Page 9, 15th January 1999

15th January 1999
Page 9
Page 9, 15th January 1999 — Take a seat

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Take a seat

From Mr David Ackerman Sir, Given that religious leaders from Christian denominations and other faiths complement the work of the Lords spiritual (the Anglican bishops) in the House of Lords, it is puzzling for Cardinal Winning to assert that it would be "pastorally speaking, a disaster" (January 1) for Catholic bishops to do the same.

Anglican bishops sit in the House of Lords because their Catholic forebears did the same. It seems to me entirely right that the two British Cardinals should take seats in a revised House of Lords; not only would their contribution to national life be enhanced, they would reflect the contribution Catholics make to national life.

Yours faithfully, DAVID ACKERMAN Chipping Norton, Oxon.

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