Page 2, 15th August 1958

15th August 1958
Page 2
Page 2, 15th August 1958 — ASSEMBLY OF YOUTH

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People: Douglas Hyde
Locations: Vienna, New Delhi


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SIR,-I was glad to see that Mr. Douglas Hyde in his column on August I described the dangers inherent in the World Federation of Democratic Youth, and repeated the Foreign Secretary's warning about attendance at one of their Festivals.

Mr. Hyde, I am sure, will agree

that to be anti-W.F.D.Y. and antidents can apply through their headFestival is not enough. Later this quarters which are already affiliayear the British National Committed to W.A.Y. Others may apply tee of the World Assembly of direct to the General Secretary. Youth, a body founded in 1948 The B.N.C. of W.A.Y., 3 Endswhen W.F.D.Y was captured as leigh Street, W.C.1. a "Front Organisation,' will be Through an organisation like the organising a series of meetings to World Assembly of Youth a discuss the Vienna Festival. A unique opportunity is available for study will be made of the backCatholics to be made more aware ground to this and previous meetof the problems affecting young ings, and use will be made of the people throughout the world. dossier of facts and quotations Those of us who have had someproduced by W.A.Y. before the thing to do with these activities

1957 Moscow Festival. (there are three Catholics two

Representatives of British Youth Y.C.W.'s-in the current British organisations will attempt to define delegation to the W.A.Y. Assema constructive view towards the bly in New Delhi) are fully conproblems raised by these gatherscious of the mutual value of an

ings informed Catholic participation in Any Catholic individual or this body which commands wideorganisation tempted to go to spread support as the only effective Vienna would be well advised to counter to W.F.D Y.

discover something about these disMartin Morton cussions. Members of the Y.C.W., Union of Catholic Students, the 5 Millfield Lane.

Grail, or the Young Christian StuLondon, N.6.

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