Page 5, 14th November 1975

14th November 1975
Page 5
Page 5, 14th November 1975 — POINTS FROM LETTERS

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The article written by Fr Charles-Roux on the Mass (October 3 1) was very eloquent and beautiful in its obvious caring.

Here is a man who is prepared to stand up for his beliefs and is unafraid to state them clearly. It does not matter that others may not agree with him. What matters is that he is true to himself. .

Many who disagreed with the words of St Thomas More could still admire his integrity.

Let us likewise admire the obvious integrity of CharlesRoux who is prepared and able to state clearly and knowledgeably his own deeprooted Catholicism.

Sister Rachel 53 Gayton Road,

Hampstead, London NW3,

The best article in your issue of Ocioher 31 is. in my opinion that by Fr Jean Charles-Roux. It is heartening to see such signs of rationality and realism breaking through the euphoric haze or progressivism in your paper. John W. Adkins

"Fu Chi," Rye Lane, Otford, 1 am a Filipino nurse, working here in Germany. I am a regular reader of your paper. and I would like to extend my congratulations to Gina Vianney on her article in your October 31 issue, on the role of a nurse towards society that nurses need God in every action they do. "They need to know what is at risk, what is their real function and responsibily, to whom they eventually have to answer." do hope many will be enlightened and impressed by her article, More power to her! Minerva V. Montano (Miss) St Martinus Hospital, 5960 Olpe Hospital Weg 6, West Germany.

It seems a pity, at a Om+ when there is still so much ignorance and confusion in the public mind ahoal the basic scientific principle.and the use of the infertile period fbr birth regulation. that misleading and inaccurate statements are presented. Those who wish to use the natural method of birth regulation efficiently should ask for an appointment at the Catholic Marriage Advisory Council Centre in their area. They will be instructed by properly informed doctors and the consultation will be free and confidential. The cost or the equipment k ahout 50p.

With regard to the recent correspondence about the photographs of Mr St John Sieves and Mr, McNamara. may I suggest that if you wish to continue publishing their pictures you might omit their columns instead.

Brendan Daintith 137 Carr Road, Walthamstow, Your cartoonist, John Ryan. in the Catholic Herald ofOctober 31, has — in my view — completely missed the point of the contemporary Dives-Lazarus issue. Ile interprets Dives as Mr and Mrs Everyman in British society sitting around the television set drinking brandy, smoking cigars, reading trivial magazines. while on the screen appears an Asian peasant begging for bread. This is blatantly superficial. Dives is rather the rich nations of the West (including, unfortunately, the Christian Church) which spend a very high proportion of their wealth on preparations for the next war (a policy which goes under the heading of "defence") while giving less than 1 per cent of the gross national product to the areas of deep human need . . . the kind of society which Dr Mervyn Stockwood, Bishop of Southwark, has courageously said he has no intention of shoring The Queen's College. Edgbaston, Birmingham.

In view of the recent cannonisalion of St Oliver Plunkett. I think it would be an honour to his memory and to mankind if there could be peace and goodwill to all in Ireland in the present troubles — something for which he fought and died.

As a non-Catholic myself, I listened to "People's Service" on the radio in which Fr Vincent Whelan gave four weekly services. One of the I recorded, and I find myself listening to it over and over again.

C;. D. Brablnen 181 Hyde Park Road,


wish to draw the attention of readers who are employed in local government and the public services to a recent resolution of the national executive committee of NALGO "to oppose the Abortion (Amendment) Bill by all possible publicity, by circulating to branches petition forms against the Bill, and by encouraging members to write to their MPs urging them to oppose the Bill."

It is imperative, therefore, that Christians and others who are opposed to abortion and who are members of NALGO should take action both locally and nationally against this resolution.

R. J. Billingsley

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