Page 7, 14th September 1962

14th September 1962
Page 7
Page 7, 14th September 1962 — Best prospects ever for

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Best prospects ever for

the Church in India

ACUTE shortage of priests and religious for the vast tasks facing the Church in India has produced a major campaign for the training of lay catechists by Archbishop Louis Mathias, S.D.B., who last week visited the CATHOLIC HeRALL) office in London to talk about his work in the archdiocese of Madras-Mylapore.

He wants to see a new Pontifical Work established possibly under the name of Opus Sancti Pauli. This could extend, all over the missionary world. an experiment which Mgr. Mathias has launched in his special catechists' seminary.

The seminary, adjacent to the major house of studies for candidates to the priesthood, is taking 50 laymen at a time. They will carry the faith into villages where their lay status may be an advantage, and where they will engage in the same labour as the local inhabitants. In this way they will become part of the community and will be less likely to attract suspicion as proselytisers.

Some of the trainees arc married men and go home at weekends. They have to be kept by the archdiocese, and ultimately paid a regular salary when they qualify. The cost is a heavy burden. and Mgr. Mathias asks for the help of British Catholics.

He has developed many social tentures-including the build ing of Iwo model s illages and

260 houses for people in a country where 100.000,000 men, women and children are so deprived that they do not eat even one meal a day regularly.

The outlook for the Church in India, says the Archbishop. is greater than ever. The old idea that the Catholic Church was alien is disappearing. Of 16 Archbishops, 13 arc Indians. Of 42 Bishops. 27 are Indian. Of 5.800 priests, 4,500 are Indian. There are 6.000,000 Catholics and 5,000.000 Protestants (of many sects) out of a total p.oputeflon of 430.000.000.


T11ROUGH the OS. Catholic 1 Relief Services. the Canadian government has sent 648,000 lbs. of canned pork to the 47,000 homeless Hong Kong victims of Typhoon Wanda, most of them refugees from Red China. They had been ekeing out an existence in jerrybuilt squatters' huts, sampans, and harbour dwellings-all ripped to matchsticks by Wanda.

In Hong Kong itself, Catholic missions have thrown their doors open to the homeless, and. three days after the storm. had already received 5.000 people. The local Catholic charities have allocated

relief money through parish centres, and four Caritas trucks have been delivering food and clothing throughout the colony-including 20,000 lbs. of rice from the United States,

Fr. Francis Lerda of the Hong Kong Catholic Charities has been distributing hundreds of hot meals to the homeless. Little Sisters of the Poor took in 600 of the homeless at their home for the aged. Another 500 were fed and clothed by the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.

More than 100 people were killed at the height of the

typhoon. Four Chinese nuns narrowly escaped death when their hol-convent was cut off by snakeinfested floodwaters.

Total damage in the colony runs into something like £7000000. The dispensary of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary and the Franciscan Fathers' model village were both seriously affected.


DI( I !VET) in private audience IX tor 40 minutes by the Holy Father last week. U.S. Vice-president Lyndon Johnson gave Pope John a finely chiselled model of Telstar on a silver base, on which was engraved a passage from the Pope's recent broadcast on space navigation.

It is the passage which ran: "Oh! How we wish that these exploits might assume the significance of homage rendered to God, the supreme creator and legislator. These historic events, as they will be recorded in the annals of the scientific knowledge of the cosmos. could thus become the expression of true and peaceful progress, on the solid foundation of human brotherhood" The Vatican is understood to have expressed interest in using Telstar to transmit news of the Vatican Council round the world. The decision rests with the Italian television network, but one Rome newspaper says the opening session will definitely be relayed by the satellite.


WORKERS at a Santiago textile factory have won a strike with the help of the local Archbishop, Cardinal Silva Henriquez. Ile went to talk to pickets last week and ate with them on the pavements.

After the Cardinal had declared: "We hope the workers win this strike", the government sent an official to intervene, so that the strikers could go back to work.

More than 2,000 workers were involved.


S a result of Dr. Jagan's recent

Bill taking control of admissions out of the hands of school heads, Catholic children are now being allocated to state Schools, while places in Catholic schools are being allotted to nonChristians. The Catholic authorities have contributed 95 per cent of the cost of their school buildings.

Out of a total of 136 children recently allocated to the three biggest Catholic schools, 95 did not wish for religious education at all, while the Catholic children ousted by the 95 have been allocatbd to non Christian or non denominational schools,


ATEST refugees from the 1-4 Chinese mainland to Hong Kong have confirmed that a large number of Chinese diocesan priests, and all the Jesuit Fathers, with one exception, are either in prison or condemned to "reform by labour", in which they have to perform inhuman tasks with little nourishment.

A letter from one priests states: "1 have been fasting for six years. Constant fast without let-up. And with that I am yoked for work worthy of the Pharaohs. We must work ourselves out for the Great Paradise."


BISHOP GURPIDE of Bilbao has taken certain measures to control the "exterior" activities of his clergy. Some of the Basque priests gave powerful support in May to the workers who went on strike. Now, in the Bilbao diocese, no priest is to involve himself in activity beyond the normal priestly role without the sanction of the diocesan Social Secretariat and the Bishop.

Some 75 priests in urban parishes were to be transferred to the countryside as a result of their part in the strikes. but it is thought that the Bishop is likely to take a gentler view as a result of representations made to him by the Papal Nuncio


VR. PINTO DE ANDRADE, I. brother of the revolutionary leader Mario de Andrade, has been taken out of "supervised residence" in a Portuguese Benedictine Monastery, and transferred to the Alpihe prison near Lisbon. A priest of the Luanda archdiocese in Angola, he was sent to the island of Principe for supervision in i9s6t0Y in i9s6t0Y

La ear, after the Angolan up

rising. he was sent, first, to the Aljube, and then to the Monastery of Singeverga, 40 milts outside Oporto. His return to prison seems to have been provoked by fear that he would escape like Dr. Agostino Neto. honorary president

of the rebel M.P.L.A.


The Pope has created two new

dioceses in India-Dunnka (near Calcutta) and Darjeeling.

Mother Elizabeth Bayley Seton and Bishop John Nepomincene Neumann of Philadelphia are likely to he beatified early next year.

The first Mass in the Ethiopian Rite to be publicly celebrated in England has been offered in St. Thomas More's Church, Coventry, by Er. Ghehre Tenai, an Ethiopian priest studying at Cambridge University.

Pope John has sent £4,000 to Mohamed Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran. to help relief funds for the victims of the earthquakes that have taken thousands of lives in the country. The Pope said he shared the sorrow of the whole world for the Iranian nation, and that its people were in his thoughts and prayers. The U.S. Catholic Relief Services have sent 100,000 lbs. of relief materials.

A growing desire for truth co-exists today on the American college campus with the old cynicism and apathy, says Archbishop Hallinan of Atlanta. "The agnostic is still walking the corridors", the Archbishop told a Newman Federation last week, 'but he is no longer the campus idol".

Minister of Works and Labour Felix ()name will represent the government of Uganda at the opening ceremony of the Vatican Council,

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