Page 10, 14th May 1971

14th May 1971
Page 10
Page 10, 14th May 1971 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Bishops' Forthcoming Engagements

Page 10 from 5th June 1970


Cardinal Heenan at WestminsterSaturday: Westminster ,Pastoral Council meeting, St. Vincent's Cement. Carlisle Place, 11. Thursday' Visits Bruges for Procession of the Precious Blood.

Bishop Butler. Auxiliary of Westminster-Friday: Governing Body meeting. St. Edmund's College. 11. Old Committee meeting. 7.30. Saturday: Pastoral Council meeting, Carlisle Place. 11. Sunday' Prearhes all masses for visitation and Confirmation, Putters Bar East. Monday: Administration meeting, St. Edmund's College. 9.30.

Wednesday: Administration meeting. Archbishop's House, 11. Thursday: Concelebrates and gives Papal Award. St. Albans. 7. Friday: Mass and Confirmation, Garston, 7.30.

Bishop Guasseill, Auxiliary of West

minster-Friday: Cardinal Manning Housing Show. State Theatre, Kilburn, 8. Saturday: Westminster Pastoral Council, St. Vincent's Convent, Carlisle Place. 11. Saturday-Saturday: Lourdes National Pilgrimage.

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster-Saturday Westminster Pastoral Council. Sunday: Confirmation. Wi.a,tmister Catherli al. 5.30. Monday: Confirmation, tdmenton, 7.30 Tuesday: Austrian evening. Westminster Cathedral Hall. 7 30. Wednesday' Council of Administration, 1/. Confirmation. Greentord. 7. Thursday: Receives Good Shepherd Collection, Westminster Cathedral. 2.30.

Archbishop Dwyer of BirminghamSaturday' Opens Catherine McAuley Grammar srhool. Doncaster. Sunday; Confirmation, Holy Family Small Heath. 2.30 and 4.30. Preaches. St. Chad's Cathedral, 6.30. Tuesday: Council 01 Clergy meeting, 0,64 College. 1031S. Wednesday: Visits sick and schools. St. George's Parish. Worcester. 10 30

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham-Saturday: Opens Bazaar, Town Hall, LongtOn. Sunday: Association of Christian Management meeting, Spode Mouse. Monday: Trustees of Wolverhampton Community Trust meeting, Wolverhampton, 7.30 Tuesday Council of Clergy meeting. Oscott College, 10,45. Wednesday: Attends Concert. St. Joseph's. Trent Vale, 7_30. Friday: North Staffs. Pastoral Council meeting, Hanley, 7.

Bishop Emery. Auxiliary of Birmingham-Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. Immaculate Conception. BIcester, 4, Monday: Visits school and sick, St. John's Parish, Balsall Heath, 2. Tuesday: Council of Clergy meeting, Oscott College, 10.45. Wednesday: Visits school and sick, Our Lady Parish, LiiiingtOn. Thursday: Visits St. John's. Tamworth. 3.30. Friday! Governors meeting, St. Paul's College of Education. Rugby. 11.

Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of LiverpoolSunday: Mass. St. James', Bootle. 10. Mass and visitation, 11. Mass and Confirmation, 3. Mass. 5.30. Monday: Council of Administration, Curial Offices, 11, Tuesday: Meeting of Deans. Wigan, 11. Wednesday: Visits schools and sick. St. Alexander's. Bootle10.30. Mass and Confirmation, St. Alexander's, Bootle, 7.30. Thursday: Mass. St. Alexander's, Bootle. 12. Mass of concelebration, St. Joseph's Chorlev. 8.

Archbishop Cowderoy of SouthwarkSunday: Mass, visitation and Confirmation, Bremfey, 3. Tuesday: Mass, visitation and Confirmation, Orpington. 7.30. Wectnesday• Visit, St Joseph's College, Beulah Rill, 3. Thursday: Mass In Travelling Mission's Travelling Church. Cholack. Kent. 6.

Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth Saturday. Laity Commission meeting, K.S.E. Club, 9.30. Sunday: Mass for opening of church of St. Francis de Sales, Newbury, 3. Monday-Wednesday: Laity Council meeting, Rome. Thursday: Confirmation, St. Swithun's, Southsea, 7, Bishop Grant Of Northampton Saturday Begins visitation. High Wycombe. Sunday: Visits High Wycombe and Diocesan S.V.P. a.g.m.. High Wycombe. Tuesday-Wednesday: With recently ordained priests, Clapham Park.

Bishop Clark, Auxiliary of NorthWalsingharn. Tuesday: Wells U.C.M. ampton-SundarYouth pilgrimage, meeting.

Bishop Holland Of Salford-Saturday: Manchester and Salford Catholic Teachers' Federation Erfuration day. SedgleY Park, 10. Interviews candidates for Priesthood. Cathedral House. Salford, 2.30 Sunday: Visitation, Holy Family, Denton, 11. Monday: HOP.Oed Hall Governors. Middleton, 11.30. Tuesday: Visits schools and sick, St. Mary. Black•

burn, Finance Board, Nelson, . 7., W. edSnceo.dae Civic Centre, burn, Finance Board, Nelson, . 7., W. edSnceo.dae Civic Centre,

ay: F 1 0.30. Youth Commission, 3.30. Thursday. Elections. Presentation Convent, Manchester, 3.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of SalfordThursday: Visitation, Convent of Mercy. Werneth Grange, Oldham. Friday: Concludes visitation, St Mary, Sabden, 2.30. Visitation, Paddock House Convent. soter Accrington.

x of PlymouthFriday: Mass for senior schools' music festival, Buckfast Abbey, SaturdaySaturday: Leads Diocesan Pilgrimage to

Lourdes. ap Rudderham of Clifton-Sundsation, Dulverten. Confirmation. yvra nation, 10. Tuesday: Diocesan Council of priests. 11. Wednesday: Mass and Confirmation, St. Pius X, Bristol. 7. Thursday, Pontifical Mass. Pro-Cathedral, 11. Bishop Casey of Brentwood-Friday: as Meeting On working of Abortion Act, Westminster, 11. Saturday: Laity Com mission Rmde 9.30. no meeting. K.SSuG..,Clab, Lans downeat mission Rmde 9.30. no meeting. K.SSuG..,Clab, Lans downeat Sunday: Mass opening of new Church)Hall, Laindon, G. Tuesday: Visitation, Our Lady of LouBrciisehso.o Lceiogoho-i0ono-hSoema. of Ho.hoo. and Newcastle-Sunday: Visit and Confirmation, Sacred Heart and English Martyrs. T h o


Bishop r ri v ,indsay. Auxiliary of Hexham i e

and Newcastle-Saturday: Attends Education Day meeting. St. Cuthbert's Secondary School, South Sheilds. 2.

Confirmation, St. John Fisher, SMs eclagefis and . 3.30.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds-Saturday: Opening of Catherine McCauley School. Donraster, 2.30. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Mary's, HorsfOrth. Tuesday: Yorkshire Brethern lunch, Harrogate. Wednesday! Meeting, Bishopthorpe, York. 11. Thursday: Pontifical Mass. Cathedral, 8. Friday: Opening of St. Peter's Primary School, Domnecaetsilr, . 3.30.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster-Friday: Commission Bishop's sHouse, Lancaster, 7. Sunday: Visitation. 11, Confirmation. 3. St. Anthony. Cadiey, Preston. Monday: Visits sick and schwa!, St. Anthony. Cadley. Tuesday: Attends Hanging of the High Sheriff's Shield, Lancaster Castle, 12 45. Visitation and Confirmation. 7.30. St. Thomas, Claughton on Brock. Wednesday: Day of Recollection, Convent of Mercy, WigtOn. 11.30. Attends meeting, Blshopsthorpe. Friday: Clergy Senate meeting, Underiey, 10.30.

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