Page 11, 14th March 2008

14th March 2008
Page 11
Page 11, 14th March 2008 — Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the Editor

Has the Pope's Motu Proprio made the SSPX redundant?

From Fr Paul Morgan, District Superior of SSPX-GB SIR Further to your leading article on the SSPX (February 29), I would beg to differ that Pope Benedict XVI's Summorum Pontificum, welcome as it certainly is, in no way renders the Society irrelevant.

It should be remembered that the Society of St Pius X was established with ecclesiastical approval in 1970 for the primary purpose of forming priests according to the traditional norms of the Church. Indeed, its statutes for an Institute of Common Life without Vows were praised by the Vatican in 1971. While other congregations diminished after Vatican II, due in part to a crisis of identity regarding the priesthood, the Society has continued to develop and to attract vocations from around the world.

So in the happy event of a full restoration of the Traditional Liturgy, there would still be a place for such an institute given the ever more pressing need for priests.

Furthermore, the Society continues to play an important role in drawing attention to the abuses which have crept into the Church in the last 40 years, not least with regard to the causes behind the present-day crisis and the loss of Faith. It is of course heartening to see prelates such as Archbishop Ranjith taking a stance against one such abuse in the form of Communion in the hand.

With regard to the SSPX and Vatican II, surely it is those conciliar teachings which go against the traditional magisterial teaching such as false ecumenism and not the SSPX which deserve "no place in the Roman Catholic Church". Indeed. was it not the false charity behind ecumenical endeavours which Bishop Williamson aimed to highlight recently with regard to the Good Friday prayer, but which was dismissed under the rather sensational headline "SSPX accuses the Pope of being anti-Semite"?

Yours faithfully, PAUL MORGAN London SW19

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