Page 8, 15th February 1980

15th February 1980
Page 8
Page 8, 15th February 1980 — Bishops' Engagements

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Organisations: St Bernard's Hospital, Lancaster University, St Augustine's School, Seminary Committee, Ecumenical Commission for England and Wales, Parish Mission, London Voluntary Service Council, Westminster Pastoral Foundation, Columba Club, God Hospital, St Augustine's Church, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Annual Dinner Guild of St Stephen, National Missionary Council Standing Committee, Ecumenical Commission of England and Wales, Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, Durham University, Secretariat for the Synod of Bishops, Congress, St Mary's College, Catholic Medical Association, Westminster Ecumenical Commission, Ecumenical Service, St Joseph's Primary School, Lourdes Medical Association, St Edmund's College, Diocesan Marriage Tribunal, Farnborough F4111 Convent School, Catholic Commission for Racial Justice, St Christopher Cycling Club, MobberleY Boys' School, Kensington Close Hotel


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Bishops' Engagements

A = Presentation of Award M = Mass C = Confirmation V = Visitation 0 Ordination

Cardinal Hums, Archbishop of Westminster Saturday: Addresses AGM of Lourdes Medical Association, Kensington Close Hotel. Sunday I Sunday: Attends Council of the Secretariat for the Synod of Bishops. Rome.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark Friday: Makes presentation members of Lourdes confraternity, St George's Cathedral Amigo

Hall, 8.45 pm

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Saturday: M, for KSC, at Mary's. Walsall. Sunday: M and C, SI John Fisher. West Heath, 3. Tuesday: Blesses St Augustine's Church, Solihull. 7.30 ien Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool Sunday: Civic Mass Metropolitan Cathedral, 11. Tuesday: Reception for Mayors and Chief Executives, Bishop's Lodge, Liverpool, 6.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton Friday: Attends Scouts and Guides production of "Canterbury Bells '80", St Augustine's School, Downend, 7.30. Saturday: V, Si Teresa's Parish, Fitton, 4.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Friday / Sumidy Diocesan Congress, Hawkstone

Monday: Diocesan Vocations Team meeting. Wednesday: M, MobberleY

Boys' School

Bishop Casey of Brentwood Saturday: CMAC training conference, Brentwood. 10. Sunday: M for Catenian Diamond Jubilee, Si Bede's, Chadwell Heath, 4. Thursday: M and C, Corpus Christi, Collier Row, 7,30 pm.

Bishop Clark of East Anglia Friday / Saturday: Ecumenical Commission of England and Wales meeting, London. Monday: Shrine Council Meeting, Walsingharn 2 Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Friday: Golden Jubilee Dinner, KSG, St Mary's, Walsall, 8. Saturday: M for St Christopher Cycling Club, Spode House, 6, Monday: C and Benediction, St Mary's Cannock. Tuesday: Annual Dinner, UCM, Stoke, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Blessing and distribution of Ashes, Solemn Mass, Snow Hill, Wolverhampton, 6.30 pm.

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth Friday: C, Farnborough F4111 Convent School. 5. Sunday: C, Lee-on-theSolent, 4. Tuesday: Priests' Day of Recollection, Park Place. Wednesday: M and blesses Ashes, St John's Cathedral, 7.30 Thursday: V, St Thomas of Canterbury, Newport.

Bishoi. Foley of Lancaster Friday: M at birthplace of Ven. Edward Bamber, Blackpool, 2; M for Diamond Jubilee of Sr. Mary of the Holy Child, Carmelite Monastery. Preston, 4, Saturday: Blesses new parish rooms, St Walburge's, Preston, 7. Sunday: V. 11, C. 3, Sacred Heart, Preston. Tuesday: Visits patients, St John of God Hospital, Silverdale, 2.30. Diocesan Ecumenical Commission meeting, Lancaster, 5.30. Wednesday: Clergy Day of Recollection, the Shrine Blackpool, 11.15. M at Catholic Chaplaincy, Lancaster University, 5.30. M. Cathedral, 7,30. Thursday: M for Vocations. Star of the Sea, St Armes, 7,30 pm.

B ishop eraser of Shrewsbury -Friday / Sunday: Diocesan Congress, Hawkstone. Wednesday: Ash Wednesday Mass. Cathedral, Shrewsbury.

B ishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: V. Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Liverpool, 1 1.30. Presides at M and preaches, 6.30. Tuesday. Meeting of Mayors and Chief Executives, Bishop's Lodge, Woolton, 6 pm.

B ishop Guazzalli, Bishop in East London Saturday: Talk to Catholic Medical Association, Kensington Close Hotel, 2. Sunday: V, Clapton Park. Monday; Opening of Parish Mission, M at B. Tuesday: Hackney Deanery Conference, B. Thursday: Meeting, Allen Hall, 6.

Bishop Harvey, Bishop In North London Friday: M, Damascus House, 11. Sunday: M, St Erconwald's / Preston Road, 12 noon. Ecumenical Service, Enfield, 4. Monday: Council Meeting. Crusade of Rescue, 5.30. Area Youth Leaders Meeting, 8. Tuesday:

Ecumenical Social Work Meeting. Horseterry Road, 10.30. Meeting, London Voluntary Service Council, 2.30, M, Helpers of the Holy Souls Convent, Stonebridge. 6. Thursday: Hospital Chaplains Course, 11.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark -Friday / Saturday: Ecumenical Commission for England and Wales meeting, Damascus House. Mill Hill. Saturday: Meeting of Catholic Commission for Racial Justice, Amwell Street EC1, pm. Lourdes Medical Association Dinner, Kensington, 8. Sunday: Mass and Induction of new Parish Priest, M, 9.30, St Mary's, Chislehurst, Monday. Preside at Public Lecture on Immigration given by Professor Michael Dummett, Westminster Cathedral Conference Centre, B. Thursday: Meeting of Seminary Committee, St John's Seminary, Wonersh, 11.

B ishop Hltchen, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: V. Our Lady of Lourdes and St Bernard, Kingsley Road, Liverpool. Tuesday: Continuation of V. Meeting of Mayors and Chief Executives, Bishop's Lodge, Woolton, 6.

B ishop Holland of Salford Friday: V. Deane, Bolton. Sunday: M. Carmelite Monastery, Salford, 3.

Bishop Konstant, Bishop in Central London Friday: Governors' Meeting, St Edmund's College, 2.

• Saturday / Sunday: V. St Charles'

Square. Sunda: Youth Mass, Shepherd's Bush, 3. Tuesday: Kensington and Chelsea Deanery Meeting, 11. Westminster Pastoral Foundation, 5.30, Wednesday: Sermon, St. James', Piccadilly.

Bishop Lindsay of Hexharn and Newcastle Saturday: Attends meeting of Diocesan delegates for National Pastoral Congress, St Mary's College, Fenharn, 11. Tuesday: Knights of St Columba Clergy Dinner, Columba Club, Felling, 7.30.

Bishop McCartie, Auxiliary of Birmingham Friday: V and C, Blessing of School, St Wulstan's, Stourpon. Saturday: Catholic Commission for Racial Justice, London. Sunday: M, Our Lady's, Blackmore Park, 10.45. Tuesday: Inauguration of Roman Catholic Lectureship, Selly Oak Colleges, 5. Thursday; V and C. Holy Family, Bewdley.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham Sunday: V and C, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Eastwood. Tuesday: Social Evening, Cathedral, 7.30. Wednesday: M and distributes Ashes. Cathedral, 1.

Bishop Mahon, Bishop in West London Saturday / Monday. Parish Pastoral Visit, West Acton. Tuesday: Upper Thames Deanery, 10.30. National Missionary Council Standing Committee, 12.30. St Bernard's Hospital, Hanwell, 3.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of

Arundel and Brighton -Tuesday: Return from South Africa.

!Bishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire Friday: Meeting of Herts, Catholic Head Teachers, 12.15. Saturday: Day of Recollection with Verona Students, Elstree. Sunday: C, Westminster, 5.30. Monday: Annual Dinner Guild of St Stephen, Rembrandt Hotel, 7.30, Thursday: CDA, Archbishop's House, Westminster, am, Westminster Ecumenical Commission meeting, 4.

Bishop Pearson, Bishop in Cumbria Friday: Meeting of Cumbria Sites Committee, St Gregory's, Workington. Sunday: C, St Begh's, Whitehaven, 3.

Bishop Restieaux of Plymouth Friday: M. St Joseph's Primary School, Davenport, 9.30. Visits Marist Convent, Barnstaple. V and M, Church of Our Lady, Ilfracombe. 10.30, C at 3.

Bishop Swindlahurst, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle Saturday; Attends meeting of Diocesan delegates for National Pastoral Congress, St Mary's College, Fenham, 11. Tuesday: Meeting with members of Diocesan Marriage Tribunal, 11 30. Wednesday: M, Durham University Chaplaincy, 1.15 Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Sunday: V and C. St John's, Bradford. Tuesday: Anniversary Requiem for Bishop Poskitt, Cathedral, 11. Wednesday: Ash Wednesday Mass, Cathedral, 8. Thursday: Steering Committee Diocesan Pastoral Council, 7.

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