Page 1, 14th November 1958

14th November 1958
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Page 1, 14th November 1958 — ABC TV follows papal lead

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Page 1 from 14th November 1958

ABC TV follows papal lead

TV training scheme

IN his encyclical letter Miranda Prorsus on the cinema, radio, and television, the late Pope Pius XII advocated the establishment of training centres and courses of study and exhorted Catholics, especially clerics and members of religious orders, to turn their attention to the possibilities of television.

Now one of the independent television companies in this country, A.B.C. Television Ltd., is planning a training scheme for clergy who take part in religious television programmes. Full details, of the plan are to be given at a press conference next Tuesday.


The scheme, which has been welcomed by Archbishop Godfrey of Westminster, is at present in the hands of a working committee on which the different communions are represented. The Catholic members of the committee are Mgr. George Tomlinson and Fr. Michael Hollings.

The scheme will consist of oneweek courses mainly for clergy selected by the different com munions. Those taking part will be taught television techniques by means of closed-circuit apparatus.

A panel of Christian spokesmen able to use the medium of television professionally will thus be formed on which A.B.C. TV will be able to draw for religious programmes. The aim is to ensure that the impact of the message which Christians are trying to put over on TV is not lessened by lack of skill in using the medium.

The idea was suggested during a "Living Your Life" programme broadcast in June this year, and was discussed in a front-page story in THE CATHOLIC HERALD of August 1.

When one of the panel suggested that clergymen should be given a short course in the techniques of television, Douglas Hyde, who was also appearing in the programme, pointed out that the Pope had called for just that in Miranda Prorsus.

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