Page 12, 14th November 2003

14th November 2003
Page 12
Page 12, 14th November 2003 — Bishops' diaries

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Organisations: Anglican Church, rI Church, St Joseph's Pastoral Centre, St Esimund's College, Archbishop's Council, Laity Commission, Catholic Chitdren's Society, t.ivrspool Archilioresim Centre for Evangelisation, St Vincent's Family Centre, Angels Church, V St Elizabeth's Centre, 11119;30tim Archbishop's Council, Salesian School, Daily Service, °WWI College, Quality In Ministry, Sam Anzbbishop ' s Council, Archiliocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Baptist Church, RC Infant School, York University, English College, Diocesan College of Consultors mtg., St Fahmusl's College, Opals St Brendan ' s Sixth Form College Centre, St Edmund's College, Eastern Europe Committee, Kairos Centre, Wolmhatoptisn University Chaplaincy Committee, St Edimiod's College, Curates Union, Saints Pastoral Centre, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for F.vangeliqUirm, Limulirie College, Pontifical Council for Migrants, Dinner Party, National Projett Steering Committee, Kings College


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Bishops' diaries

November 16 to November 22

Cardinal C Vim pto .(TiConaile ( Weiamin.

etT) 5ni 1 r I ark he 150th Anniversary se thc establish meta of -lite Fatintindian Am...Sakai (St Fahmusl's College. Wale). Mom Interviews at Engagements Tue; 1 lam M Mark the frOth Anniversary ol More House School (St Mary's, Cadogan Street); 4:30p Diocesan Core Community nag for At Your Word, Loot": pm: Book Launch for two new books to loaf's the Centenary of Westminster Cathedral. Wed: Illarn Addresses the Vincentirm Millennium PannershipJustive Seminar (NestMIngler Cathedral liall); )pm: M to mark the Centenary of SI Augustines Parish Clitunmersmith, WS) Thu-Fri: VOX CLARA nag, Rome. Archbishop V Nichoh (Birmingham)._ Stile Parish Visitation, Birmingham Eitst ccmtinues. Tut: V St John Fisher Sch. Neweestle-under, ' Lyme. Wurk10:.ii lank Cranked of F's tests trite.

°WWI College. 1 M Bagley RC Sch. 11119;30tim Archbishop's Council; pm: Opening of Restored Chinch. lioly Cross. Lichfield.

• 2pro M &lileeeing of "Ark of the Cos enant", Cos ; 1pnrCatechists' Press lotion Ceremony. Maryvalc.

Archbishop P Kelly iLiveitesal). Tue-Wml. Liaison Comma ; we ill' the Bishops 01 England & Wales, Irelrest and Scotland, Knock. Thu:10,1 Sam Anzbbishop's Council: Liverponl Anihdiocesan C'enhe for Evangelisation; 2pirs: Muds with Vicars General; Liver. pool Archiliocesan Centre for Evangelisation) Spits: Mrets with Junior Clergy. St Mary, Lowe House, St Helens. Pri:1:30pmliMP Ahoouoc Sat:4pos Vigil Mass fur the roast 01(1111st the King. Metropolitan Cathedral. ot Christ the

K ing. Liverpool, Archbishop M Bowen (Southwark I

&Wel I :Klarn C Margate. lbc:7130pm C West Croydon_ Thu: I 030,sm Area Bishops' nag, Aoschbishop's 'louse; 12;40pin Mtg with Its Rev Bishop Balaswamy„ Bishop of Nellore, Arthbishop's Below; 7:30pm C Surrey Docks. Fri: Laity Commission mtg. Archbishop's House. Sat:3pm Sch GOVeMOIS-CAIMIllissioning, St George's Cathedral. Bishop K Conry (Arundel &

B rightong Sim:evening Meets with Testis Cart. LAS FratelnitICS of the Dionne, St Bencdicts, Brighton. Morr.9:30am Diocesan Schools

Conference, lower Reeding: eve: Appointment,. Wed:1 lam Liturgy mtg. Ihthect: :Irate Appointments; ins-. Curates Union mtg. St .10,epll'Sl-k11,Storrington. Thu:7: I SpmAwards Esvoing, Salesian School. Wcybildge.

Bishop P Purgeter t Wham mail k:Sun: Parish Visitation. Lungton continued. Tue:7131-.)pm Loorskss Commis-owe nag. Ca Ihedna. Wed:I lam CUtLflCi 1 Clergy mtg. Owen; 4pric Wolmhatoptisn University Chaplaincy Committee mtg. Fr):31.1.ani Archbishop's Cosa-wit mtg. Sat-Sun 2.1 No Parish Visitation, Cheadle. Cotton at Tram Bishop T lelehlahun (Brentwood): Sun: V C Basildon. Wed: Mtg 01 keel DI taigland Chun'h Lenders. Thu: Mtg of Churches Together in Essex & Fr 1 ondon. Catheitml. Sag-Mani Speaks at Retreat for Leaders & Eucharistic ministers:. (t!lswell.

Bikhop I) lAng (Clatan ): lam Chapter Mass, Clifton Csthedod, Bristol. Wed:10730mo Trustees mtg, Si Ambrose, Bristol: 7:30pni Opals St Brendan's Sixth Form College Centre for Crean ve Arts. Bristington, Bristol. Thu: Onto Sch Comtnission mtg. Aleramder House. thisnil; 2:10pm &solemn Chinches Together %Awl. ing Committee mtg, St Ambrose. Bristol. Fd I 1:3ilani Memorial Mass for Mgr Patrick McCoy, St Augustine ot Canterbury, Downend, Bristol. Sal. 1.30pm 1)iticesan Justice & Peace °Arnie ission Conference."Sustahuibk Living", Beraulnwad Baptist Church. Bristol.

B ishop M Esalita (Fast Anglia): Sun: Ham C Derchrun "Ine.7prr Youth 2000{M, Adoration & Social). Cathedral_ Wed:10nm East of Eugland Church Leaden, intg, Heograve Halt: 1.30pm Diocesan College of Consultors mtg. Cathedral Howse. Thu :7:30pin C Great Xariniailli, Fib I I oii-4pin Norfolk & Waycney Churches-Together, Bishop's louse, Norwich: 77101ili C Bury St Edmunds. Saknoon M for,in Pilgrimage to Lourdes Annual Heiinion. Swat] ham.

libibup J Paordhurne ■Itallam): Sun: V Sacred Heim. tbdby. Moe 7pin Liturgy F.vening Workshop. harnseulate Conception. Heningthorge. Tue• V cow' : 7prre C Sr Aim's, 1)esspear. Weitt):10ani CARA). Staff Day, London; 7: lOpni C Catheilod. Thu: 10ant Notts& Derby s Church Leaders mig, Nottingham; 7prn: C St Marys. Worksop. Fri:12pm CAFIX). Eastern Europe Committee. London. S:31.kun CTSY Forum. St Bernard's Catholic High Sch. Rotherham. 3:30pra V St Puter in Chains. Ohneasier.

Bishop A Griffiths (1.1exharn & Newcastle,: Mon:Sam M Carmelite. Convent. Dorliogion foiIoued hy Visitation Mtg with Vicars Geiser:I. Bishop's HoliseI Pastoral Connell nog, Bishop's House_ Werl:7pin C St Patrick's, Felling: Thu: V St Maly & St Beck Parishes, Stockton on Tees. Fri:7pm C St Michael's, Newcastle upsaiTyi

• NECCI Forum; S:30pm Vigil Mass„ St Mary's. Stockton our Tees.

Bishop P O'llonoghtw arwaster): Mini-Sae Mtge of Pontifical Council for Migrants, Roms. Bishop D Konstoot il_cedsy Sun: Attends rlie 150th Annisersiuy , The. Edinunslian Aseise inMin. St Esimund's College. Ware: I lam: Sikkim!, High Muss; Sprn: Vespers & Vonermion of the Relic. Mon:7:15pin Biodlistel Cattiss1W Players Alhombia Theatre. Tue:7:30pm C St John's. Normanton. Wial:Apin Laity Council Steeling CoHnniinee, IiinsIey liaR, Thu:10am Co' anvil of Priests, Hinsley Hall; bpur V Holy Family COtiVein. Allralon. Ili „aka sL D.L2pm Attends IIMS Ark Royal Parade. Millennium Sugars. Leeds; 7prig C' St &limbos's, Skimon. Bishop A Roche (coadjutor. Leeds): Sun: I 0_3(kuri V Sr Francis, Bradford. Mon-Fri. Diocesan Junior Clergy Retreat, English College, Valladolid. Sat l2noun Tree Planting. My...Idle:ton Grange, Ilkley; 6:30pm C Immacohne Beam Leeds Bishop V Malone {L'issol await: Stria V St Cecilia, Liverpool. Mon:10arn Archdiecesan Investment }tune nag; 7:30pro C St Peter & Si Paul, Cm,by. Tue:am V St Ces7i ha's RC Junior Sch, Liverpool: 7:30pm C St Julie:. St Helens. Wed79:3Uum V St Paut's Jle St Timothy', RC Infant School,Liverpool: 1pm: V Sr Edward's (Runnymede) RC Junior Sch, Liverpool. Thu:10: I Sam Archbishop's Count' it, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for F.vangeliqUirm; Spin: Meets with Junior acry.y. St May. Lowe House, St H.elens. Fri:1 Orun V St Vincent's Schou' for Blind oral Partially Sighted Poop's!, Liverpool; 7:30prn C St Basil. Hough rireen, Widnes Bishop T Wiltisuits 0;pool sued): Sotrilpro C M Mettopolitan Cathedral if Christ the King, Liverpool. Mon:7:30pni Quality In Ministry orig. L v ermso I Archil it assail Cofille for Evangelisation. Wes1:71Opto C St Oswald Az St Edmund Amos...smith, Ashton-in-Maki-field. Thu:10:1Sank Archbishop's C'isnrail..t.ivrspool Archilioresim Centre for Evangelisation; 7pm: C St Mary. Wootton. Fr1:71a1 C. St Agnes.

norm. Sin:10:30arn NI fits dic tt annivoinary of the church of St Anne & Blessed Dominic, Sutton. SI Helens:4pol: Vigil Mann flar the I Cast. of Christ the King. Metal-edam-I Cathedral 14 (brio the king. Liverpool Bishop J Crossley Middlesbniughylue:arn V St Mary .7, Cortege.. MiddIrsbrisugh. Wed; 10:30aus Bishop's CulinCil, Bishop', House; 5pm: Diocesan Communications (lfficers mtg. St Bede's. York. Friounipm Annual Prison ChaplaiM mtg. Bishop's House. Sot amigni Inepinaional flay for Ministers of the Word, York University: Sat pm Sim 23 Nov. Parish Visitation, All Saints, Thirsk Bishop C tktiiku trorlSiiiiiiiih); Mon.1.30po. Oxford & Cambridge Catholic Ediaanisi tot& London. luc-Wod: ('hutch Repo s.

hies' mtg. Saints Pastoral Centre. 1 Colney. ThuNigni Cambridge Calhohc I .1... 1 tiiiiilloand nag, Canshiistge.1.-6:10iun . Together in ilauripshire & island Esecutive .1 Bishop's times, Poiternouill; 7ptit: C St Mar) Sidi, ASIAN Bishop I Finite( (Solfurd): Sun:177/5pm M fun Semi, Alma Lodge. Tus.7prn November nag with C ARJ detrain. Wadley Hall. Tlea: Semi nar on Jewish/Christian Relations. Anglican Church Han. lioghton, 131scichurn Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury)! Sun: Pastoral Visitation, St Grins's, Whitchuich & Si Andrew & SI Petri's, Shinchtify. Mon74:30poi )(lig with Wythenshavse Team, Wisnston Hall. 734.1pro Dinner to mark 40th Anniversary of N chos.hire SERRA receiving he charlim, A Mils cham. Ttie:7prn Consecration of Sacred I I,:rI Church, Morchm. Weekam Bishop's luiteo r. mornirsg,Cmial Offices lbw I 2110Kin Alon:6..30pm Pattaya Orphanage Hilo Comriutice uf thc Bishops' C5rnk-1mA% Lissi., Fri:12noon Chapter Mass, Christ the King. Brombotough. SaL2pin Priestly Ordination ol Rev Paul Lomas. St losenh's. Stile Bishop C Henderson tS'wark Annul The:1 2,10pm Mtg with likeolarc. Thu: IQ:Mani Dioessan Bishops' nits. 5E1, 3pm. Chairs Oily al-Borough Deans ni Other Faiths. En: I 1:30nni M for Catenian Group, Westminster Cathedral. Sat 1 2noort Silver Jubilee. of Pric,thood Celehnition, Norburyt 2pne Sch Copses-nine Seeviec, Cathedral, Mil Bishop.) [line 1.S' weak Auxibr Sun:1 (' SS Austin & Grego y. Margate. Moo & Tue. Bishops' Conference & Conference of Bell gime: JuutrtlLeader.hip I nuatng Course, tlw Kairos Centre. Rochampten. Wed:2:30pm Catholic Chitdren's Society threchits' mtg. Purley: Thu :10:3i karn Sig wark Bishops' intg Fri:7:30pm V to Limulirie College. Westgate on Sea; 710pos C St Paul", Msopharo Saelpir Coutrurissions new stir gosernors, St Ocurge-s Bishop II Tripp (S'svark Arusih Mon:12insoil Mig of Chaplaincy tHealthcare) Faluculion Ocvelopment Group. Woncrsh. Wad: Mfg ol Chilren Representatives of the Churches Together iii Britain & Ireland. London Colney Tliti:7710poi Mtg of the South London CaribbeonA,ssocinuon, Peckham. Sal tam C Si Mathias, Woreeskr Park; 3pro: Commissioning of Sch Governors, Soinwark Cathedral; Gpm: C Christ the King, Wimbledon Park.

Bishop A Hopes (W.Trlimitcr Amti I) Sum:HI:30am Requiem Mass for Deceased

Brothms id the Knights of St Columba, West. mower Cathedral. Mom V St Elizabeth's Centre, Much Hadham. lac: Interviews & Engage. menu, Archbishop's House; Spun: M Kings College. University Chaplaincy. Thu: Inter views & Engagements, Anialisbvp's House.

1 I.Srins M at ()Mary ii illsiwed by On of Malta Annual Chaplains mug. Fri:10am Ande bishop's r:ouncil nag, put; Interviews & Engagements. Archbishop's House. Sat-Sun 23 Nov. Parish Vimuunin, Ruislip.

Bishop B Langley (W'rninster "cozil): Sun; V St Schtslasticrie parish, (Upton: Toe'. I la Irani Camden Deanery nag. Quest Road, Kitharn parish; 4pm: AVM. C'ore Group 'mg; 7pm: W'est minors Deanery mtg. Soho parish Werl.9:30am Parish Support Team mtg; Apo fliaconare Ordination of Brs Rupert McHardy & Michael Lang. linangton Dratory.Thu:12pri Opening of St Vincent's Family Centre, Paling. 4pm: St Joseph's Pastoral Centre. Hendon, 7:30pm C St Dominic's parish, Homcrton.

BLit/am Archbishop's Council. 21nn: V Si Lkotistikke's Sels thattel101a Sat: V St Dominic's Parish. Homerton.

Bishop J O'Brien 0Yrometer, Hefts aural; Sun:11am Anniversary Mass, St Edimiod's College, Warr. -Fri' lams Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's Home Sul-Sun 21 Nov' V Skins, Heart, Ware.

Bishop G Slack (WI-Minter oral r. Sun:Item hl

St Edmund's College. Ware. 1ue.:9.45ani BB( ' Rarho 4 Daily Service, Manchester Wis I (■11)1.1,

Parish Support Teant. 1)17101On . .

Council. Sat: V Our Lady of lels.„ I • Mussvell 136hop T Burns SFOnxs.): Trilvel NI a . 1 Conference. Mon-Tbto Maris! Confewis e I Dinner Party. Bishop's Oak. Sal: Ikpaii RAI' Waddington


An:1'1)14'w PSnith (Canlif1): Sun:10-.3(kern Al Coi bee [orlon of the Church attic Most Hs1.1.). Trinity. Ledhury; 3:30pm Service fur RoadPeace 2003. Hereford Cathedral. 'Cue:12:45r, Am mid Mann for Deccased Clergy in St David Carbodrid. Cardiff; 7pi re IS ot thanksgiving LiandallCsithedial,Ckailifl. Wed:Rho:1i Prseen ration for Fundraising for C'orp us Christi trig].

!nrdiff al ArrhhiNtwp's 6:741)pr Presentation livening, St Mary's High SLI:. Logwanline, Herr:lord. Thu:730pm C lame Uu Parishes rif Cwmbran and Pontneveydd at (liii Lady of the Angels Church. Cwmbran Fri:12:30pm Mug with the HOC in London re. CHAO, 2:30pm AGM till €':mululk Tnell S. i eryM._Longion l''Heads' nag. Stella Mans, 1.1tualudi s bins.Pr leen:* Cokincil, Iowa), I .landlidno. Tar Wed: Cleigy Conference. Loreto, Llamitaln, Thu: V St Mary's Primary Sch, Wrexham. Jr. National Projett Steering Committee nag London. Sat: V Cathedral Parish.

Key; M-Mass. 0007 rmarlon.V.ttcivttimyr. ()Ordination. Mtx-Meotatt. Sok-Sihrief, ES. ranenicra Seed. r.

Svc n:ret e.v cannoi guarantor the inclusion ol lasts engagnisents reeds al las/ than Mattis on the Monday prior to puhlieation.

Bishop E Regan (Wreshilm.): Mon:3:30m1.

B .pM.Nbale Munk,/ Moo-hrh Joule, Clergy Reheat, Valladolid.

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