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14th May 1937
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Pope Blesses England

All Catholics Invited To Reception Next Sunday

Better Relations Between

Britain And Vatican

On 11/Tonday the Papal Envoy met the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs at the Foreign Office, and the Catholic Herald is able to state that the interview was of the most cordial nature and thus of great importance to the future of the relations between this country and the Holy See.

Yesterday (Thursday) His Excellency met Mr. Neville Chamberlain who, it is expected, will be asked by the King to succeed Mr. Baldwin as Prime Minister.

The Papal Envoy has brought with him the Pope's " most affectionate blessing to all his children in England, their native land and vast dominions and his fatherly greetings to the whole British people."

On Whit-Sunday the Papal Envoy will give Benediction in Westminster Cathedral at 4 p.m. and afterwards hold a Reception at 4.30 in the adjoining Cathedral Hall to which all Catholics are invited.

The Pontifical Mass of Thanksgiving, sung by Mgr. IIinsley, at the Cathedral yesterday morning was attended by a huge congregation. The Papal Envoy, together with the other members of the Mission, attended the Mass outside the Sanctuary. At the end of the Mass, His Excellency vested in cope and mitre and, proceeding to the Sanctuary, intoned the solemn Te Deum.

From Our Diplomatic Correspondent

I am able to state that the conversation that took place last Monday between Mgr. Pizzardo, the Papal Envoy, and Mr. Eden will have done a great deal to strengthen the relations between this country and the Holy See. Owing to the confusion in Europe, the tension between Britain and Italy, and the Spanish conflict, those relations, while never having ceased to be cordial, have inevitably not been entirely unaffected by the general strain. Since his arrival Mgr. Pizzardo has impressed all who have met him by his insight into the real factors of the European difficulties and his own reiterated emphasis on the absolute independence of the Vatican. He himself most evidently possesses completely independent mind and character and would not tolerate any charge of the Vatican being governed by other considerations than the rights and needs of the Church and her members.

Satisfied with Talks

There can be no doubt that His Excellency in his meetings with British personages and in particular in his important interviews with Mr. Eden and Mr. Chamberlain, has been able to bring these matters home to the British Government. He has stated that he is " eminently satisfied with the results of the interview."

The Papal Envoy has come to this country on the occasion of the Coronation bearing with him the very special blessing of the Holy Father to this country.

On the first evening of the Pope's stay in his country home at Castel Gandolfo, the Holy Father received the members of the delegation representing His Holiness at the Coronation.

In the quiet little study overlooking the great stretches of the Roman Campagna and the waters of Lake Albano, Pius XI spoke very warmly of the Mission which he was confiding to them, blessing most affectionately all his children in England, their native land and vast dominions.

He spoke of his affection for England with eniotion and charged his Envoy to convey his most Fatherly greetings to the whole British people.

Departure and Arrival When the Delegation left Rome last Thursday week, students of the Venerabite and the Bede gave it a vociferous send-off. The Pone's Chamberlain and the NuncioApostolic to Italy were present on the platform, while the British Minister, Mr. d'Arey Godolphin Osborne, accompanied the mission as far as Florence.

The mission was met at Dover on Sunday by Captain Walter Legge and Mr. Mallets on behalf of the Government. and at Victoria the Archbishop of Westminster and Lord Granard, together with a large and cheering crowd. met the party.

English Address It was not long before the Envoy became the central figure in a Catholic function, for within a short time His Excellency was addressing, in English. some 2,500 Catholic Scouts, Cubs and Rovers, who were holding their St. George's Day Coronation rally at Westminster. They had attended a service in the Cathed al. at which the Rev, Dr. Halsall preached and the Archbishop of Westminster gave Benediction, and afterwards they formed up in the grounds for the march-past. Mgr. Pizeardo was accompanied by Mgr. Godfrey and by the Earl of Granard. In his address he urged the boys to cultivate loyalty to God and to their King.

At Buckingham Palace The Envoy. who is staying with Lord Granard at Forbes House, together with Mgr. Godfrey, were present at the state banquet at Buckingham Palace on Monday evening, and later, accompanied by Marchese Pacelli, they went to the Speaker's Reception.

in the course of his stay His Excellency is meeting foreign diplomats, thus on Tuesday he lunched with the Italian Ambassador, on Thursday the Austrian Minister, while next Monday he will have tea with the Japanese Ambassador.

Today (Friday) His Excellency will pay a visit to the Grail Headquarters in London and later attend a dinner at the Foreign Office. The Marchese Fatai will attend the Court Ball at Buckingham Palace.

The Delegation will leave London on Tuesday after taking leave of the.King at Windsor on Saturday.

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