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14th September 2007
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Page 14, 14th September 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Board of Adirunistration, Archbishop's Council, Episcopal Council of Archdiocese, Bishop's Council, COPCA Management Board, Scotland Commission, Paisley Diocesan Centre, Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Episcopal Council, Children's Society, Catholic Youth Service Scotland, Mori CIS Board, Baptist Church, Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria, Pastoral Affairs Board, Primary School, RC High School, Planning Board, St Joseph's College, Cathedral Church, Independent Asylum Commission, St Robert's School, Criccieth Church, Gillis Centre, Holy Family School, Wet Chairs Education Commission, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelis, Bishops' Conference Marriage and Family Life Committee, Pastoral Resources Centre, Diocesan Finance Board, Child Protection Committee, Annual Archdimesan Justice and Peace Assembly, St Mary's Hospital, Curial Office, AGM Ecumenical Commission, Pastoral Centre, National Project Steering Committee, Si Mary's Primary School, More Trustees Stewardship Committee, Christian Unity Commission, Trustees Board, Lourdes Church, Implementation Steering Group Committee, Assumption RC Primary School, St Elizabeth's Hospital Church


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September 16 to September 21

Cardinal Murphy-O'Cormor (Westminster, Sun. Celebrates Mass for the 50th Anniversary of the first Mass in the Parish. Si. John Vcuiney. West Gneen, 11.30am. Mon The: Addiesses Clergy Retreat and Conference for the DiOMCP of lcifdare and I eighlin. Carlow, Ireland. Wed Thu: Interviews and Engagements. Archbishop's House. Fri: Meets with Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House, 9.30m.

Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Mon. Bishops Day of Recollection, Leeds. Tue: Meets with Bishop Christopher Toohey. Bishop of Wilcannia-Forbes. Australia, am. Wed: Churches Together in Lancashire meeting, Preston. 10am. Thu: Archbishop's Council, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelis,ation. 10.15am. Fri: Golden Jubilee Mass for Maricourt RC High School, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, 10am Opening of 'Branching Out' Nugent Care Nursery. Skelineodale, 230pm; 1 sooah of 'Leaving Safe Harbours: The Way Ahead' DVD, Liver' pool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, 7.30ptu. Sat Annual Archdimesan Justice and Peace Assembly. Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, 10am; CWL Mass, Southport, 4pm.

Archbishop McDonald (Southwark) Mon Sat: Diocesan Retreat, Aylesford.

Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham) Sun: Mass, St Mary's, Cresswel I I lam: Visits English Martyrs, Biddulph and St Patrick's. Packmoca, 3pna. Wed: COPCA Management Board, London. Thu: St Mary's Hospice AGM, 6.30pm, Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, Archbishop's House, 930am; Mass, English Martyrs, Bidchilph, to mark 40th Anniversary of Opening of School. 730pm.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster) Fri: Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House, 930am.

liMop Brain (Salford) Sun: International Diocesan Mass. Cathedral Church of St. John the Evangelist, Salford. 2pm. The: Meeting of Bishop's Council. Washes' Hall, 1130am; meeting of the Board of Adirunistration. Wardlcy Hall. 2pm. Wed: Lancashire Church Leaders' meeting, Preston, It/am. Thu: Blessing of the new Holy Family School. Heywood, 1 I aro. Fri: Private appointments, Wardley Hall: celebration of Mass for the Golden Jubilee of St. Matthew's church, Winton, 730pm.

Bishop Bums filM Forces) Sun: Mats. and Baptism, Cathedral of St Michael and Si George, Bain and 11.15am. Mon: Media Training, Eccleston Square, London. am: Reception. Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria. pm. Tho: Dinner, HMS Victory. Portsmouth. Bishop DU= (Hexham and Newcastle) The: Mass. to celebrate 100 Years, St Mary's Seaham. 7pm. Wed: COPCA meeting, London. Thu: Year 7 Induction Mass, St Leonard's, Durham, 7pm. Fri: Episcopal Council and Trustees meeting, Bishop House. 930am. Sat. North East Churches Together meeting, Bishop's House. 10am; meeting with Episcopal Vicar for Religious. Bishop's House, 4pm.

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in SOUthwark) Mori CIS Board, London, 230pm. Toe Thu: Southwark Diocesan Retreat, Ayksford. Fri: Richard Challoner Day Mass, Tolworth. I lam. Sat: AGM Ecumenical Commission, Aylesford, Kent, lOatn.

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Sun: Visitation Tonbridge parish. Mon: Visit to Si Mary's Primary School, Whitstable, am: visit to St Philip tioward Primary School, Herne Bay, pm. Wed: Chairs Bishops' Conference Marriage and Family Life Committee meeting. Eccleston Square. 230pm and 4pm. Sat Attends part of the meeting of Christian Unity Commission, Aylesford.

Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Sun: Parish visitation to Avon Stour Pastoral Area; Mass. St Thomas More, Bournemouth, 10am, More Trustees Stewardship Committee meeting, Bishop's House. Portsmouth, 930am, Wed: Child Protection Committee Meeting, Medstead, 6pm. Thu, Implementation Steering Group Committee meeting, St Peter's, Winchester, 1pm. Fri: Prizegiving, St Francis college, Letchworth, 630pm. Sat: Stewardship Conference, Florida.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun Tee: Beatification of Stanislaw Papcmyaslci, founder of the Marian Congregation, Warsaw, Poland. Thu: Meeting of Trustem,Archbishop's House, I I am; engagements, Air_hbishop's House. pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, am; engagements. Archbishop's House, pm. Sat: Celebrates Mass, National Conference for the Zimbabwe Catholic Community in England (ZCCIE), Leicester, pm.

Bishop Kenney (Birminghlun) Sun Wed: Holy Land Coordination meeting. Jerusalem. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, Archbishop's House, 930am. Sat: Confirmations. Christ the King, Woodcom, 12pm.

Bishop Longley (Westminster) Sun: Celebrates 10th Anniversary of the death of Blessed Mother Teresa for the Albanian Speaking Catholic Community, Holy Apostles, Pimlico, 5pm. Tar: Pastoral Affairs Board, Vaughan House. 10ant meeting with Fiona Martin, new Public Aff-airs/Communications Intern, 230pm. Wed; Canary Wharf Catholic Chaplaincy Working Group meeting, Canary Wharf, lOarn: celebrates Mass, St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, 2pm. Thu: Bishops' liturgy of Confirmations meeting, 10am; Trustees Board meeting,Archbishop's House. Dant St Paul's Way, Bow Development meeting, Archbishop's House, 4pm; Hackney and Tower Hamlets Deaneries Vocatioas evening, St John the Baptist Church, Hackney, 630pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House, 934.1am: Good Counsel meeting, Archbishop's House. 3.30pm. Sat: Celebrates Solemn Requiem for Cardinal Duke of York, St John's and St Elizabeth's Hospital Church. St John's Wood, 12pm.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Mass, Our Ladye Star of the Sea. Greenwich, I lam. Mon: Media Training Day. heck:man Square. The: Catholic Missionary Onion AGM, St Vincent's, Carlisle Place, Victoria, Blium Muss for the UCM, St Joseph's, Bromley, 7pm. Wed: Requiem Mass for Fr John Maxwell, Our Ladye Star of the Sea, Greenwich, 12pm. Thu: Independent Asylum Commission meeting. Leeds. Fri: Induction of Fr. David O'Connell as Parish Priest of St. Matthew's, Well Norwood, 7.30pm.

Bishop MeGough (Birmingham) Sun: Leads Clergy Retreat for Menevia Diocese, Rome. Wed: Meeting of Civic and Religious Leaders, Stoke, 2pm; Mass for Catholic Schools in Walsall. Darlaston, 4.30pm; SVP Mass, St Chad's. 730pm. Thu: Mass, St Joseph's College.Trem Vale, 1030am. Fri: Archbishop's Council riveting, Antbishop's House, 930am.

Bishop McMahan (Brentwood) Sum Celebrates Pan African Mass, Our Lady and St George, Walthamstow. Toe: Meetingsanterviesvs, Cathedral House. Wed: Pastoral Visitation and Confirmation, Manor Park. Thu: Attends meeting of Diocesan Finance Board. Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Sun: Vigt.e.,,n, S. licrnadenes, Scutahoric. Mon: Buildmg aid Sites meeting. Willson House. 1pm; Confirmation, Si Pius X. Narborough. 7pm. Wed Thu. Ongoing Formation Residential meeting, Hothorpe Hall, Theddingworth. Fri: Diaconate Ordination,IvIctunt St Bernard Abbey, Coalville, I lam. Confirmations, Si Norbert's, Crowle, 7pm. Sat: Guild of Stephen Altar Servers' Mass, St Barnabas Cathedral, 12pm.

Bishop Malone (Liverpool) Mom Bishops' Day of Recollection, Leeds. Thu: Archbishop's Council, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, 10.15am, Fri: Goklen Jubilee Mass for Markourt RC High School, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool, 10am: Launch of 'Leaving Safe Harbours: The Way Ahead' DVD, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, 730pm. Sat: Reunion Mats for Miami Pleasant Students of 1960-63, Liverpool. 12pm.

Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Mon: Bishops' meeting. Leeds Wed: Meeting for Headteachers, Catechists and Parish Priests on Reviewing Diocesan Support for 1st Holy Communion and Reconciliation Preparation. Our Lads 's, Stockport, 10am. Thu: Bishop's Interview morning, Curial Offices, am: Children's Society meeting, St Paul's, Birkenhead, 2pm. Sat Catholic Deaf Association AGM, Sr Peter's. Hazel Grove, Eucharist, 12pm; Pastoral Nrisitation. St Hilda and St Aidrues, Wythenshawe, 6pm.

Bishop O'Donoghue (Lancaster) Sun: Visiunion, Holy Family, Blackpool. MOO: Northeni Bishops' meeting. Leeds. Tue. Visit Holy Family School Blackpool. Wed: Churches Together in Lancashire. Preston. lOam; Diocesan Chili! Protection meeting , Our Lady and St Edward, Preston, Ipm. Thu: Diocesan Child Protection meeting, Breuargh, 10am; Confirmation, St Teresa. Cleveleys, 7pm. Fri: Bishop's Council meeting, 1 lam. Sat: Visitation. Om Lady cif the Assumption, Blackpool.

bishop Pargeier (Birmingham) Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting,Archbishop's HOU4C, 9 30arn.

Bishop Rawsthorne (Hallam) Sun: Rainbows meeting. Whitlow Grange, 11.15arm Thanksgiving Mass, Cathedral, 3pin. Mon Sat: Kenya with CAFOD.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sun: Visitation, Immaculate Heats, Leeds. 930am. Mon: Northern Bishops' meeting, Bishop's House, 1030am. Toe: Chapter meeting , Leeds Cathedral. llam: Induction of Fr Ian Smith, St Patrick's, Huddersfield. 7pm. Wed: Vas* meeting. Bishop's House. 10am. Thu: Meeting with Bishop of Wakefield, Bishop's Lodge. Wakefield, Sam; meeting with Diocesan Finance Board and Trustee Directors, Hinsley Hall, 430pm, Sat Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham,9atn.

Bishop Stack (Westminster) Wet Chairs Education Commission, Vaughan House, am. Thu: Trustees meeting. Archbishop's House, pm. Fri: Confirmation, Holy Trinity and St Augustine of Canterbury, Baldock, Herts. 730prri. Sat Weekend Parish Visitation, Hemel Hempstead.

Bishop Williams (Liverpool) Sun: Celebrates Mass, HM Prism Walton, 10am; BBC Radio Merseyside 'Big History Weekend' broadcast. St George's Hall, Liverpool, 1pm. Mon: Celebrates Mass, Carmelite Monastery. Liverpool,; Bishops' Day of Recollection. Leeds. Tue. Celebrates Mass, Carmelite Monastery, Liverpool, 730am; visits Our Lady of the Assumption RC Primary School, Liverpool, 930am; Confirmation, St Agnes, Huyton, 730pm. Wed. Celebrates Mass. Carmelite Monastery. Liverpool. 730am. Thu: Celebrates Mass, Carmelite Monastery, Liverpool, 730am: Archbishop's Council. Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. 10.15am; School Governors' misting, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. 630pm. Fri: Hospital Chaplaincy meeting. Our Lady Immaculate, Bryn, 1 1 :um launch of 'Leaving Safe Harbours: The Way Ahead' DVD, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, 730pm.


Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Sun: Confirmations, Usk, 10am. Mon: CTS ManageM01117: COSThnittee, London, 2 .30pm Tue : Healthcare meeting, Bristol 730pm. Wed: Prosince meeting, 1 lam. Thu: Blessing of the Grotto, St Robert's School,Aberkenfig, 10arn. Sat Justice and Peace Network, Pastoral Resources Centre, 10.30am.

Bishop Jobale (Menevia) Toe: Engagements, Curial Office. Wed: Welsh Bishops meeting, Archbishops' House, Cardiff. Thu: Lunch with retired derv..., Towers Hotel, Swansea.

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun: Visitation Chirk/Llangollen/Ruabon. Mon: National Project Steering Committee, London. Wed: Welsh Bishops' meeting, Cardiff. Thu: Diocesan Education Team meeting, Buckley. Fri: 'Peace One Day' Service, Cathedral. I 230pm. Sat: Dolen Cymru Machrilleth; Golden Jubilee Celebration of Criccieth Church. 6pm.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sun: Golden Jubilee of Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Dunfermline, 1030am: Beginning of Margaret Sinclair celebrations with Mass, St Patrick's, Edinburgh, 2pm and 4pm. Mon: Meeting of Catholic Youth Service Scotland, Paisley Diocesan Centre, I 1 ant Toe: Meeting .of Charleston Trust, Aberdeen, 1.30pm; Civic Reception of St Andrew's Children Society Ltd, City Chambers, Edinburgh, 6pm. Thu: Meeting of Trustees of Archdiocese, Gillis Centre. Edinburgh, I I am. Fri: Meeting of Episcopal Council of Archdiocese, Gillis Centre, Edinburgh, I I am; Birthday celebrations of Mr Gavin Curran (ex Drygrange), Abbotsford Hotel. Gala.shiels. 730pm. Sat I 50th Annivetsay celebrations of St Peter's, Buckle. Mass, 6.30pm.

Bishop Logan (Dunkeld/Dundee) Sun: floly Hour for Vocations, St Andrew's Cathedral, Dundee, 3pin. Mon: Charles Trotter Trust. Bishop's House. Dundee, 530pm. The: Priest for Scotland Commission, Si Mary's Abercrombv Street. Glasgow, I lam; Presentation of Religious Education Certificates to newly qualified Teachers. Pastoral Centre. Dundee, 7pm. Wed Fabric and Planning Board, Pastoral Centre, Dundee. 11,15am. Thu: Diocesan Trustees meeting, Bishop's House, Dundee, 11.15am; Child Protection meeting, Pastoral Centre, Duridee,430pm. Fri: Hamilton Avenue Project meeting, Glasgow. I lam. Mass. St Mary's. Forebank and AGM of SVP. 7pm. Sat: Hew Lorimer Trust, Kellie Castle, Fife, 11 am.

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