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14th November 2008
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Page 14, 14th November 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Cathedral Chapter, Pastoral Board, Archbishop's Council, liWat Manta, Schools Service Commission, St Fergus Prinmey School, Assembly Mnetageiroat Committee, eta, Orme Collegllthe University, All Sal* Pastoral Centre, Ilia Thu. CES Manamment Committee, Tar Visits School, CES Management Committee, °Noon College, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Dena School, Kam Primary School, St Paul's Critholto College, Sacred Mean Church, RC High School, St Patrick's Primary School, Charity Commission, Kim School, Ministry of Candidacy and Acuylte, RC Junior School, National Project, Gillis Centre, Catholic Children's Sonny Board, Archbishap's Council, St Luke's Centre, Council of Primus, Bishop's Council Curial Office, Archbishop Council, Council of Priests, Our Lady and St Michael's School, Enfield Grammar School, Diocesan Centre, St Lawrence Church, Council of Primo of Arch, Mures IiipAt School, St Margaret's Church, Lourdes Committee, Ymith Club, Ushaw College, Srafflarre RoadPeacr Service, Council of Prices, Pastoral Centre, Archlimman Centre for Batmen, Francis Church, Community Centre, Society of Franciscan Pilgrims, Mans As-Aurora Church, Reading University, Si Francis Church, Council of Prests, Colleges committee, Tun School, Medway Educatioo Committee, °scat College, Oscar College, taverna/ Amhdioamn Centre, Central Middlesex Hospital, Cardinsi Allen High School


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November 16 to November 21

camitaat merphyeycconer We-Htnur.ri S. CeleMoe. Man. Fisher House. Cambridge. Maw Attends Day ia Recollection and Pmyer with Catholic and Anglican Bishops, Lmnbeth Pan.. London . Tue• Celebrates Mass and gives mik m The Key's. St Mary Moodie*. Eldon St, 630o. Wed ThuMeets with Council of Prices, London Crary. Herts. Tlat Attends SECAlsi CCM Seminar. Lirerpool. Fri. Meer with Ardthishop's Conrad, Archbishop's House, 9.30nrm meets with Progressio, Archbishop'. Home 3part. Sat Celebretes Ordination to Priesthood of Br Kevin Mode and Res Mold Reilly. Weamerion Cathedmi, 10.30am.

AfalMallont Keil,' (Liverpool) Sun: Diaconate Roma. Ushaw College. Durham.Tue: Mats Mancoun RC High School. Maghull. Ithurn W) Voices Cektreenail, Me itrestem Cathedral of Christ the King.

Liverpool 1 Churches Together in Lancashire meeting. Ingot. 7p,n. Wed, Solemn Evening Prayer. Menominee Cathedral of Christ the Kulp. Liverpool, 4prn. Thu: Mating Payer. Metropolitan Cathedral a Chest the King. Liverpool, 7 _KIAM: SECAM-CCEE Senator, la venue Archlimman Centre for Batmen. sat iOn; Mass with SECAM-CCEE delegates. St Anne. Overbay Street , Liverpool. 7pre. Fri Morning Prayer, Mempoliter. Metropolitan Cathedral of Chrin the King. Liverpool. 7.30arn; SEC.AM-CCEE Seminar. Liver. pool; Maas with SECA.M-CaE &lemma Christ the King, Queens Drive. Liverpool. Spnr. SECAM-CCEE Public Debate. Liverpool ArchdincesanCentre for Evengelisation. 7 30pm. Sat: Morning Prayer. Metropolitan Cathedral of Cthist the King Liverpool , • 7 30am; SECANI.00EE Seminar. lawnpont AnchdermanCenue for Evangelisation Mats with SWAM-CCM del,

▪ am SI Clam, Liverpool. 12.55ot, Solemn Evening Prayer, Metropolitan Cathedra/ of the King. Liver

AoLmopNiehre (Birmingteen) Tue. Confirmations. Yardley Wood. 7pm Wed: Council of Priests' meeting. Orme Collegllthe University. Ilia Thu. CES Manamment Committee meeting. Fn. /uchbishop's Celeneelroleting,Birmineharn.9.30ms: %hop Arnold Ora ilia* Bishop of Westminster) Sun Mau for deceased rnonbers of Cranial AS1C. C Om Shodral. 10.30arn; Alfred Aglas Tribute, Mans As-Aurora Church, Kentinaen Square, 230prn. Misr Day of Recollection for Baups,WomiOY.O. Abbel.

I Oren Wed7 WEEP. Allen Ha. limoI pm_ Wed Thu: Council a Priests. London Fn .Archbishops Council mating. Arebbisbcp's House. Ono, Blessing of the Chapel. Central Middlesex Hospital. 3pm Sat Parish Voncoon, Cawthorn, tram 8on.

Bishop Bras (S4l1m.1i Sun Celebratam of Mass Pestond Vistlation.Chrio dr Kro.Walkden. 9am. MonDay of Recollectico and Payer with the House of Metope anal dr Conference of Bishops. Lambeth Palace. Toe Dine. with Cantina these.. -Manchester University Ciophancy.5.1 5pm. followed by DeLohau MCM0rid Lecture. Whitworth Hall.Maxaster.Wed Pastoral Visitation of Clore the Kim School, Walkden. tO31run Pastrind Visitation of tin Sick and Housebound. Christ the Kam Parish, Walkden. 1 30per. The Clergy In. Service Ny. St Luke's Centre, Wadley Range.1030ens calebretion of 50th Anniversary of Holy CrOSS Mkt All SWILS Primary Schad. Eccles, 5pro Fri: Private appointments, WardleyRoil. Sat CSAS Presemadon, Religious Education Cetax.PlymoutiGrove. Macho. or.

B ishop Budd (Plymouth) Sun: Conference on Disablity,Lotedes. SrCohokCrnm000 Renewal Can(:ream, Torquay, apea.

Bishop Boom (HM Fames) Sun Coefirmations. FBAS Raleigh_ Toe. Apostleship a the Sea Receptive. House of Conant*. Frt. Navy, Anny aid Air Force Diana iOut. Amport lioesr Baia Camber! (Coadjutor Lancaster) Mon: Joint Recollection Day for Cadvilic and Anglian Bishop, Lambeth Niece. Vaa Dimes:en Coma of Pneas. Lancester, am. Dar Visits Si %IOW, and St Edmund's &boat. Fleetwood. pm, then cut to Cardinsi Allen High School, Fla:wood. Fri, Vicars Oenerel meeting , Lencaster.em. Sat Priestly-Onliamionef Rev Andrea, Chwson , L-arcaster.

Blobs, Doryk (Naar/imam) Sun Mention contin

u es. St Bernadine of Siera,Buckinghaut and Stade/tin Brodsky; Masa of Teduction.Our Indy Help of I:Inseam. Loon. 5pm Man Day of Prayer and Rant lecion with the Hume of Bishops. Lambeth Palace. London. Tue. Chapter WA, and Leech. Cathedral and Bishop's Home. I Lon. OVed: Learning and Development Advisor

Interviews, CASAS. Hernia . 9 30are; Confirmsnun, The Gocd Shepherd. 14Mn,om. 730pm. Dan p,,,,uigm Advisors meedne.Ciefee Hofl.RhonX,CdnoopMnon. St Mery'S. Woburn Sands. 7_30pin, Fru Scream 'lbw meeting. Coffee Hall, Milani Keynes.930arm meeting with dm Society of Franciscan Pilgrims, Bishop's House. 2pat HopeCentinCrabritren, Bishop's Houre.?_30pin Sat Visitation began. Christ the King. Milton Keynes and Si Bodes, Ncnpoot Pannell D ap Nsirs (Miclambrought Mon Day of Recolkcdon ith the Anglican House of Bishops, Lambeth Pance.Westininster Cathedral The: Bishop's Council Curial Office. 2pm: celebrate Confirmation and dedieuton of stained glass window, St Jan of Beverley. 7pth. Wed, Celebrate Mass. Thicket Priory,

I larri.Thr opts nanny exansion.Orrie the Kam Primary School. Thamaby, 2pm. Sat: Meeting with Lourdes Committee. St Thomas More. Middles

Erma (Enst An)ia) Sun: Palish Visitation to Srafflarre RoadPeacr Service. Now ich Cathedral 3.10pm, Mem AnglicasvCahohcBishops Dewar Rm. ciliation in London Ilse Carearingeshire Ecumenical Coon:11.6pm. Wed.: Cleng.v On-going Pon-nation Day, Paingland. 11 arn 3pfre. Suffolk Churches Together, 7.30pm. Thu: Schools Service Commission. Purimland, 10.30am. Confirmations, Si Pancras. Ipswich. 7.30prn. Fri: Confirmations, lCum. Lynn.73Opm _Sot Diocesan 'Learning Together' Study Day. 1 Dior3pm.

Bishop Hoodoleks (Auxiliary in Southwark.) Sum Confirmanoas, Cooled°, I loin. meeting with Confirming. Purley, 330pm, Youth Mass to Celebrate near Ymith Club, Tooting, 630pm. Wed. Archbishop's Council , Archbishop's House. Iflem; Commissioning of Euchersm Minions, Warbletion Calege,730peo. Thu. .Heeting *kb bpserd ENCIMMI. Jpri. l'Attrig4 Of English ARC. West Wickham. rtpm. Sat: Confirm., bons, Worcester Park. I Inn: Coofirrantions, Purley.

Mae fAuxiliary Bishop of Southwark/ Sun Madame Demory Confireration. Si Francis Church. Maidstone, Open. Mon. Bishop's ECUMMICSI Day of RrtrtOoetioo.booboth Palate,Lardon. 1030arn.Ton Kent and Medway Educatioo Committee reentng.The Hermitage,liWat Manta, 215par. Confirmation. English Martyrs Church. Snood, 7.33pm. Wed i Archbishop Council meeting. London. Irlam.111. Confirmation. St Lawrence Church. Edenbridge.Spm. Sat. Meniage and Famy Life Event, Aylesford. ern. abhop ReRun iI'on,oionthf Sun Meeting with Demons. St John's Convent Kiln Green, Reading. I Sam: Man,: Reading University Chaplaincy, Span. Moe Day for Bishops.Lembeth Niue The Cathedral Chapter Meeting. 0 ohm's liouse. Portsmouth. I lam; Chicago Stewaniship meeting followup, Si Mergarm Mary. Park Gate. pm. Wed hnaemenution Steering Group meeting. Vriechester. lpm. Dm Co-ordinating PINIOlt Meeting. Sr Bede,. Basingstoke. Inam. rn. Founders Do, Christ the King C.ollege.Newpon. ide or wiini. Sn Youth Sunday Celebrabon. St Swatters, Southeen, noon.

Bishop Raga (Wrionirmcm Sum Presides at Mass fir the VetnameseCommunity, Bow Common Lane, nom meets with young people of St Margaret of Scotland, Twickenham, 53011r0; presides at Anniversary Moo, in honour of St Mogan of Scotland. Eat Trick enham. 6.30prn. Moo, Dan of Recollection and Prayer for the Chinch of England flouse of Bishops and Coder. ence of Cabot w Bishops, Lambeth Palace. Tun School visit to St Paul's Critholto College, %RIMY; rants, Archbithop's Bow. pm. Wed: Archbi '1 House, anz Council of Priests' meeting, London Colocy. 4ptn. Thu: Council of Prests'. means, London Colney, am; meeting of the Coo:mime for the welfare of the Sick and Rotted Priests. Vaughan House. 2pm. hi, Archbishap's Council meeting. Archbohop's House. on: anni. 4435 Miniver-airy Seivice. Si Georges Chapel.

Heathrow Almon. I presides at prize giving on the 450th Anniversary of Enfield Grammar School. 730pm. Sat Mass to alebrum the Caldeo Jubilee of Profession for Sr Gabriel Joseph. Nazareth House. Hammersmith, noon.

Bishop Ramey iliirrningluard Sun: Parish Visio• dru.St Penes Eynitham. Mot Day alto-salaam with Anglican Bishops. Lorna di, 11 an Tar Visits School, Sacred Heart, Coventry, 9_15 ern; Diocesan Justice and Pen,. Shirley, lam Demons Meeting, Our Lady tithe Angels. Noncom 7prn. Wed, Council of Primus' meet. Oscar College. 10308o: Dinner for Deacons. Woodstock. 7pm Err .1rchbrhop's Council meeting. 3nana. Sat['Ay of Recollection_ West Bylket.

Bishop Law ICliflon) Man Day a( Recollection for Catholic and Anglican bishops. London. I Doh TeeDay for Rehab.. Downside Abbey, Stratton-m-she FrniSt, boot Celebrates Therns,giving Muss for the woe of Catholic abooLsmd mike...Clifton Cathedral BliStd, 7pm. Wed Chapter Mass. Clifton Cathednd, Bristol I 1.45am. Confnmation, Si Bernadette's. Whitehunch, Bristol, 730pos Th. Schools und Colleges committee meeting. BAWL 10.lSam. Fri Sac English ARC Meeting, West Wirldairn. Blimp y (Westminaterl Sim. Celebrates Mass for the Knights of Sr Columba, Westminster Provinces' Deceased Fhothers, Westminster Cathedral nount. celebrates Mass at MO= Home with mulems. 630pm, followed Conan. 53 Cornwell Road. 55.7 Most Day of Recollection aid Prayer with the An House of Bithas and the Catholic Ifienachy, I ' Palace. 10.3hann. followed by dinner at Arch', House. Westmunter. Tue. Pastoral Board en e: r Weston Hume, 10ent, Camden Deanery meeting, Om Lady of Hal Carden Ilawn.22Cont Catholic Children's Sonny Board mating, Vaughan Home. 5 45pm. Wed Council of Priests, All Sal* Pastoral Centre. apre Thu. Csmncil of Priests. All Saints Pastore! Centre continued: Caniind Huns Centre AGM Mahatma's Hone. 3pm: Presentation of Bibles to the Neocinechu, inmate Command:, Guardian Angels. Mlle End. 30pm. Fri: Moon for Feast of Presentation of Our Lady. Soot Dena School. Cobham, 10.30arn Sat. CeklaratesCoofinnistion.Holy Atles, PSojice. 6pn. haw" LadlilAuxiliory in SrOB1Lk)Vdei Ands bishop's CouncilArebbishop's Hoer, At of education far Parish Sereice.Tooang Bee. 3-30pm Thu: Mibra00 Oventeas.Eceleston Square. I Ion. En: Fiench Society Prayer Group. Marley. 7 30smt. Sat Coal'. muttons. Holy Innecems.13mington.3prn

Biehop McGrath (Binninghami Mom Mug Meet. Ingo( Amlion/Ronan Catholic Bishops. London:fuel hiltrY'S Prioney-Sehera biereenele. visits St Patrick's Primary School. Wolverhampton, os: 0:intimations. St Panok's, Vnevethaniptor. 7pm Wed: Conned of Poems' mettLag. °scat College.

30stm: CLASP Enabling Meeting. StafIced. Tpm Thu: Meeting of HeadtiSchool Chaplains. Teen . I iflarn.FdeAeobMmIaeaConond meeting. Burma haat. 0.30an; Confirmations, Holy Trinity. Newcastle. iripm. Sal: Parish Visitation, Sr Mary tel the Angels. Aldridge.

Bishop McMohon (Brentwood) Mon Attends Ecumenicd Day of Retreat. loarth Pulier.Tue. Sleet ingiSmervieus. Cabrera] House. Wed, Poland Viet ration and Confirmation. Leaden. Thu: Meet ingstImem lows. Cathedral ROLM. Fri Mao wet Secondary Headreachns. Cathedral House.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham Visiotion, Our Lady of Good Cannel, Emtwood. Mon: Bishops' Day of Recollection. Lambeth Palace. Tun Diecesan Education Service Bored meeting. DICKVAlrl Centre Mack wrath, 130pm. Wed. Council a Pheiels.St

eh. Cathcart Hall, 1030am. Thir CASE. London Ed: Building and Sites meeting, Willson [louse. lon_ Sat Mass oftonscoation. Sacred Mean Church. WOE, lee. noon

Bishop Malmo (Livenpool I Sum Cool-amnion. hit.. Cathedral elChriet the King. Liverpool. 3pm. an 2001$ Maces Celebration. Metropolitan Cabe. due of Cale the King. Limpid, I kimono: Codemotion. eighth Many', thydock. 7 Ximn. Fri Sat SECAM-CCEE Seminar.Lorerpool.

/MpNalge (Shrewsbury) Sint Pastoral Visitation_ St Pus, Alartey Edge, Toe: Confirmation. St Luke,. Fradsharn ?ma Thu: Confirmation. Cluild the King. Bromborough, with St Luke's. Beangton. 7pm_ Fr Confirmation LPAI0,01.17 Lady's. Ellesmere Poo. lprn Sin Evening Payer at Me/napoleon Cathedol of Chnst the King, Li followed by COMen.

Naos 0 (Lancaster, Sun. Confumanon, Hale Family, Preston. 10am. Wed: Council ft Priests. 10 )0am; meet Si Bernadette. Confirmation group.7.45pm. Pro Bohop'sConeal razing, 1031k. Sat Ordination to Priesthood of Rev Andrew Dawson. Catadral, Lancaster. 2pm Bishop Pargeter Illimangharni Sun: Punsh Vis.• union. Pype Hayes. Tan Visas Si Ambrose School Kidderroinsto,2pin-Confansations.StAmbrote.Kridetnamter,7pm, Wok Counctl of Priests' naming. °Noon College. I Ion; Confurnaions. Four Oaks. 7pm. Thu Vain St Joseph's Selina SuttonCredfield. 4co.: Conti, mations. Holy Tnaity, Sutton Coldfield,Ipm. Fri: Archbishop's Council naming, Birmingham. 9.30am. Sat Mess fa Deceased KSC. Celhethul. noon Bishop Rawnhome (Hallam) Sun HCPP Cringerewe. Lourdes_ Mar littshops' Milting, Lambeth and Westminster. 1020am. The: Dittoyr Leaden Reference Group, Leeds. 230pm. Ministry of Candidacy and Acuylte. St Thomas Mort. Sheffield. 730pm. Wed, Assembly Mnetageiroat Committee meeting, Pastoral Centre. 930sum 0mm, Bond meeting. Bishop's House. 2pm: Diners. Justice and Peace meeting. Pastoral Centre. 7pm, Thu. Adult Committer meeting. Pastoral Centre. 6pm Fri: Bishops' meeting, 1.o/tempi . Sat: Ceadirmarion. Mother aped and St Wilted, SheffeekL 3pm.

B ishop Roche (Least Slur %inertia. Our Lady and All Saints. Odey. 11.15am. Wed: Bishop's Pms.

byteral Meeting, Henley Hai Dam. Thu: meeti an. Bi cps 6ouse.10am.P3i: Sareguitaling Commis. sinn, Hinsley Hall, 2thri.. Sat: Catenian Vocations Initiative mantreg. Harkey Hall, 23 ire. • Blimp Shish ( • ..imItSureCaclusionnerth Visitation to Knetrworth. Mon. Deab,.Reuc,allerdion for Anglican end Catholic Bishops. Palace , and wesuninster Abbey, Tee Open and bled new elleadink Si May is Catholic Primary Sclusol. Uxbridge, Middle. sex. I I am. Wed Boanl inecang, St John and St Elisabeth's 110601111, 30prn, 31ur Coma aPrices Ma* ing, London Colney.9arn attends Official Openhig of Cricklewood Haidess Concern's new Community Centre, IM,. Fre, Archbishop's Council. Arehbiship's House,S3firon. Sat Noah Vishation.Our Lady Immac

u late and St Andros, Hitchin. Hens.

B ishop Willionos (Liverpool) Sun: Visitation. Holy • Southport Tue. Healthcare Refernur Group London. I lain Wed i Northern Church Leaders' Retreat Planning meeting, Bishoethome Palace, York. 10.45am: Confirmation, SeGeorge.lill, 7 30pm, Tim Visits Holy Family RC Primary SeSoin. Stadhpan. 9.30ain: Confirmation. Sr /oho, Wigan. ?pm. Fn. Celebrates Mass. St Cecil ta's RC Junior School, Livemool, 10am *angel' eese schorl buibling.S1 Coetha s RC liana School, Liverposl . I 1.15nnu Coolionntion. St Dominic, Huyton. ?pm. Sat SECAM.CCEE Seminar. taverna/ Amhdioamn Centre fer Evangelisation, Muss with SECAM.CCEE delegates. St Clare, 1Jvapool.12m,Solemn Evening Prayer, Metropolium Cathedral of Christ the King, Livapool, 5pnr. attends Concert. Plulharmonic Hall Liverpool, 7.30pm.


Archbishop Smith I CnOdIffE Sun Confirmations. Si Michael is Newport, Iti.3(hin. Mon Meeting with Anglican Bishops. Lanath and Wesittemen, 1030ain. Wed. Memorial Lecture. Lyndon, noon. Thu: Mass for Deceased ClinojOt Duvirt's Cathestml. I 220gen launch of your Forum.St Francs. FJy. Cardiff, lpm. Fri: Weekend Word,BBC Llandaf.7ami. visit to Our Lady and St Michael's School, Abeigavermy. 10 alim: meeting with Charity Commission. 2pm. Sat. Confirmations, Aar. gavenny, 630pm.

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sort: Visitation, Barmouth Perish. Mon. Day of Reflection for ROAnglican Bishop. Lambeth Palace. Wed: National Project Stoning CaffirnitrEe,London.Thu: CES Management Committee. London. Ern Celebration for Bishop Joint Davlea.StAsapit Cathedral Opm. Sat Vistustion. Poilimisilog


Cifdlia/ O'Btie■ ISt Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sun: Mass with Presenuttion of major relic of St Margaret from Unarm in Edinburgh to St Margaret's Church, Dunfermline, I lam, Sonice and rreuehing. Fein Colkge, Edinburgh. 7pro. Mon: Cetebrahon eta Mutes Mu seum, Aberdeen of the formal unveiling oldie Mary Queen of Scots' death wanam. nom; mating with Oblates of Mary Immaculate front Leith and Sr John Ogilvie'., St Bennet's, Edinburish.5prn. Tue. Requiem Mass for deceased of St Thomas of ;Mures IiipAt School, Edinburgh. fpm. Wed: Official opening of Sr FranmoNiddrie Mill Schools, Edinburgh. 10ant Meeting of Cathedral Project Team. Gillis Centre, Edinburgh, I 30pm. Thu: Meeting of Council of Primo of Arch. diocese. Gillis Centm.Edintxuara. 12.30pm, FO: Golden Jubilee of Holy Nem Omeh, Oakley, Fi fe , 7pm.

Bishop Logan IDunkuldiDundeel Star Via to HM Prison Castle Huntley born. Man: 6th Form Conference. Boom' Hall. Dundee. 9.30am; Canon McBride's 70th Blnhday tx hibi non. Diocesan Centre. Mcrae. 7pin. Tear Wed. Comeil of Prices. Thu: Thanksgiving Mass to odebtate athh Anniverory of St Fergus Prinmey School. St Leonardo and St Fergus. DLIndee. i(Earn Fri Vent a. HM Prison Noninside • Opm Ms living woe complied by Gabriel Communication., Lid and Web appear, in do Universe end Cuthol :0 Tunes

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