Page 8, 15th February 1985

15th February 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 15th February 1985 — Cardinal Hume Archbishop ol Westminster Tueadey, V CalhOliC Miaslon Society. 7Dm Thursday: St Cathedral II 30am Someday: V Nottingham diocese

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0 = Ordination: M = 'mass ; V Visitation:

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Cardinal Hume Archbishop ol Westminster Tueadey, V CalhOliC Miaslon Society. 7Dm Thursday: St Cathedral II 30am Someday: V Nottingham diocese

Archbishop Bowen 01 Southwark Sunday: Consecration &the atfar Pollens Hill tipm Monday: Diocesan Bishops Meeting Archbishops House. 5pm Wednesday: Meetings, ArchblahOp's House, am Ash Wednesday Liturgy. Cathedral. 7 30Ptc. Friday: C Richmond. 7.300m

Archbishop Coum de Mundt. ol Birmingham Sunday. V 6 C Sacred Heart Tunstall Wednesday: M. for Ash Wednesday' Si Chad's Cathedra; 12 15Pm., Saturday-Sunder V 8 C St Mary's Harbome

ArchbiabopJ Weld et Cardin Sunday: V. Our Lady nt Lourdes. Mountain Ash Wednesday: Ash Wednesday Blessing of Ashes and M. St David's Cathedral 12 .45pne Thursday: Church In Wale, °nice. Meeting 2 3bpnr Friday. Station M Ebbw

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Irshidehoir warlock of limped Sunday: V. Si Albite, 5 Liverpool Monday: Michaelmas Group Antteld 7pm Tuesday: Archbishop's Council Meeting. Curial °feces lOarn Reception for Civic Leaders. Archbishop's House, Sum. Wednesday: Lenten Service Liverpool Parish Cheare 11301 Meeting with Pastoral Formation Dept.. Curial Offices 2 15pm Thursday Ecumenical Study Day. Christ's g Noire Dame College am Friday: Ecumenical Study Day Continued. Christ's g Notre P orno College am Preaches. Great St Mary's Cambridge Saturday Returns horn Cambridge Bishop Alesendir ol Callon Sunday: V SI Patrick's Pariah. Bristol Prefer:hes 01 all Masses Monday: Dinner with Lord Mayor at Mansion House 30pm Tuesday: Meetings of Clilloh Diocesan Trustees Regtstered at SI Ambrose I tarn Concelebrates Mass at Biatodon on the occasion of SateSianS 501n anniversary al Biaisdon 7 Thursday: Production of Canterbury Belles it SI Augealine's Doweend 7.30pm Priday: Performs ceremony of laying ol Foundation Slone at Sr aster's Temente Bishop Brewer, Coadjutor ol inmost*, Sunday: V English Martyrs hardhorn. BlackP001 Monday: Conducts Day of Recollection ful Junior Clergy Myning Hall Carntorth. Tuesday: Leaves for linlps Wednesday-Saturday: Conducts Sermeart ensRetreat. Bede Collage knee MOW Bed.. Auditory for Salford Sunday: V 01 SI John Vianney. Molten 11 jOant C St John Wanney MOSIOn. 3pm Tuesday: Morels MIA Requiem M for Ft Gerard. McLoughlin Al Our, Lady's. Langley. Middleton 7 30pm Wednesday: Meeting or the Board of adrninletralion 2pm-apm Friday. Uegm V of si Llidueofoowl■ (Vielfe School and Housetroundi. All day Saturdayy. Visit of Cardinal Womb lu the Polish Church 01 Divine Mercy, Manchester Concelebrated M Card Gimp as Principal celebrant 6pm Bisbee Cleary. Auxiliary rot ItirMingham Monday: Committee Meeting: Snow HIII Wolverhampton. 3 30pm Tuesday: Annual Dinner. North Stalls UCM 7 3dprn Wednesday: Blessing of Ashes 6 M. SS Mary John, Wolvertnuitplon

Blehop Emery of Portsmouth Sunday: Our Lady and St Wilfrid Ventnot Isle of Wight Pariah V Thursday Alton Deanery Penitential Service. ?co. Friday: &Shop .5 House Portsmoutli Meeting of the Hampshtre Sponsoring Body 10.30am Solurday St John's Cathedral Portsmouth Rite et Election • pm

Bellhop Foley of Limeade' Sunday V 6 C, SI

S irreadette'S Blackpool, 1 tarn Tuesday: Thornton Deanery Conference. l lam Wednesday: M Cathedral. 7 30prn Thursday Vises Housebound. St

Bernadette!' Blackpool 230pm. M ho: Golden dirOltee Of CWL, St Mary's. Fleetwood Start Melton Hannigan el Mernevie Tuesday: Cathnttc Society Dinner at Trm University. Bangor as Guest ol Honour oat B ishop Harris of Middlesbrough Tuesday: Centenary Celebrations. Church at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Grangalown. M: /Dm Wednesday. Blesses and Distributes Ashes. Cathedral Meddloserough. 12 16tan.

Bishop Harvey, Auditory tor Westmender Sunday' EciemenIC31 protect Enfield. 6 Muni Monday. Crusade uf 11064011 COLOICII meeting 11.10pm Tuesday: Been: Deanery Meeting I I am Thursday: Concelebrated NI Cathedral. IT 30arn Bishop Hendareon, Auxiliary for Southwark Sunday M and C Dulwich 3urn Monday. Dioceses

B ishop' Mooting 5 Wore South London Area Lento's Meeting 11=1 Tuesday Chapter M ens Meeting Item Thursday: M and C. PR..., 734m Friday' LIMA Sentinel Brumley 8pm B ishop Httchen, Aualliney lot Liverpool Tuesday: Aeclibishop's Council Meeting Curial Latices 10am Reception for Civic I !iders Archbishop's Mous') Gym ThursdayiErldey: Ecumenical Cunfaience Lhnsl s a, Noire Dame Cortege Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary for Southwark Sunday. V St Vincent's Patisli Daeltord Deacons in Kent limning day al West Matinee loam Tuesday: Meeting with Gillingham School Governots. 7pm. Thursday: Second Instance Intranet al Southwark 11 -4Sate Friday: Leads Penitential Day fp, Pleats At Aylesloid, 12 noon V to GICapharo parish Saturday: V. Gillingham palish Bishop Kelly ol Salford Sunday, V SI Margaret Mary's Parish New Mostnn All oay C St Margaret Marys. luesday: Saint, Meem 1 lam Months Mind RegUram M tor Fr Gerard McLoughlin. At Our Lady's. Langley 7 30pm Wednesday: 2 M. St Mary's. Mulpeery St Manchester. 12 noon 6 I 05prn Meeting Of Inc Board of Administration 2prn•4pM Catechelical Meeting 4pm Talk In FMSJ Slefere Drywoud Convent, Ban, Thursday: Ecumenical Meeting. Cheryt's College Liverpool Friday: Ecumenical Meeting Chest 5 Cottage, Liverpool. am V SI Joseph s. she*. 2.33pin C. 7,30pm. Saturday. v. Continued

Bishop Narrates% Auxiliary 101 We/Meander ThteadayEriday: Committee lot Chested, Enemata-in Clapham Saturday: V Kendal New Town.

B ishop MaGetretima et Nottingham-Sunday. V The AeauM0110a. Beoston. slam C 3pm Meador Reception. Cathedral, Evening Wednesday ha al Cathedral. 1pm Thursday: V Little Go of Mary Convent Nottingham, 6pm Saturday: Visit Diocese of Cardinal Home Liturgical Reception and IN 0, Cathedral with Diocesan Ctergy. Noon Civic Reception at Council House, Liturgy for Relegtous Teachers Corpus Chrism Oaten 3 30-8peri on. M in Cathedral, 7pm B ishop McCertie Auvinery 10. Birmingham Sunday, St Gregory's Redditch learn Monday. S, Gerard's Hospital CP10511111 eprit Thursday. lenCeSan Seller:de Commission II

talshop McMahon ol Brentwood Tuesday: Catenians Dinner Hotnenttrch 7 3Upm Wednesday'. M and Blesses Ashes Cathedral 7 30pm Friday. BrenlWootl Deanery Pastoral Council Cathedral House Brentwood epm

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary for Westnninette Sunday' M. Et Benedict's Abbey. Ealing. 12 neon. C VVealmineter Cathedral. 5 30pen Monday Mears Deans al Western Area 10 30arn Tuesday: 'Upper Thames Clergy Dennery meeting la nom Area Justice 3 Peace Committee. meeting 6.30prn Thursday. M Westmi nsier Cathedral Cafthaal Glemp. It Mum Friday: Mest6 Chaplains to Overseas Students 34 Whitehall Gardens. I 1 ate B ishop Monies, Area Bishop In Swansea SundayM for Me Suck at St Francis. Ely 3pm Meeteng 01 the Small CP0.000144 kg Higher Education all Leeds Spar Monday. Meeting of the Small Committee for Higher Education at Leeds Wednestley: Oomtronus Cuellar, Eireann. SI Joseph's Hall Port Talbot Elpnl Fader 13anyorgen A Dintrict Ahnual Dinner MO Centre. London Saturday: Blessing of New Altai at Our Lady of he Asbury:oho:1, Soler Ferry. ripnri Bishop Murphy•O'Connot oh Mendel a Brighton Sunday: V Hasiernme Pariah tuese•y: Meeting lit Vicars tar Retegious Storroglon, am Friday: Mass Conterenee ol Diocesan OireC1015 of Vocations Maryvale Pednral Centre Brantley. am Saturday: M SI Pius Church Morrow 3len Bishop O'Brien, Aux nary toe Westmlnatte Sunday. Commisakana Special Ministers al SI ' Reese! s Harem Park learn Monday: Deans meeting Cr Farm Collage 1 lam Cowling to for VMM Course 5 30pm Wednesday•Thursday. Harts Aren Ethics:Mon Team Conference et Turvey Abhey Saturday: Justice & Peed, Conaniloka at Archbishop s House 1 lam Yuurig People at St Michael's Crinvant Fpm Bishop K O'Brien. Auxiliary In MIdeltesbrougn Seedily: Give laIIS on Day for Readers le Church al St ES,Teup11„.ernoc'sai Wednesday: B ishop O'Connor, AuxHiery her Liverpool Sunday: V Sr Alphoosus, Liverpool Monday: V continued Si Alphonsuo. Liverpool C, St Aluen's Priory Bewley Street, Warrington. 7 30per Tuesday: Archbishop s Couilcil Meeting Guard Olficen lOwn ReCePtion lot Geri, Leaders, Archbishop's House B 7 30oni


M'" Y' E;u m"1"1 O011erurue Chest's N1reoa7ColIee Bishop Rawsthorne. Auxiliary for Liverpool SundayiblondayV Continued SI Gregory s. thinuthity Chaplaincy Committee Meeline S liaprn Tuesday. Archbishops CounCli Metairie Curial Climes 10am Recoplron for Civic Leaders Archhishrip's HOLM. 6pm Crosby Methodist Men's Association Open Thursday: Ecumenical Conference letion Christ's 6 Notre Dame College 3pm C, Skelmeradate 7 30pm Friday: ECUmenIcal Conference team Christ's 8 Notre Dame Collage 3pm C SI Mark's. Skeimersdale 7 30pm Saturday: OrrnekekiMagnull Cleaners Dny 2-5prn V St Mary's Angnion 5 30pm Bishop fissile.. ol Piymouth Sunday V, and 41 iminacuiten Cai:ocher. C11,411 Pentanes Horn C., Urn B ishop Themea or Neethamplon

Winslow Tuesday: SI Francis Society Councii Shelton-I Wednesday: Chaplet /I Finance Board Thursday. C All Saints BletChley urn Friday: C SI Thomas +traumas. Dietchtey Salim:Mr Govetriot! Twining Day Bedford

Bishop Tripp. Mealtime for Southwark Sunday C. at Dockhead Item Mender Meeting ol Soule, London Cnorr.h loaders Saturday: V,srts Confirmand 01 Wellherlh Btohop Welmsley (1M Forced Feder V. Maidestnna Garrison B ishop Wheeler at Leedk Sunday. V a G 51 Patrick's Birstall Tuesday Cathedral Dianne Posket Anwetsary Ruguiturn I? noon Wednimider M taste Werinesnewo Cathedrat 7.30Pm Thursday: LI:0114, Slallen M. SI Peter's Bradford 7 30pin Friday e3notpemn Saturday todn.y.Mw, ,t-.4.11yudoylk41..zind;siot:Is Lord Noel Anthony Scawen Lytton: of Keeper Knights, Pound Hill, Crawley, died at his home on January 18th. Lord Lytton, the Fourth Earl, was educated at Downside and attended the Royal Military College, Sandhurst before embarking on a distinguished Army career, serving with the Rifle Brigade for 28 years. In 1937 he was appointed Staff Captain at the War Office and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel during the second world war and served in North Africa, Italy, Greece and Austria. He was awarded the OBE for his war work.

Timothy Nesbitt-Dufort has died peacefully in his own home in Cheshire after a long illness courageously borne. He was 60. Schooled at Downside he served in Normandy in 1944 with the Coldstream Guards. "I have the same determination now", he wrote In May, "to keep the Catholic flag flying by showing people that accept God's will, as 1 had as a Coldstream Officer not to show fear!"

With the help of monks of Ampleforth (where he schooled his three boys), he inspired the foundation of the Orthodox Centre there, St Symeon's House, a visionary project in the 1960s and a great gift to ecumenical understanding in Britain, small as it remained. He died full of love for all in search of God.

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