Page 8, 15th April 1983

15th April 1983
Page 8
Page 8, 15th April 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements

C Confirmation. M Mass_ 0 Ordination. V VisitslIon.

Cardinal Hums, Archbishop of Westminster. Friday-Sunday: Diocesan Conference. London Wiley Tuesday: CDA. Archbishop's House, 5 pm Wednesday. CDA, Archbishop's House. 19 em.

Archblehop Bowen of Southwark: Saturday: Pa re Henctir 01 SI Joseph Benedict Libre, Belham, 11 ant Monday: Meetings, ArchbishOp's House. Tuesday: C. Birchington. 7.39 pm Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool: friday Bishops' Coe I el time, Archbishop's House, Westreinsier.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday; Ni for School I eaverS. St Bede's Comprehensive School, Lawry:rico Weston, 8 am Saturday: M for Diocesan Pastoral Council Meeting. Ghost the King, Knowle West, 9 30 aril.

Bishop Brewer. Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: frp day: Low Week Bishope' Meeting. Saturday: Meeting nt Commission for Priestly Formation Standing Cnmmittee Upholland. 11 am. Sunday: Civic Thanksgiving M, sandbach, 3 per Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: VislIs School and Sick, Accrington Sunday: V, 10.45 am. C, Sacred Heart, Accrington. 3 pm MondayMilitary Vicariate. Upholland, 1130 am. Wednesday: Commission Extraordinary Minisleis of the Eucharist, Sellord Cathedral, 7.30 pm. Thursday. Youth Comtelearon. 2.15 pm.

Bishop Clark of East Anglia: FridaySeturday Talk Ecumenical Day, Slosh Wednesday: Special Preperatien for C, Cambridge. Thursday: Colcheater, Joint Liturgy Commission Meeting.

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Saturday interviews prcrapac t lye Church Students al Oscoll College, 930 em Tuesday: Ecumenical Service. St Gun. Lichfield. 7 30 pm Wednesday: OA and C. Erdingtori Abbey. 7.30 pm Thursday CVVL Meeting, Sl Michaere, Wolverhampton.

B ishop Emery of Portsmouth: Friday-Saturday: Southampton UCH AGM and celebrate M, 12 noon. Sunday: St Patrick's. Jersey C M. 8.30 pm. Monday: SI Mary and St Peter. Jersey 0 NI of Mr R. Lobb to the Diaconate, 7 45 pre Tuesday:Our Lady of SI Marlin, Jersey Benediction to mar* centenary of Oblate Fathers taking over Pariah, 5.15 pm St Thomas, Jersey !eland NI for Centenary at the Diocese. 7 45 pre. Wednesday: Meeting with Religious or Guernsey, 4.30 per, SI Joseph's, Guernsey Island M for Centenary ol the Diocese. 7.30 pm. Thursday: SI Mary and St Michael School, Guernsey Blessing and Opening or New Infant Department, 11 am St Joseph's, Guernsey. Pe for young peOple of Guernsey, 5.45 pm. Dinner for Island Catholics at Pierre Park Hotel, Guernsey, 7.30 pm. Bishop dray, Bishop In Shrewsbury Saturday: Cnurcn Leaders' Meeting, Runcorn, 11 ant Tuesday: Annual meeting, Josephinn Society at Upholland College, 12 noun Wednesday: Interviews at Curial °lbws. 11 ant

Bishop Gerund'', Bishop In East London: Sal: urday: Initial formation unurse inn Pasturel Ministry, Carmarthen. Monday Camden Deanery meeting. Tuesday: CDA, 5 pm. Wednesday COA, 10 am. C, Kentish Town, 7.30 pm Thursday: Pastoral Workers' meeting, 10 am Hackney Deanery Meeting, Kingsland.

Bishop Harris ot Middlesbrough: Friday-Salon day: BBC Local Radio Advisory Couricii reveling. Southampton Mondayinursday: European Coin. municetions Conference, SwilZerland Bishop Harvey, Bishop In North London: FridaySunday: Diocesan Conference at London Cathay Monday: Meeting of Barnet Teachers, 3 pm. Tuesday: GSA, 5 pm. Wednesday: CDA. 10 arn. C. Si Mary, Ponders End. 7 :in per Bisbee Henderson, Ausiliery of Southwark. Saturday: Concha:1a Ecumenical Study Day at St Thomas More'n Church, Becleyheatn, I It am to 5 pm Sunday: M and C at Holy Rosary Church. Bleekten, 11 am Monday. Mealy recently confirmed with their parents at West Norwood, with Benediction Service at 8 pre Tueday: Chapter M and Meeting, 11 am. M and C al St Patrick's, West Chislehurst, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Blackheath Luncheon Club, 1 pm. SA and C at St Mary's, Chielehurst. 7.30 pm

Blehop Hitchln, Auxiliary ol Liverpool: Frldey: CAFOD, LUndOn. Sunday-Tuesday: V, St Pater and Paul, SI Helens Wednesday: V continued. St Mary's, Lowe, St Helens. Opening al Nugent High School, pm. V, Blilinge, Deanery Pastoral Council Meeting. SI hilary'e. Owe House, 7.30 per Thursday

COVOLII Of Mersayaldie Voluntary Services, Temple Street Bishop Holland ol Sallord: Friday: Angles V. Accrington. Saturday: Confessions, St Mary, Manchester, 10.30 am. Sunday V. 11 am, C, SI Anne, Accrington, 3 pm. Wednesday: Board of Adinirdstral: lion, 10.30 am. BBC Radio Manchester. Thursday. Greater Manchester County Ecumenical Council, Presidents meeting. 12 noon.

Bishop Juke., Auxiliary el Southwark: Friday: V to Northileet parish. induction of Parise Priest ar Goudhurst, 8 pm Bishop Konstant, Bishop In Central London: Saturdey-Sundey Diocesan Coef ere rice, All Saints Pastmal Centre. Tuesday: CDA Meeting, Archbishop's House, 5 pm. Wednesday: CDA Meeting, Arch. bishop's House. 10 am Thursday: Visits Wire House Convent, 7.30 pm

Bishop McGuinness ol Nottingham. Friday Guild of Our Lady or Hansom M. Cathedral, 530 pre. Cathedral Funds Concert In Cathedral Hall, 7.15 pm. Saturday: Gulden Jubilee NI In St Albert's Convent. Hinckley, 12 noon. Sunday: C, St Joseph's, New °Herten. 3 pm. Monday: Baptist Union Assembly. Nottingham. / 30 pm Oniversily Sports Centre 'Watley: NI at St Mery-s, Chesterfield. 11 am. C. OL and SI Teresa of Lisieux, Wirksworth. 7 pm. Wednesday: Notta. Church Leaders' Mooting, 10.30 am. Thursday: Blesses New Hall, Eastwood, 7 pm.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: Saturday: Ecumenical Study Day. Stock. 10 are Sunday: V and C. Hniy Name, Chelmsford, Concelebrates M, Our Lady of Ransom, Rayleigh, 5.30 pm Wednesday: V, St GOOtOC'S. Wailharnstow Thursday: Meeting of Bieetwodd and East Anglia liturgy Commissions,

"B hop Moverisy of Hallam: Friday: Low Week me'elltinng Of Bishops at Westminster Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: FridaySaturday: JUStine and Peace, Dublin. Sunday. Monday: V. St Pius 5, Widnes Wednesday: Justice end Peace. London. Thursday: George Andrew Fund Meeting, 10.30 am.

Bishop Murphy O'Connor at Arundel and Brighton: Monday-Thursday: Communications Curiference Switzerland

Bishop O'Brien. Bishop in Hertfordshire: Sunday: Westminster Diocesan Weekend al All Saints Pastoral Centre. Tuesday: Justice and Peace Committee meeting. Eceleslon Square. 4 pm. CDA, ArchbishOp's House, 5 pm. Wednesday: CDA. Thursday: Herta area Liturgy Comm. at St Pater's, Hatfield, 3 pm C at SI Bartholomew, SI Albans, 8 pm.

Bishop Kevin O'Brien, Bishop In Middlesbrough: Saturday: Holy Hour at Froty Hours, Bretton. Sunday: Praacn at all Ms a! Bretton. Monday: Coffee Morning al University Chaplaincy at the Guildhall, Hull Wednesday: Catholic Women's Luncheon Club Pilgrimage to Walsingliam. Thursday: Schools Consultative, Hull, Bishop Pearson, Bishop In Cumbria: Tuesday: Celebrates Golden Jubilee fot of Mother Mary of St John. Carmelite Monastery. Chichester, 3 pm Thursday: Meeting or Carlisle Clergy, Dui Lady and St Joseph's. Carlisie, 11 am.

Bishop Rawsthorno, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Saturday 4th omVEducation mst uuCsonmcm.3.r.soki Commission ILIppmho I slaunndd..1y0.:

V, St Joseph's and St Laurence's Parish, Kirkby Monday: C.orneril tee ol Forces Vicariate, Upholland, ti em. Tuesday: Reunion Day, Upholland C011ege, C, St Teresa's, Negri* Green, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: V Continued, SI JOaeph's and St Laurence's Parish. Kirkby. C, St Terose'e, Norris Green, 7.30 pro Thursday: Schools Commission. Curial Off ines,1 trt 15 am, C, SI Teresa's, Norris Green, 730 pm.

Bishop Thomas of Nottingham: Sunday: Meeting re youth Day

Club, Liverpool, mol6Papmens. Sunday. Diocesan Youth Weekend. Thursday: Guest Speaker. Serra

Bishop Tripp. Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday: 0 at Wimbledon Park, 4 pm.

Bishop Wheeler of Leads: Friday: Hierarchy Meetings, Westminster. Saturday: Day of Recollec' lion for Diocesan Pastoral Council. Sunday: V and C, St Stephen's, Skipton. Monday: Ecumenical Meeting, Houndhay, 1010 am. Tuesday: Haworth School M Thursday 1st Martkrs and SI Cuthbeit'e School Ist, 11 am

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