Page 1, 14th October 1966

14th October 1966
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Page 1, 14th October 1966 — Pope's 'strong hope' for Anglican link

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Pope's 'strong hope' for Anglican link

who sincerely desire to seek FROM ALAN McELWAIN him out and serve him." Rome, Thursday The Pope's address page oasf thefeaPE PAUL spoke in tured on the front pa Rome last week of "how strong a hope of per fect communion with the Anglican Church we must nurture". It was believed by the group of 14 Angli can bishops and clergy who heard him that he had never before spoken in public of the Anglican Church in such direct, personal terms.

The Anglicans, led by the Bishop of Ripon, Dr. Moorman, gave an address of homage to the Pope and were received before they inaugurated the Centre for Anglican Studies in the Palazzo Doria.

"You come", Pope Paul said, "to establish in Rome a centre that is to make the Anglican Church better known and that may also make the Roman Catholic Church better known.

"This is the first step in practical ecumenism: knowing each other, mutually knowing each other. The distance which separates us has still to be overcome by this first approach —reciprocal knowledge, a knowledge unclouded by prejudices, inspired by respect, eager to discover not so much what separates us, but what unites us, a knowledge which removes all diffidence and opens up the way towards a further approach."

A PAPAL COINAGE Perhaps, Pope Paul added, he might coin a formula—"a knowledge which prepares love, a love which leads to union. Will it be so? We hope so, and take this opportunity of expressing this hope, entrusting it to the Lord who sees into all hearts and who guides those Vatican newspaper Osservatore .Romano, which also prominently reported the actual opening of the centre. The inaugural address was given by Bishop Willebrands, Secretary of the Vatican Christian Unity Secretariat, who spoke on the significance of Dr. Ramsey's visit to Pope Paul last year. Cardinal Bea, president of the Unity Secretariat, was present.

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