Page 8, 14th October 1949

14th October 1949
Page 8
Page 8, 14th October 1949 — Family Matters

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Family Matters

by Philomena October Chills

ALTHOUGH October is, to my mind. the healthiest

month of the year, there is nearly always an epidemic of colds among school children, and if not checked in time these are liable to drag on into the colder weather, sometimes with serious consequences, And so, each year, round about this time, I seem to find myself writing on this depressing but important subject.

There are one or two simple precautions that do often serve to ward off the start of a cold, and the first of these is to keep the children (warmly but lightly clad) in the open air as much as possible, particularly if they are of school age and so spending much of their time in heated classrooms. And if they get wet they should be made. to change shoes and socks, as well as their damp coats as soon as they get indoors. Regular gargling (with a little salt in the water if you can persuade your child to it! / not only discourages germs but tones up the throat generally. If. however, your child does catch Be ye renewed in the cold, put him to

spirit of your mind. bed straightaway:

St. Paul. 24 hours in an even temperature will often scotch a cold. and quite possibly save more serious trouble. And in any case. see to it that he always coughs or sneezes into his handkerchief and not all over the room. spreading infection to everybody else in the house!

Chutney Mote

THE best chutney-maker and onion-pickler that I know has sent, for the benefit of our readers, her own particular recipe. which she says she is always being asked for. Here it is :— Chop into small pieces j lb. peeled onions. 3 lb. peeled tomatoes, lb. peeled and cored apples. and to these add 1/4 oz. ground ginger, ei lb. washed and stoned raisins, 1/4 lb. brown sugar, I oz. salt and a little pepper. Mix well together and pour over the whole e pint of vinegar. Bring to the boil and simmer for about twenty minutes. Leave to cool, then put into glass jars and tie down.

Bulbs for Christmas

NOW is the time to set them for growing in bowls

indoors. Daffodils, hyacinths. grape hyacinths, white or purple crocuses are the easiest to grow. Buy the ready-prepared fibre. Rub it through to get out the lumps. but be careful to keep all the charcoai. Put this into a basin and pour cold water over it. Leave to stand for ten minutes then press well down and drain off all the water. Put a layer of the moist fibre in your bulb bowl, then set the bulbs on this, leaving a good space between each bulb. Pack the rest of the moist fibre round the bulbs and press well down until just the tips of the bulbs are showing. Put into a cool dark place until the end of November looking at them occasionally and moistening whenever the top fibre looks dry. Then bring them out and stand on a sunny window-sill to turn green, grow tall, and probably flower for Christmas.

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