Page 1, 15th August 1941

15th August 1941
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Page 1, 15th August 1941 — Around Europe on the Anti-Bolshevik Cruise-ode

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Organisations: Danish Free Corps


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Around Europe on the Anti-Bolshevik Cruise-ode

Here are some of the latest Catholic reactions in Europe to the Nazi call for an Anti-Bolshevik Crusade.


Churchill, according to an important news-agency, has advised Stalin to come to terms with the Vatican, Churchill himself doing the introductions. The Agency does not think that the manoeuvre will succeed, because of the " irreducible opposition " between the Holy See and Moscow.

The value of this particular agency can be gauged from the fact that the Osservatore Romano has nine times denied its claim to speak in the name of " high Vatican spheres."

Real Fascist feeling towards the Vatican is probably best expressed in the Regime Fascist° which on June 12 declared that the Vatican organ had always wished for the victory of the Jewish democracies. All its sympathies had gone to Anglicans, Freemasons and Jews." According to German sources Mgr. Margotti, Archbishop of Gorizia, has supported the " crusade in a pastoral blessing the Italian soldiers and calling on them to fight for the victory ofcutture over barbarism, of Christianity over Godlessness, and order over disorder.


Only 27 out of 1,000 clergy signed an appeal urging Norwegians to join in " the final fight against Bolshevism and atheism."


Poor success appeals to have rewarded an effort to raise a Danish Free Corps (under German command and in German uniform) to fight against Bolshevism and for Finland.

It had to be admitted that no volunteers were forthcoming for the first attempt. At a second attempt 21 volunteers recruited on one day and M on another. The numbers of a battalion to leave for Germany were not published " for military reasons." The departure was followed by the breaking of windows and the defacement of posters by what is called the Communist rabble. •


A Flemish and a Walloon legion to join the crusade have been raised. According to German-controlled papers and radio the appeals have been successful especially among the fighting organisation of the Flemish nationalists. The appeals are being reinforced by stories that the Communists are ready to take Belgium over as soon as the German forces arc withdrawn. German-controlled wireless only claims 1,000 recruits for the Walloon legion. •


No mention of any clerical names as supporting the crusade in the press.


Circumstances appear to have helped to

some degree German propaganda for Hitler as the anti-Bolshevik crusader. These circumstances are the fears created by the suggestion that America might occupy the Azores. (This suggestion has now been officially denied.) In authoritarian Portugal there is inevitably a certain fear in army, conservative and ecclesiastical circles of a possible Communist and Masonic opposition to the regime.

FRANCE The French anti-Bolshevik volunteer corps (founded, it appears, by Jacques Doriot, the ex-Communist Mayor of St. Denis, who organised the anti-Popular-Front workers' party) has received no publicity except from German-controlled papers and wirelesses. Action Francaise and the Figaro have shown hostility to the idea. The Ankara radio has reported that only 1,500 men have volunteered from Vichy France. Cardinal Bau&Wart has vigorously supported the crusade, according to Radio Paris.

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