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14th March 2008
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Page 14, 14th March 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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March 16 to March 21 .

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster) Sun. Celebraies Solemn Mass of Pffin Sunday. West• nunster Cathedral. Ram. Tue Celebrates Chrism Mao, Westminsla Cathedral. noon. Thu: Calebratei Sokmn Mass of The Land's Supper. laimmunster Cathearod , 6pm Fri Mends Ofifice al Readings. Wennonster Cathednd. lOam: Way a thc. Cons. Victoria Street. nano; Solemn Linag-y of the Lord's Passion, West:master Cathedral. 3pm: attends Prayer at the Cross. Westminster Cathedral. Rpm. Sat, Attends Office of Readings. Westminster Cathedral. 10am, celebrates Solemn Mass of the Easter Vigil, Westram.ster Cathedral. 8.30prn.

Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sun Procerion of Patna sand Solam Mass of Palm Sunday. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. I I am; Solemn Evening Prayer, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ dr King. Livapool. 3pm. Mcnr Celebrates Mass far the Monday in Holy Week Blessed Sacrament Shrine. Liverpool , 12.10ptn: celebrates Mass for the Mooday in Holy Week, Blessed Sacrament Shrirc. Livstpool. I. lOpm. Tue: Celebrates Mass for the Trembly in Holy Week. Blessed Sacrament Shrine. Liveapool, 12.10pm; celebrates Mass for the Tuesday m Holy Week, Blessed Sammient

Shrine, 1-11, )1. I .1(11:an. Wed Celebrates Maus kr the Wednesday m Holy Week. Blessed Sacrament Shrine, i-iveroonl. 12.10pm celebrates Mar for the Wednesday in Holy Week. Blessed Sanameni Shrine, Chemed. 1 .10pm, Mass of anon. Metropotitan Cathedral of ChM the King Liverpool. 730pm. Thix Sung Office of Readings and Morning Prayer, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. lOam; Mass of the Lard's Supper. Metropolitan Cathedral at Chart the King. laserpnol, 7 30pm. Fri: Sung Orrice of Reading and Morning Prayer. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, I Oant Staams art the Cross . Metropohtan Cathedral of Claim the King. Liverpool, ilciOsan; celebration of the Lard's Passion, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. 3rms. Sat• Sung Office of Fteadmg and Moaning Prayer, Metropelican Cathedral nf Christ the King. Liserpool, 10am: The Easter Vigil and Frot Mass of Easter, Mcomalitan Cathedra of Christ thr, King, Liveried, Archbishop McDonald (Southwark) Sun: Prcs:ession. Blessing ot Palms and Palm Sunday Mass. St George's Cathedral . 11 30am. Mon. InterFaith Comm thee meeting, arra meetings, Arch. bashop's House. pet Inc Archbishop's Council. Archbishops House. 10am: meeting of the Education Executive Archtnshop's House 1.30pm. The Chrism Macs. St George-, Cathedral, it asap; Mandamm . Mass ot the Let Supper. St George's Cathedral. 7 _30pan. Fri: Solemn Cood Friday Linup, St George's Cathedra , 3pru. Sat Easter Vigil Mass, Si George's Cathedral. 11.3Opm

Archbishop Nichob 'Birmingham) Sum Palm Sunday Mass. Cathedral, Ham The Neuman Road ol Governors meeting. 10.30am. Wed: Chrism Mass. Cathedral, 1130= Thar Maas of the Lord's Supper. Cathedral. 7 30pm. Fn; Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday, Cathedral, 3pm. Sat: Holy Saturday Easter Vigil.Cathedral, 8 .30pm.

Bishop :Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster) Sun: Mass. Neiman Road. Wembley. Oarn. TueChriam Mass, Cathedral. noon; Reconciliation &mice Fulham. 7.30pm. Wed. Penitential Service. St loints Wood. 7.30pm. That Mar of Last Supper. Cockfoneta, From. Fri: Archbishop's Council, Archhither% flouse..9 3thina Sat Easier vjWhetame. Spm.

Bishop Brain (Sulked) Star Blessing of Palms and celebrahon of the Mms of Palm Sunday, Sc John's Cathedod, Salford. I lam. Thu: Cekhratico of the Mrs of die Sacred Chrism. Si John's Cathedral, Salford. 0130am; celebration of the Mass of the Lord's Supper, St John% Cathednd, Salford, Rpm. fro Celehnition of the Passion. St John's Cathedral. Salford, 3pm Sat: Easter Vigil of the Lord's Resat-recline, St John's Cathedral. 8.30;pm

Bishop Badd (Plymouth) Sun Palm Sunday Liturgy. Cathedral. 10am. Mon St Budeaux SVP Play Catlaronal. Wed; Chrism Mass.Cathedral, 5pm. The Mass of Maundy Hatrality, Cathedral . 7prn Fri: Office of Readings. Cathedral, 9sam: Good Friday Lanny. Cathedral. 3pn. Sat: Office of Readings, Cathedral. Sam; Easter Vigil Cathedral, 9pm.

Bishop Burma (HM Forcer Mee Service and homily St Patrick's Day Seroro. Cathedral Church of St Michael and St George, Aidershoi . Tug, Chaplain mrocing, Camberley, pm Wed. DCO Meeting , Wellington Houro.Alderthra, 11 am That Statham of the Cross and Dedication ot Spiritual Garden. St Josephs Secondary School, Aldershot. Fri: Siations of the Cross. Wintershall. Surrey, 7am. Sat Easter Vigil.Cattednil Church of St Michael and St Grow. AldersJam, Spur.

Bishop Coney (Arundel & Brischuan Sun: Mass for Palm Sunday oldie Passion of the Lord Armo del Cathedral. I .15am Wed: Chia= Mass. Anusdel Cathedral, tapra Thu, Mass of the Lord's Supper, Arundel Cathedral, Rpm, Fri: The Passion ad the Lord.Arioadel Cathedral. 3pm. Sat Easter Vigil and First Mass of the Resurrection, Amadei Cathedral. R3Opon.

Bishop Destines" tadidthethreugh) Sun: Palm Sunday, Klam: Celebrates Mass, Cathedral. Tue. Bishop's Council, Curial Office. 10am; Chrism Mass, Cathedral. noon. Wed, Personnel Interviews, Curial Office, am. Thee Celebrates Mass, Cathedral, 7pm. Good Friday: Office. Cathedral, Illant Parson, Cathedral, Spur. Sat: Office, Cathedral. lOnm, Easter Vigil, Cathedral. Rpm.

Bishop Emma (East Anglin) Sun: Mass. St John's Cathedral Siam; St Georges Norwich Feet Communion Group, 330pm. Mon, Day at Sr Mary's School, Cambridge; Reconciliation Service,Cathedral, 7.30pm. Na: Stations of the Cross, St John's School, Norwich, 1030am. Wed: Chrism Mass, St Jahn's Cathedral. 7.0pm. Thu: Mass of the Lord's Sapper. S John's Cathedral, 7.30pro, Fri: Good Friday Liturgy, St John's Cathedral, 3pm; CM, Salts together service. Norwich Cathedral. fapte Prayer around the Crest, Spot. Sat: Easier Vigil Mass, Si John's Cathedral, 1430pm

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark ) Sun Tamil Mass.Aylesford, llum. The. Archbtshop's CouncilArchbishop's House, 100r55; moiling aids Education Execunve.Archbishop's House.13Optn. Wed, Blessing of Classrooms. St morph'. Primary School. Upper Norwood, 930am. Thu; Chrism Mass, Si Georges Cauhedral 11 .1 Sam Mass oldie Lao Supper, Our lady Immaculate, Tolworth. apm. Fri: Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday, St Mary's. West Croydon,3pm. Sat Easier Vigil, Parley. Rpm .

Bishop Hine !Auxiliary Bislam of Southwark), Tue. Archbishop's Council Meeting, Archbishop's House. lOunt attends meeting of Education Exerolive Group, London. I _ffipm. Wed: Celebrates Mats St Asiselin's Coluprchensave Schad, Canterbury. I lama. Thee Mean Chrism Mar. St (kerges Cathedml, Southwark It 15am, Mar ol the Last Supper, Our Hails Church, BSc Magma. 7.3(ipm. Fri. Walk of Witness. Birchingtett, 111 30am. min-rates Good Friday Liturgy, Our Lady's Church, Birchington. 3pm, Sat Easter Vigil servism.Edastuidge Comma 30LopHollis (Portsmouth) Sun: Mass, St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth. 101m, The, Mess of Oils, Sr John's Cathedral Portsmouth. I Into Wed: Diocesan Child Protection meeting. Btshop's House, Portsmouth, 6prn. Thu Mar of the Lord's Supper. Sc John 's Cathedral. Pcnsmouth, 7.30pm. Fre Solemn Liturgy, St John's Cathedral, Ponstneuth, 3pm. Sat Easter Vigil. Sc John's Cathedral. Portsmouth. 7 30pm.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun: Paha Sunday iervaes, St Album College. (Real Colezio de hagleros.). Preside and Preach at Mass. Mon: Returns from Valladolid. Spam. The: Engagements. Archbishop's Rouse, am; Chrism MM.. Westrninster Cathedral. noon; engagements, Archbishop's House, pm Thu Sa Leads Holy Week serVices, Si Albans College. (Real Cokgia Ar lag leses), Spain.

Bishop Kimsey (Birmingham) Sun Cartesian Anneal Competition for Young Catholic Speakers, Sotthull. Man, lust War Conference. Cum herlarad Lodge. Windsor Park, 9am. Toe; Blessing of new school building. Corpus Cluisti School. Coventry. Irati. Wed: Chrism Mass, Cathesind, I I Men Thu: Mane of the Lord's Supper, Sr balm Verney, Coven

try, 730pm. Ecittnerlic.11Pmcmion of Witless. Covenuy, I lam. Solemn liturgy of Good Friday, Leamington Spa, 3pa Sat Holy Saturday Easter Saga, Leamington. Rpm.

Bishop Lang ( Clifton ) Mon -The Ecumenical Church Leadera meeting, Stranon-onthe-Fosse Tue: Pemtennal Servree. Clifton Cathedral Bristol. 7ron, Wed, Cromm Mass Clifton Cathedral „Bristol , 11 pm. ThuMass 01 the Lord's Supper. Clifton Cathedral. Bristol time Fri: Stations of the Cons. Clifton Cathedra I Bristol, noon: Liturgy at the Lord's Passim, Clifton Cathedra-LB:tool. 3pm. Sallie theat Vigil of aster, Clifton Cathedral, Bristol, 10pm.

Bishop Langley 'Westminster) Sun Cekhrate, Mass and Blessing of Palms. St Joan of An Pala,. Rothbury. 1 lam Tue: Concelebrates Chrism Mass, Westminster Cathedral. nom: Penitential Service, St Thomas a Becket. Waranworth,7prn Wed: Visit to Providence Row Dellow Cenroc,Altitochilpel. Sans Thu: Celebrates Mass of the Lord's Supper, Our Lady's. St John's Wood, 7 30pro FriGood Frulay Liturgy, Our Lady Help of Christians. Kentish Town. Spur Sat Pleads at officr of Readings, Westminster Cathedral. 10am: Easter Vigil. Our Lay and St Jome5hs. Km Oland, Rpm ishop Lynch 'Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun. Mass. Sr Sa coaues,Lemishajtt,nonn. MOs: Meeting of the South London Caribbean Chaplaincy, St Thonuts the Apostle. Nunhearl, 730pm . The Meeting of the Bishop's Courant. Archbishop's Home. lOam: meeting of the Education Executive. Arch. bishop s House. 1.30pm. That Chrism Mrs. Si George's Cathedral, 11. [Sam: Mass of the Last Supper, St Matgaret altherow a. Dulwich Wood Park, 730pm. Fri. Ecumenical Walk a Witness. Woolwich. learo Celebration ot the Lord's Parma. St David's, Abbey Wood. 3pm. Sat Celebrates the Easter Vigil. St Anthony's, Anerley.

Bishop %Malian (13reStrn: Celebrates Man. Steck. 9atn: celebrates Ma.n. Cathedral, I I am. Tue Meetingsantervieum Cathedral House; Reconciliatian Service. Cathedral. Rpm. West Meeting!, Cathedral House; Mass of Chnsm. Cathedral. 7pm. lim; Mass of the Lonl's Supper, Cathedral. arnn.Fri: Solemn Liturgy, Cathedral. 3prn Sr., Confesamics. Stock. 11 am-noon: Vigil Mass. Cathedral. Rpm.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Saris. Cokarias Mass for Palm Sunday, St Barnabas Cathedral, I 1.15am. Mon; Building and Sites meeting.Willson House. I pm. Wed. Chrism Mass. SI Banana Cathedeal, 11.311am. Thu: Mass of the Lord's Supper, St 13 ainabaN Cathedral, 7pm. Ed: Liturgy of Good Friday, St Bamabas Cathedral. 3pm Sat: Easter Vigil, St Bamabas Cathedral, Rpm.

Bishop Malone Ilaverpooli Sun: Procession of Palms and Mass of Palm Sunday. Convent of Note Darer, Wootton. 10am. Wed. Mass of Chrism. Mamma-tan Cahethal of Christ the King,Livemool. 7 30put Thu: Mass of the Lord's Supper. Convent of Nato; Dane. Woolton..530pn. Fti: Celebration of the Lord's Passion, Convent of Notre Dame Woollen, 3pm. Sat: The Easter Vigil and Foot Mass 01 Easter. Camvent of Notre Dane, Wookon, Rpm.

Bishop Noble a Shrewshury) Sum Palm Sunday Eucharist, Cathedral, 10.45am. Wed Mass of Chrism. Sated Heart. Moreton. 7 pm.The Evening Mass ol the Lord's Supper. Cathedral, 7 30pm. Fn: Good Friday Celebration of the Latta Passion, Cathedral, 3pm. Sat: Easter Vigil, Cathedral, Rpm.

Bishop O'Donoghtie (Lancaster) Sun: Mass for Palm Sunday, Cathedral, 1030am: Mass for Commlo, Kendal. 3pm.The: Recomitistmo Service. Cathedral. 7poi. Thu; Chrism Mass, Cathedral, 11 30ant Mass of Lord's SuppenCathedoth 730pm. Fri: Good Friday Liturgy, 3pm. Sat. Easter %mat Mass. Cathedral, 9pra.

Bishop Forgetter allinningham) Sun: Maas. Pype Hayes. 1030m.. Week Chrism MATS, Cathedral. 1 I .30am. Thu: Mass of the Lord's Supper. Perry Barn Rpm. Fri, Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday. Brownhills, 3pm. Sat Holy Saturday Easter Vigil. &reedy 7pm.

Bishop Rawst borne (Hallam) Sun Mass, Cathedral. 10.30am; Ecumenical Act of Witness. Town Hall, noon: 'Bum for Thin, St Joseph's, Haufsworth, Ipin. Mon: Confessions, Cathedral, I tarn Tue: 'visitation. St Dominic's School, Athertiny, 9.30am. Wed; Chrism Mass, I lam; Folk PasomaSt Anni.Deepar.730pm. Thar Mar tithe Lool Suppet.Cathednd, lipm. Fri: Morning Prayer. Cathedral. 10am: The Linagy of the Passion of the Lord, Cathethal, 3pm. Sat Morning Pmyet, Caro. drat, 10am; The Easter Vigil, Cauhedral .9pm.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sun: Blessing of Palm, and Mrs. Leeds Cathedral. 10.45arn Wed: Chrism Mass, Leeds Cathedral, 7.30pm Thu. Mass of the Lord's Supper. Leeds Cathednal, 730pm. Fri. Cele. Imhof, of the Lord's Passion, Leeds Cathedral. 3pm Sat Easter Vigil, Leeds Cathedral, 8.30prn.

Bishop Stack fiVestroinsterl Sun' Mass lie Pan Sunday Holy Family, Welwyn Garden City. 10ana Tue: Chrism Mass. Westminster Cathedral. noon Wed; Presents BBC Daily Service on Radio 4, 9.30am. Thu; Mass of the Lord's Supper Holy Family. Welwyn Garden City, Rpm. Fri, Commemoration of the Passion Ind Hestia of the Lord Holy Weluyn Garden City, Ipm. Sat Easter Vigil. Holy Family. Weluyn Garden City, 7pm.

Bishop William. fLiverox4) Sun: Procession of Palms and Solemn Mass of Palm Sunday, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool . I hart Civic Service, Princess Rand Synagogue .

lpna Mon, VIALS Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary Schcol,Southpon. lOam; visits Niers. eyode Fur and Rescue Service. Boode. 2pm; Apostleship of the Sea meeting. Liverpool Archdiacesan CrIAIr for Esoogebsatiors. 4pm. The MARCitt. Meeting. Liverpool. 1030am. Wed. Mass of Chrism, Metaxmalitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool. 7.30pm. Thu: Mass of the Lord's Supper. Carnielite Monastery, Liverpool. 7.10pm. Fri: Good Friday Ecumenical Service. West Derby, Liverpool , noon. celebration of the Lord's Passion, Carmelite Monastery. Livetpaal. 3pm.


Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Sun; Moss. St Day al's Cathedral. I I ans. Mon: Faith Commumdes Forum, National A srenroly. I am. Thu. Chrism Mass. 11.30ani. Mrs of the Lard's Supper, St David's Cathedral. 7.30pm. Fri: Solemn Liturgy. St David's Cathedral. 3pro Sat; Solemn Easter St David', Cathedral Rpm.

Biehop Jalatla 'Nieman) Sure Pahr. Sunday Mass. St Joseph's Cathedral, 10am. Mon: Engagements. Curial Office. ant. Wed. Chrism Mass. St Joseph's Cathedral. 11.30am. Thu: Mass of the Lord 's Supper, St Joseph's Cathedral. 7pm. Fri' Good Friday Liturgy, St Joseph's Cathedral. 3pm. Sat: Easter Vigil, St Joseph's Cathedral, it

13ishop Regan fWtexhaus) Sun; MASS. atmdrat Mon, Lenten Penitential Service, Buckley. 730pm. Wed, Mass of the Oils. Cathedral. 7pm Thu. Mass ofThe Lord's Supper, Cathedral, 7.30pm. Fri: Celebration of the Lord's PaSSIOn. Cathedral,. 3pm. Sat; Fraley Hospital

SCOTLAND Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sun Palm Sunday celebrations, St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, 1 1 .30am.Tue: Chrism Mass, St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, 7pm. Thu: Mass of de Lord's Supper. St Mary's CathedratEcfmhurgla 730pm. Fec Good Friday Liturgy. St Mary's Cathednd , Stunburgh, 3pm. Sat: Eames Play, Pnncess Street Gardens, Edinburgh. 2 30pm; Easter Vigil Liturgy, St Mary's Cathedral. Edinburgh. Rpm.

Bishop Logan (Hitachi/Dundee) Wed: Mass of Chrism, St Andrew's CathedmI.Dundee,7pm, Thu. Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper, St Andreas Cathedral. Huridee, 7pm. Fri. Celebration of the Lord's Parana, St Andrew's Cathedral, Dundee, 3pm; Stations of the Cross, St Andrew's Cathedral, Dundee. 7pm, Sat Easter Sipa& Apdrew's Oahe dral. Dundee, 9pm.

This fisting oat compiled by Gabriel Cononwilearions Ltd and also appears in the Universe and Catholic limes

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