Page 2, 15th February 1946

15th February 1946
Page 2
Page 2, 15th February 1946 — B.B.C. CATHOLIC BROADCASTS

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Organisations: God and His Church
People: Tommy Handley


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SIR.-While there is much divergence

of opinion on the form our religious broadcasts should take, ii is interesting to note that many contributors to this discussion agree in stressiug the need of employing the medium of the English language.

" A. B. C." asks whether a religious service can be broadcast. " Can one worship listening to a loudspeaker?" Most emphatically, yes1 I know a number of non-Catholics who derive much consolation from their broadcast services. Besides the sermon, they listen attentively to the prayers and sometimes sing the hymns. Who can deny that they would do the same with our services, if they could understand them? With even more benefit and consolation to themselves, and to the greater glory of God and His Church.

Like (presumably) " A. B. C.," we all enjoy a good concert. True, we may not stand up for the National Anthem, but then neither do we clap and cheer for a quarter of an hour. (By the way, most people do seem to get on to their feet when the National Anthem is played after the King's Christmas speech.)

Finally, do we applaud " lona "? No, and-as Tommy Handley would say: " Any more silly questions?"

Tilos. E. C. PURVIS,

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