Page 1, 14th September 1962

14th September 1962
Page 1
Page 1, 14th September 1962 — COUNCIL TO TACKLE WORLD ISSUES

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People: OPE JOHN
Locations: ROME


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ROME, TUESDAY POPE JOHN, in a radio and television broadcast tonight, just one month from the opening day of Vatican II, affirmed that the Council would "present, in clear language, solutions to world problems which are demanded by the dignity of man and his vocation as a Christian."

In the 2,000-word address, recorded and filmed before he started his pry-Council retreat. Pope John spoke of the tasks facing the Council and singled out for strong comment : I. CHURCH AND CIVIL SOCIETY On the fundamental equality of all peoples in the exercise of rights and duties within the entire family of nations, Pope John said: "We are living in the midst of a new political world. In that world. the Church will never renounce religious liberty, and, on that account, she continues to suffer agonising pains in many countries.

"The Church cannot renounce this liberty, because it is inseparable from the service she is bound to fulfil.

"This service does not stand as a corrective or the complement of what other institutions ought to do, or have appropriated to themselves. It is an essential and irreplaceable element of the design of Providence to place man upon the path of truth. Truth eand liberty arc the building stones upon which human civilisation is raised."

2. MARRIAGE The Pope spoke in strenuous defence of "the sacred character of matrimony. which imposes on the married couple an understanding and generous love. bringing the gravest responsibilities of a social nature in time and for eternity".


Pope John condemned those doctrines "which favour religious indifference or denial of God and of the supernatural order — doctrines which ignore providence in history, and exalt out of all proportion the person of the individual man, with the danger of separating him from his social responsibilities . . ."

4. NEW NATIONS AND TRUE CHRISTIANITY Where the under developed nations are concerned, the Church presents herself as she is and wishes to be — the Church of all, and especially the Church of the poor.

On the necessity for spreading the social and community sense "which is innate in true Christianty", Pope John said:

"Every offence against and violation of the fifth and sixth commandments; the neglect of tasks which flow from the seventh commandment — these are the miseries of social life which cry for vengeance in the sight of God. All this must be recalled and deplored.

"The duty of every man, the impelling duty of the Christian, is to consider what is superfluous in the light of the needs of others, and to see to it that the administration and distribution of created goods are arranged to the advantage of all."

5. PEACE On world peace, Pope John said the world had its problems and is looking in anguish for their solution. "The mothers and fathers of families detest war. The Church, mother of all, will raise once more that plea that comes from Bethlehem, and from there to Calvary, for a peace which prevents armed conflicts, a peace which should have its roots and its guarantee in the heart of each man."

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