Page 5, 15th August 1947

15th August 1947
Page 5
Page 5, 15th August 1947 — GRADUATES' TASK DEFINED BY JESUIT

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Locations: Graz, Vienna, Salford, Edinburgh


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Newman Association at Stonyhurst

Two hundred and fifty British members of the Newman Association, in company with a distinguished company of scholars from other parts of Europe, have just completed a summer school of unusual intellectual vitality at Stonyhurst College.

The theme of the lectures was "The Living Church —Contemporary Catholic Thought." The range of the talks included literature, philosophy, medicine, ownership, the liturgy, and social services. Priests and laymen co-operated in providing the programme.

By a Stall Reporter The Newmanites came from all England, Ireland and Scotland, their guests from all Europe. From Fribourg, Swiss centre ot the Catholic University movement, from war-scarred Vienna and Graz, in Austria, from industrious, reviving Holland, from embattled Poland and from Catholic Eire, they assembled.

Their purpose was enunciated clearly by Fr. Leycester King, S.J., Ecclesiastical Assistant to the Newman Association in his opening sermon.

He said:

Do God's Work !

"The note to be maintained throughout the meeting should be one of gratitude and should take the practical form of the question 'What can I do to help on the work of God.'

" We should be grateful for growing fellowship with our comrades in other countries.

" In listening to papers and taking part in discussions, things come together in a pattern and in this pattern we should see an aspect of God's will for us.

'We are in a state of emergency in every way—politically, financially, socially, spiritually. Things are developing at a dizzy rate and we are up ' to the neck ' in it. We should he prepared by our Faith to do God's work in a distracted world.

"The Newman Association has much work to do in this direction-work which may as yet be undisclosed and we should all work in the direction in which God's finger is pointing and pray for the good of the Association."

Other Speakers In his paper on the Church and the Social Services, Fr. Leycester King insisted that the role of the Catholic Scholar in Social Service must be decisive. Catholics only could consistently put forward a sound philosophy, sound ethics and a theory of values.

He asked his audience to take up positions in the social services, not only in a professional capacity, but on voluntary bodies where men of good-will and a balanced outlook on life were more than ever needed.

In his paper on " Modern Thought on the Scriptures," Mgr. J. Barton spoke from the fullness of a mind which has made lifelong study of a topic of vital importance and which provided all the answers for those who allege that Catholics have no interest in the Bible.

" The Church and Modern Medical Thought " was a very popular subject. The speaker on this topic was Dril A. G. Badenoch of Edinburgh, whose native wit, together with a sound knowledge of Christian ethics, and coupled to a very real love for humanity made this paper an outstanding contribution to Catholic thought on this matter.

Mgr. Marshall, Bishop of Salford, sang Pontifical High Mass at Stony' burst on'the Feast of St. Ignatius.

In his panegyric on St. Ignatius, Fr. Andrew Beck, called upon his hearers to become other Loyolasto seek their own Manresas, where they could retreat, there to estimate their sphere of activity in the world, and then convinced of their part in the Divine plan, go forth with conviction to fulfil their destiny. In addition to the distinguished guests already mentioned, the Very Rev. M. C. D'Arcy, S.J., Provincial of the Society of Jesus was present and welcomed the Association to Stonyhurst.

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