Page 8, 14th November 1980

14th November 1980
Page 8
Page 8, 14th November 1980 — Bishops' Engagements

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Organisations: Lancaster University, All Saints High School Rossendale, Hampshire County Council, High School, Council of Priests, Justice and Peace Committee, pm. Alton Hall Management Committee, Methodist Committee, Board of Administration, Richard Chelioner School, St Chad, Schools Commission, Shrine Committee, Ushaw College, Executive Committee, CAFOD Committee, Priests Consultative committee, St Gabrfel's Management Committee, Diocesan Schools Commission, Si Ketharine's College, Chelioner School, Mnnday Linacre Centre, Thornton Heath Mission, Governing Committee, Blackheath Luncheon Club, St Edward's School, Congress, Limuline School, Od Swan Job Centre, Walsingham Council, St John's School, South East Area Justice and Peace Commission, Council of the Shrine, Catholic Teachers' Association, Parish Sisters Association, Leeds Parish Church, C. West Park School, Catholic Nurses' Guild, Finance Board, Tiresdror Addresses Police Cadet Corps, Priests' Council, Ceienlen Association, Rescue Soctety Advisory Council, Besford Corot Special School, Ushers College


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Bishops' Engagements

A Presentetion of Aw•rd C C.onYhmatiori

M Mesa 0 = Ordination V o Visitation Cardlnel Hums, Archbishop of Weamlnotert

Forfar V. Ceiliniir Herald. 12 no Presents

prints. St Enfield 7 om. Seturdevt M. for

40th anniversary of CUR, Westminster Cathedral. 12 30 pm. Addresses CDR meeting. Cathedral Halt 3 pm. Meets group young people. Archbishop's House. 6 ten. Sunday: M and presents 0,0 Ecclesia Et PontifIce medal to Sr, FestIng. Westminster Cathedral, Crypt. 5 pro Tiresdror Addresses Police Cadet Corps, Hendon. 2 pm Thursday: Presides at Bishops and Superiors. meeting. Diocesan Seminary. 11 30 am. Celebrates M. for schools in honour ol St Benedict Westminster Cathedral, 3 Pm.

Archbiehop NOWINI of Southwark: FridayAel and V. Surblton. 7,30 Drn. Saturday: M. 40th anniversary CIIR, Westminster Oen/eine, 12 30 pm Wednesday' M and V. 21st anniversary. Richard Chelioner School, New Malden. 11 am. ThuradeV M and V. Plurnstead. 7 30 pm.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham: Friday: M. at Carmelite Convent. Yardley. 5 pm. Sunday. M and C, St Augustine, Handsworth, 3 pm, Monday: M end Preaches. St Philip's Old Boys M, Oratory, 8 pm Wednesdey, V. St Petrick', School. Chelmsley Wood. 10.30 aro Thursday: Cotton College Gown nom Meeting 11 am, Archbishop Warlock of Ueerpool, Friday Meetng of Deans. Cathedral House. 11 am. Meeting of Deans. St Helen's Perish Hail. Crosby, 2 30 pm Saturday M. end meeting of CIIR, Weerninster Cathedral, 12.30 pm Sunday' Silver Jubilee. St William of York. Thornton, 10 am. 15th centenary of birth of St Benedict. Metropolitan Cathedral Monday' "MerseyorldeCampaign and exhibition. Od Swan Job Centre, 10 15 dm Tuestlihr Meeting of Deans end Governors. 11 am Meeting of LINE, Si Ketharine's College. 4.30 pm. Wedneedey Meeting of Ushaw Governing Body Wahop Alexander of Clifton: Friday' V. St EMeueds Scheel. Caine. 10.30 ern. Saturday, Annual Requiern M. Holy Seals Cemetery. Bristol. 10 am V. St Edmund's Perish, Celne, 4 pm. Sunday' V. St Edmunds M 8 30 am. 10 30 am, and 6 30 pro Caine Tuesday. Attends Parish SistersAssociation annual genera( meeting at Emmaus House. Le Retreite, Clifton, 11 am M. Is Sainte Union Convent. Bath, 6 pm Wednesday M, English Martyrs Church Tuffley Gloucester. 7.30 pm. Thursday: M, Sr Thomas More School, Bristol. 7.30 Pm.

Mahon Nrowor, Aualllary of Ilihnoranduary, Friday: Runcorn Sponsorlog Body Saturday: Dimeson Constittiency meeting M 01 Joseph Slot... Attletlas Edge Monday. School M. St Augustine's Latchford Tuesday: C. SS Catherine and Martina, Haylake Wednesday: Meets Junior Clergy, Savior House, Dotengton Thursday' Board of Administration meeting. Crewe e hohop Burke. Auxiliary of Selford Friday. V. Blackburn Suncley: V. 11.30 ant. C, 3 30 pm, St Album. Blackburn Tuesday. V. St Jeseph. AudieY Wednesday' Inaugurat presentation evening, All Saints High School Rossendale 7.30 pm Thursday Schools Commission. 10 30 sm.

B ishop Clerk of Best Aimee: Sunder C and V. St Mary, Thetford, Monday: Miming of the Council of the Shrine of Our Lady of Welsingtern, Damascus House. Mill Hie. 8 pm Wednesday/Thum daySchools Commission end diocesan Council meeting. Poringtend.

illishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Catholic Ball. Grand Hetet, Birmingham, 7.30 oni Setierley ProvInclei M, Ceienlen Association, St Chad's Cathedral, 10.45 am. Sunday. M. deceased members of Pf SC. 10 30 sot M and C SS Pater and Paul, Wolverhampton, If 46 pm MondayAttends Meeting of Walsingham Council, Damascus House. 6 pin TuesdayNI and C. Sr Thomas of Centerbury. Tettenhall. Meeting of Lourdes Directors. Harborne Hall Thursday V St Margaret Mary Scheel, Tunstati, 10 inn S ialutp Emery of Portsmouth: Friday Diocesan representative meet with Hampshire County Council. Winchester. Sunday M, for the Feast of Sr Edmund. St John's Cathedral. 1030 am Tuesday' C. Sacred Heart Waterluoyille, 7 pre B ishop Foley of Lancaster: Friday M Alexandra Home for the Blind. Bleckpool. 2 30 pm Sunday V. St Joseph's, Wesharo. 10_45 am C.2.30 prn. Attends Dioceses Rally for the Handicapped, Lancaster University. 4.15 pm. Tuesday! Attends St Augustine', Deanery Conference. St brass's Preston. 11 em. Wednesday: V. Wesham perish Thursday M for Golden Jubilee of Sloe, Norbert, Nazareth House. Lancaster, 4 pm Mishap Orent of Northampton: Saturday Atten-ds CUR 40th anniversary. Sunday: In-Service Training for Deacons Tuesday: CAFOD meeting. 12 noon B ishop Oray, Bishop of Shrewsbury: Tuesday Chapter M, Sacred Heart, Moreton WednesdayM for Clergy meeting. SaYtour House, Bni !mote Meeting with priests of Si Chad s Deanery. Thursnay' Hoard of Administration 'melting, Crewe.

B ishop Gummi% bishop in Feat London: FridayNI fot new teachers. Marie Assurnots, S pro. Meeting. Potent' planning group, 9 pm. Saturday: NI_ St Alogaitia Somerrown. 1SOth anniversary of move, of FCis in parish. 3 pm Sunday. C. Commercial Road. 7 pm Monday Preaches at Renewal Programme's Annum' Service. Newham Commonitv, 7 30 pm Tuesday. Blessing of Nursery block, St John's School. Islington. 2 pro. Wednesday: LOA, 10 Bishop Rents of Middlesbrough: Friday' A t ruts Coleman meeting. York Sunday: V. Moat Holy Sacrament, Marton, N. Humberside. 11 am. M, V CoO C. Sacred Heart. Hornsea. 3 ann. Thuradey: Meeting of Teachers, Sce,t,urooab S pm Bishop Hervey, Shrimp In North Londoo: Friday: V. Bishop Douglas School. Finchley, 11 em. Sunday, M. St Monica, School, Pelmers Green. 10 ern C St Wanton of York. Steamer*. S pro. Tuesday: Meeting of Executive Committee. Catholic Nurses' Guild. 1.30 pm. Mill Hill Ecumenical Project. B pm. Wednesday: CDA, 10 am Caternens Northern Heights Circle. 7 pm. Thursday' C, Pastoral Feast The most Precious Blood and St Edmund, K M. Edmonton, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Sunday. M with inductum re new parish priest. Stockier 12 noon. M and C. Deptford. 3 pm. Monday' Presides at Diocesan Finance meeting, 11 BIT Tuesday: Meeting of The area Deane. Blackheath. 10 ant to 12 noun. Thursday' Blackheath Luncheon Club t par South East Area Justice and Peace Commission, Blackheath, 6 30 pm to 13 Pm.

B ishop Hltdten, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday Dean and Clergy representatives of Congress meeting Cathedral House. 11 sm. Dean end Clergy representetives of Congress meeting, ST Helen's, Crosby. 2 30 pm Sunday' V. St Penick's, Park Place. Prize presentation, Philharmonic Hail. 2 30 pm Monday C. West Park School, St Helens. 7.30 pro Tuesday: Congress meeting for Deans end Priest representatives UNI. 11 aro Ptisegiving. St John Almond. pm Wednesday: V. St Petrick s, Park Place. C St Thomas', St Helens. 7 30 pm Thursday: V. Si R oi hge, rodn' s High School. Skelrnersdale C. All Halloves. I illshop Holland of Safford: Filday V. Holy Souls, Wiltshire. Sunday: V. 10 gm, C.2 30 pro. Holy Souls. VVillshire Tuesday St Gabrfel's Management Committee. Victoria Park, 3 pm. Alton Hall Management Committee, Fellowfield, 4 40 pm. Wednesday. V Sr Teresa, Blackburn Thursday CO,,,T118sky, 10.30 aro_ • Ishop Jukes, Ausillery of Routhwerlst Saturday' M. St George's Cathedral. 2 30 pro Sunday C. Wingham, 9 era. Monday: V. Sacred Heart School, Tuh1.uid5e Wells. Wednesday V. Si Augustine's College. Westgate. Celebrates M, for UCM at fininharn

A torn

Mahon Konstam, Bishop In Genesi London: FridayiSundey: V. Fulham TueSday Kensington Deonnty emoting Oretnry. 11 ern C. Kensal New Town, 7.30ont Wedneastay, COA Archbishop's House 10 am Deans' Meeting. 4 pro. Thursday'

Per,.. e t„ County 2 out Newman Circle,

m B ishop Undeay, of Hatilsem and Newcastle: FridayM. SS Pet•r and Peui. Longbenton. 7.30 pm. Sunday: C. St Robert of Newininster, Morpeth. 3.30 pm Tuesday: Attends rooming of diocesan Rescue Soctety Advisory Council at Nazareth House, 6.30 pm. Wednesday: Attends meeting of Governing Committee, Ushers College, Thursday. Attends meeting of Counerl of Priests, 11 am.

&Map McCord., iltualliery of Illnidngltam:

Friday V Sacred Heart. Bleckbird Lays Oxford An li:dh 0S: 7Jpoi:AlF.Irsher School 9.30 am. C and M. Sfortfeti Heart Blackbird Les's. Oxford. 7.30 pot Sundny• M Berinsheld, 11 aro M and C, Dorchester day V. Sr Peter, Leamington, 9 15 am. Tuesday' V St Christopher. Hall Green, 10.15 am. Meeting of Governor. of Besford Corot Special School 3 pm Wednesday, Diocesan Schools Commission, Priests Consultative committee, 10.45 am M and C. Sr Christepher Hall Green, Thuredey V St John. Banbury. 10 ern Petuchiel M. 7.30 pm.

Mabee Mr:dulness of Nottingham: FrideV M. Sr Hugh a College Tolterton, 11.15 ann. Satunday. Final professions medical missionery of Mary Sisters_ St Mary's, Derby. 12 noon Sunday' V and C. Ayleslone. Mondayweisinghern Shrine Committee Meeting, London 6 pm. Tuesday: Bless and open Parish Hall, Our Lady* Lincoln. 7 30 pm. Wednere day V end C. Lutterworth, 7 pre. Thursday, M. for Catholic Teachers' Association. Derby, 7.30pm.

B ishop McMahon, of Orentwood: Friday: M. St Mark 5 School, Harlow. It am. Meets priest of Harlow Deanery. Si Thomas Mom, Harlow M end C, Our Lady of Compassion. Saffron Walden, 7.30 pro Senday M and confers ministry of Reeder. Our Lady of Mount Cermet, Stock, 9.30 an). Annual Requiem 51, for KSC. Cathedral. 3 pro. Monday. M and Inducts the Rev John Wynn, St John the Evangelist and St Erconweid, Mamas:tone. Tuesday: Meets Chairmen and Heads of Seconders, Schools. Ursullne Convent. Brentwood. 10.30 am, Wednesday, Attends meeting of Finance Board. 10 30 am. Thursday: Meets priest of *adhere Forest Deanery. Christ the King. Walthamstow 12 nr■on Mishap Mahon, Bishop In West London: Sundgy. C. Cathedral 5.30 pm Mnnday Linacre Centre. GOvernars, 3.30 prn Tuesday: Area Day of Recollection. 10.30 am. Wednesday: Council of Dio.san Affairs. 10.30 am. M and C. Wormwood Scrubbs Prison. S pm. Thursday: Allen Hell. Seminary meeting, 11.IS.

B ishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and

B righton: Friday: Attends meeting of Diocesan Education Team, Crawley. Saturday: Attends meeting al Governors. Sr Edmund's Hell, Cam bridge Wednesday: Chapter Meeting. Arundel.

B ishop O'llelan, Mahon In Hortfordohlro: Friday C. St Hilda's, Shaphall, 7.30 Pm. Saturday: Justice and Peace Seminar, Westminster, Cathedral Conference Centre. 11 am CIIR jubilee celebrations. 1 pm. Sunday: St Elizabeth's, Much Hadham. Petrone! feast. 11 em. C. All Saints Pine Green. 5 pm. Monday: Catholic t Methodist Committee, 12.30 pot. Justice and Peace Committee meeting, 5 pm. Tuesday, CAFOD Committee meeting, 12 noon. Wednesday: CDAArchbishop'srnam Thursday: llen HalLBishopslnd aeeting. 11 30 am.

B ishop Restleatui of Nymouth: Friday: Attends Prizegivieg at St Edward's School. Poole. 7.30 pro. Saturday: C.endM,S1Anthony;s Lewaton, Sher borTeo.I.3300,.5uncsy:‘endm.sssmy and Catherine &ideal, 11 am. C. 3 pm. Tuesdey: Attends Deanery CHontre.ync,ne”..Thplyuzluety,:. 8Ca3torinpirnan ciergv Night Dinner

S hallop Swindlehuret, Auxillery of Realism

e nd Nermestie: Ftiday• M. Catholic chaplaincy. Sunderland Polytechnic. 1.15 pm. Sunday: V and C. Our Lady Queen of Peace. Penshewl. Wednesday: Attends meeting of Governing Committee. Ushaw College Thursday: Attends meeting of Council of Priests, 11 urn.

Sashop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday. V. Limuline School, Wimbledon. V. Worcester Perk Monday' Calls at Thornton Heath Mission. 7.30 prn Wednesday: Meeting of Chlidreris Society Directors, 3 Pm. C, Totting, 8 pm.

S hasop Ward, Coadjutor Bishop of Menage:

rnday: M. St Ambrose. Altrinchern, am. Saturday: M for Catholic Teachers Mold, 2 pm Sunday' V and C. Connah's, they. Tuesday, Priests' Council at Wmrsham, am.

Bishop Wheeler of Leads: Friday: Sdhool M. Si Benedict's, Leads, 11 am. Saturday: Preach Leeds Parish Church. 5.30 pm. Sunday: V and C. SI Auetin's. Wakefield, 11.30 am Tuesday: Mayoral Lunch, Bredford Wednesday: Fcurnenicoail,Mpelaenteint.g. lends. 10 30 am Thursday. Installation of Provost end M. Cathedral, 11 err Bradford Cath

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