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14th October 1966
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Page 1, 14th October 1966 — `WE COULD END UP DECADENT'

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Organisations: Union of Catholic Mothers
Locations: Cardiff


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ALTHOUGH Britain is not as decadent as newspapers and television say is, Archbishop Murphy. of Cardiff, believes people are blind if they fail to recognise that the country is facing a moral, as well as a financial, crisis.

Addressing the Union of Catholic Mothers in Cardiff last Friday, he said one cannot watch TV, visit a theatre or read a novel, without coming away with the impression that all social life is completely decadent.

"Authors and producers all claim they are being true to life", continued the Archbishop, "but they're wrong. They are trailing miles below it. But I will say this for them. If they carry on as they are, they will be right. They will draw everyone else down to their own level.

"Decent boys and girls are even now beginning to ask themselves if there's something wrong with them, because they are still virgins."

Turning to BBC television, he asked could it persuade its drama producers not to overestimate or underestimate the morality of their audience.

"To avoid anything in a play because it is sinful may be laughable to, many producers. But it is not laughable to many viewers, both Christian and non-Christian, who, although they don't go to Church, are not all queers, not all immoral, not all sex maniacs, but decent fathers and mothers trying to help and understand the problems of their children, and finding that television, at least in certain sections, is not helping them all it could", added Archbishop Murphy.

"We have seen how resolutely the Government are dealing with the financial problem. But when it comes to the moral crisis, and it is this which underlies the financial one, all they can offer is soft living, and Christianity at reduced prices.

"There are three Bills before Parliament at the moment, the Continued on page 7

Homosexual Bill, the Abortion

Bill, and the New Clauses Divorce Bill, all aimed at diluting the rigors of the law, but actually weakening the moral law.

"No one denies that the proposers of the Bills are in good faith wanting to remove problems. But unlike the proposals made to deal with the financial crisis, the proposals in these three Bills are just starry-eyed soft options which will add to our moral bankruptcy. "The whole attitude of all three Bills is defeatist. These things are happening. We cannot stop them, Therefore, we will legalize them.

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