmingham, 4.30 pm. C, Bishop Welsh School, Sutton Coldfield. 7.30 pm. Saturday: Priestly 0. The Oratory, Birmingham, 11.30 am. Sunday: M and C. Holy Family, Birmingham, 3 pm. Tuesday: V. St Mary's, Studley. C, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: M. Our Lady of the Wayside. Shirley, 7.30 pm. Tuirrsedyey! V. Our Lady ol the Wayside, Shirley.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Friday. attends lunch with HRH the Queen, Town Hall, Leicester. Station M, Sleaford. Saturday: Attends Irish Graduates Society Dinner, Nottingham. Sunday: V and C. Southwell. Monday: Archbishop's House, Liverpool, )2.30 pm. Attends Leicester Irish society, St Patrick's Night celebration. El pm. Tuesday: Station M, Melbourne, Wednesday: M. for Mother Abbess, Poor Claret, Bulwell, 11 am, Schools Commission meeting, St Paul's Nottingham, 2.15 pm Station M, St Joseph's, Leicester, Thursday: Station M, Newark.

Biehop Murphy-Manner of Arundel End Brighton: Saturday! M, at Teach-in. Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission, Maryvale Pastoral Centre. Sundny: V. Tilgate Parish. Thursday: Meets Heads of Catholic Comprehensive schools, Storrington.

Bishop O'Brien, Bishop In Hertfordshire: Friday: C, SS Alban and Stephen. St Albans, B pm. Sunday: C and M. with SEARCH at VMM, 11.30 am. World CLM day at St Albans. 4 pm. Monday. AGM Council of Churches. ' Berkhamstead, 8 pm. Tuesday; Hemel Hempstead Shared Churches AGM at Grovehill, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Justice and Peace Seminar an Third Development Decade. Archbishop's House. Thursday

Diaconate 0, St Margaret's, Twickenham, A Pm

B ishop Psersen, Bishop In Cumbria: Sunday: C, Our Lady's. Workington Tuesday: Celebrates Deanery Lenten M, Salon). Wedoesday: M, St Joseph's School, Workington. Attends meeting of the Workinuton Deanery imic of Plymouth: Past e oral a C hl opo u nRc ielm Saturday: M, for National Pastoral Delegates. Christ the King. Plymouth, 3.30 pm. Sunday. M. Buckfast Abbey for XVth Centenary, St Benedict, 10.30. Tuesday: Council of Priests' meeting at Cathedral House, Plymouth, 2 30 pin. Wednesday: M. St Joseph's House, Hartley for Patronal Feast Day, 6 pm.

B ishop Swindlehurst, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle: Friday: M, Catholic Chaplaincy. Sunderland Polytechnic. 1.15 pm. Saturday: Attends NPC Diocesan Delegates meeting, St Mary's College Fenham. 10.30 am. Sunday: C, St Mary Magdalen, Seeham Harbour, 3.30 pm. Tuesday: Deanery M, Our Lady of the Rosary. Peterlee, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: M, Little Sisters of the Poor, Sunderland, 3 pm. Thursday: Attends Northern Church Leaders' Meneitsinhog.p 7Scarirpgpill:

Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday: M. at the cathedral for Diocesan Convent organisers, 3 pm. Wednesday: Lenten station M. St Joseph's. Roehampton 8 pm.

Bishop Wheeler of Leath: Friday: Attends Hierarchy Steering Committee. Westminster Saturday: M, Wakefield Gaol, 8.15 Sunday: V and C, St Gregory's. Leeds. Tuesday: Rotherham Deanery Lenten Station M. Wednesday: Barnsley Deanery Lenten Station M, Thursday: Church Leaders' Meeting, Scargill.

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