Page 3, 14th November 1947

14th November 1947
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Page 3, 14th November 1947 — Daffodils and Ilyabinths

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Daffodils and Ilyabinths

-HAVE you thought of giving bulbs this Christmas ? "-three or four hyacinths or daffodils, or a bowlful of crocuses or scillas whose tips are just beginning to show above the surface of soil or fibre, make a delightful (and uncouponed !) present that wjll bring

joy through the dark, cold weeks of January, particles lady to those living in Oats or in town houses that have no gardens of their own.

If you plant your bulbs in soil, sift it carefully and put some small atones at the bottom of the bow. Plant the bulbs with at least an inch of space all round them and half an inch above. Choose soil that is moist, but don't water the bulbs once they are planted. If you plant in fibre, mix a little charcoal with it for ventilation. and sprinkle the fibre liberally with water before putting it Into the bowl. When

your bowl is filled, press the fibre down gently but quite firmly.

cans man to Put the bowls in a dark cup fun and I board and look at them once

on having it." or twice a week. If the fibre

filled bowl begins to look grey and dry, sprinkle a little water over it, but don't water the soil-filled one. As

soon as the tips of the bulbs are showing above the surface, bring them out, but don't put them into the sunshine until the tips have turned green.

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