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14th September 1951
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People: Vivien Wilson, God, Jesus


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AREADER of THE CATHOLIC HERALD wrote that the success of the training of her young family by a certain Catholic mother has had an extraordinary influence upon her neighbours, particularly those who fear for their children at a time when immorality is so widespread.

What does this mother tell her children ?

THE CATHOLIC HERALD asked her. Here is her reply :

By Vivien Wilson

OME parents imagine that moral training means only the sex instruction of adolescents, but if they would hut realise it, very much trouble can be saved by the careful training of the child's mind from its earliest infancy.

It is a good rule to put a child to sleep with its arms in their natural prenatal position, or else holding a small soft toy. This becomes a habit which lasts through the difficult years, and saves the beginning of many bad habits.

As soon as the child is old enough to enjoy a story and picture book it is good to make it familiar with the story of the Holy Family, so that the boy Jesus becomes a real Friend and example.

When a child is naughty and stubborn it is good to ask what it thinks Jesus would have done in its place, and how He would have spoken to His Mother.

Knowing of the love and respect each had for the others. and the firm but quiet discipline with which our Lord's parents brought Him up to be a normal working boy, even knowing Hint to be the Son of God, it is easy for any child to learn how essential are obedience and respect for its own parents.


This automatically leads on to confidence and trust in them, so that when they insist on self-control over childish pleasures or disappointments it conies more easily. It is good to suggest to a child to offer these things as a small sacrifice in return for those dreadful hours of sorrow suffered by Our lady and our Lord on the day of the Crucifixion. It aiways appeals to a child's heart to know that it can soothe Our Lady's sorrow and corn fort her.

lf ahe thought of sharing all joys and sorrows with Jesus and His Mother is daily in the thoughts of children they will grow with a desire IC, do good and to make up for the suffering caused by others to these most perfect Friends.

When the time comes for sex instruction. simply explain that these parts of the body are sacred parts, made purely for the purpose of love and comfort between a husband and wife throughout their married life, and for the creation of children. Any other use of these would be both sinful and harmful to the health and absolutely against the law of God.

If a child has been accustomed all its life to respect this law in all :hings, it will not question it and will simply accept the fact that the teaching must be obeyed.

When temptation comes it will be fairly easily put aside. and the immorality of the present-day world will go by almost unnoticed because Christ has lived constantly in the heart of that child since first it could use its reason.

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