Page 8, 14th May 1937

14th May 1937
Page 8
Page 8, 14th May 1937 — Mr. Eric Gill and Communism

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Mr. Eric Gill and Communism

Mr. Gill has taken up promptly the challenge of a reader who in our last issue asked how it was possible for him as a devout Catholic to have any connection with Communism. In his letter, which we print this week, he shows a candour which in itself is commendable but provides a regrettable revelation of the completeness with which he has succumbed to the great Communist sophistry.

He says with much truth that " the main injustice of our society as at present constituted is the condition of proletarianism to which the majority of the people has been reduced." He then quotes Pope Leo XIII to the effect that " as many as possible of the people should be induced to become owners." So far, so good. But he goes on to say that " the majority of the people ' are the workers,' the working class,'" an ambiguous phrase which suggests that it does not matter whether we think of them as individuals or in the mass. And, sure enough, he goes on to demand the transference of the ownership of industrial enterprises to the workers —whether corporatively, collectively or otherwise." We have italicised the words which turn a sound principle into a death trap.

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