Page 6, 14th November 1947

14th November 1947
Page 6
Page 6, 14th November 1947 — Brisk News Letter

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Brisk News Letter

Is Eire Swinging Left ?

By the EARL OF WICKLOW In France and England there has been a marked swing to the right; is Ireland swinging to the left It is hard to say, for it is difficult to get clear the policy of the new party which has had such a marked success at the recent'


Of one thing I am certain: the allegations of Communism and the like in the background are merely abusive and without foundation.

In this connection I quoted a description of the new party, the Clann na Poblachta, led by Mr. Sean MacRride, and stated that this description emanated from the old I.R.A.

I am now satisfied that it was issued by a small group called the Old Comrades' Association, and that it would be extremely unfairto leave uncorrected the impression that the veterans of 1916 as such have repudiated the new party.

Anyway, whereas for the last few years those who have been watching politics in this country have had to be content with the dull spectacle of a one horse race, now the scene is definitely exciting.


Mr. de Valera is a consummate tactician. and.his first encounter with Mr. Macl3ride has already taken place. On the morning when it was expected that a trade agreement with England would he signed by Mr. de Valera, who had gone to London, a letter appeared in the Press addressed to him by Mr. MaeBride.

The tone of this letter could have been construed as rather patronising, it assuring Mr. de Valera of Mr. MacBride's support in the negotiations with Britain. While expressing disagreement with his fiscal policy of attachment to sterling. As Mr. MacFlride's party has as yet only two members in the Dail (including himself), it was perhaps premature. To everyone's surprise, no agreement was signed, arid I do not think

am wrong in guessing that Mr. de Valera preferred to avoid giving Mr. MacBritle an opportunity of commenting on the result of his work in London.

"Put nothing in writing" is the advice of the wise solicitor, and it is not needed by Mr. de Valera. -Round One to Mr. de Valera; we await Round Two with interest.

JUDICIAL ENQUIRY A Judicial Tribunal has been set up to enquire into the circumstances surrounding the attempted sale of Locke's distillery, Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath, to a group of financiers who activities have won some notoriety in Great Britain, and, as an ordinary member of the public, one cannot but regret the unseemly debates which have taken place in the Dail in connection with this.

The country does not elect members to Parliament to be paid out of public funds that they may sling mud at one another, while grievously neglecting the urgent problems which should absorb all the time at their disposal.

We are living through a period of the greatest difficulty and anxiety for ordinary men and women, whose fate is surely of more importance than the individual careers of the 'members of political groups.

It is a sad fact that the recent ,painful exhibitions in the Dail have tended to discredit parliamentary institutions in a country which has only for a quarter of a century en.joyed the privileges net responsibili-ties of democracy.

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