Page 2, 15th July 1949

15th July 1949
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Page 2, 15th July 1949 — POINTS FROM LETTERS

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Mr. Lunn and Spain

I acknowledge Mr. Lunn's statement of his precisesympathies in Spanish politics and, if I misstated his position, I am sorry. I was not, however, thinking of detailed political philosophy but of military sides in a civil war. By a Franco " decree " of April 20, 1937, all political organisations in Rebel Spain were required to combine in a single National Party with himself as leader. Provisions were made whereby attempts to form any other could be denounced and punished as treason. It is not known that Mr. Lunn, on this date, ceased his propagandist activities for the side led by General Franco.

Since Mr. Lunn was given the opportunity of denying what he conceived to be a misstatement, niay I seek similar facilities in an even

clearer case? Mr. Loveday attributed to me the claim that, in Spain, Protestant churches cannot be built in ecclesiastical style and denounced it as a " bit of nonsense." In a previous letter (unpublished) 1 pointed out that the statement was. in fact, made by his colleague in this controversy, Dr. Sutherland, from whom I had accepted it in good faith. If it is nonsense it is to be laid at the door of Dr. Sutherland, to whose "unimpeachable local knowledge." Mr. Loveday elsewhere testifies.—JoRN A. RICHARDS, 93 Woolstone Road, Forest Hill, London, S.E.23.

" The 1950 Group" At a recent conference of Socialist Christians at Church House, London, it was decided to found a Socialist, Christian Research and Information Centre under the short title of "The 1950 Group." From this Centre pamphlets and other material will be published and information about speakers and lec

turers will be available. At this Centre we hope to build up as complete a register as possible of Socialist Christians throughout the country, with whom we may front time to time communicate—in the first instance, probably, by means of an occasional news-letter. All communications should be addressed to the Secretary, 10 Gerald Road, London, S.W.1.--Ricuarto ACLAND, JACK BC)001S, HENRY BRIN1ON, TOM DRIBERG, CYRIL DuMeLETON, ST. JOHN B. GROSER, JOSEPH MCCULLOCH, 'I'. C. SKEFFiNGT0N-LODGE, OLIVER TONIKINS.

Continuous Prayer tn the fight against the powers of darkness now threatening the Church in almost all parts of the world, we cannot hope to win unless we use our greatest weapon, one which is stronger than all the propaganda and cleverness of our opponents— prayer.

Would it not be possible for each town of several churches to organise together continuous prayer by keeping the churches open all night, one at a time. and urging Catholic men to give, say, an hour a week at night to prayer, which would be far less than they did in fire-watching and Home Guard activities during the long years of the war? The women and invalids of the various parishes could easily divide the day hours among them.—E. M. S.

Second Collection The practice of taking a second collection during Holy Mass seems to me extremely irreverent. While communicants are making their thanksgiving. collection plates are pushed at them. The noise of pennies dropping, and bags snapping, is repeated a second time. — MARGARET' HOPE, Benbow Cottage, Old Mill Lane, Cowley, Uxbridge.

The Word " Anglican" [Perhaps if people gave more generously to the first collection, or if they put money into the plates near the door for special funds, the second collection would be totnecessary.—Editor, C.H.]

I write to ask how much longer our Catholic papers and books are to continue to use the words "Anglican Church " and "Anglicans " when referring to the established Church of England or its members. The use of these expressions was initiated and is nowadays continued by writers who wish to assume, and their readers to assume with them, that the modern Church of England is in some way continuous with " Ecclesia Anglicana " of the Magna Charta.—NORMAN LISSIMORE, Leeds.

modern constitutions. Some citations will be helpful.

" By the fact," writes Pius VII, " that indiscriminate freedom of all forms of worship is proclaimed, truth is confused with error, and the 'Holy Immaculate Spouse of Christ (the Catholic Church) is placed on the same level as heretical sects and even as Jewish perfidy " (Post tam Diuturnas).

" The Catholic Religion," writes Leo XIII, "since it is the True reli gion, is treated with the gravest injustice and offered the worst form of insult when it is placed on the same level as other forms of worship " (Humanum Genus).

Pius XI in his turn refers censoriously to those who " put the religion of Christ on the same level as false religions and place it ignominiously in the same category with them " (Quas Primas).

I trust that this brief and cornpressed expose of the Catholic

principles regardmg " Religious

Toleration " may help some of your correspondents to modify their views and bring them into full accord wills Catholic teaching. If, as the spokesman for an Irish Catho lic Action group, I am proud (as I truly am) of Catholic Spain's official recognition of the Social Rights of

Christ the King. I am equally ashamed of the failure of our own Irish Constitution (art. 44) in this respect. For my first allegiance is to Truth not to " my country right or wrong."

To conclude with Fr. Cavalli, S.J. "The campaign in favour of the

Spanish Protestants, with its flimsy

factual basis. is at variance with Catholic principles. . In a nation where dissidents are a small minority, with a Government that displays a praiseworthy disposition towards the True Religion, full freedom of all forms of worship may not be invoked. No doubt this may be

hard on the Protestants, but they also should understand that in maintaining her doctrine the Church fulfils a sacred duty." (Op. cit.)

Jour. P. RYAN.

a. Maria Duce,"

5 Cavendish Row, Dublin. Irish Missionaries

It would be well to remember that English is not spoken by many of the natives of Burma, China, India, Korea, Oceanica, Nigeria, Rhodesia, Uganda, and other parts of Africa where Irish men and women missionaries are working. — "TROYTOWN."

Did Mendelssolut Die a Catholic ?

Did alendelssohn die a Catholic? The biographies by E. Wolff, 1909; W. Dahms, 1919; R. Werner, 1930, and I. Rich do not record that Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix, died as a Catholic. I feel sure if such was the case these biographers would have mentioned it — (Rev.) JOSEPH W. JUROWSKY, 15 Manley Road, Whalley Range, Manchester, 16.

Knox Old Testament The " educated English now

spoken " is not " timeless." Our descendants may smile at Samson who met a woman " that took his eye." They may also wonder if a 20th century Englishman would really have said: " Why must this hangdog fellow be allowed to curse my lord, the King." There is a "sitting on the fence" or a " falling between two stools " — but I don't think that it is mine !—Ex-Aset mast

St. Thomas More's Picture

Thanks to the immortal genius of Holbein, we know exactly what St. Thomas More looked like. Why then tease us with a hitty-missy woodcut which, like the coloured caricature on the cover of Extension Magazine, reminds one of Shylock !—Ivoa Han.

[Perhaps because the unfamiliar awakens where the familiar imloccs sleep.—Editor, C.H.1

They Miss the FUR

With the decline of the Church of England, the modern conception of family life (based on so-called " scientific " grounds) has taken shape and is now the accepted practice among society generally, with the exception of honest Catholics. From my observations, I would like to make a plea for the pathetic "only" child and the poor "spaced" children who miss a lot of fun out of life by having " intelligent" parents. --AN UNFASHIONABLE MOTHER.

Chaplain to P.O.W.s I served as a chaplain to German P.O.W.* and Austrian, German and German-speaking E.V.W.s the last three years, especially in the North of England. A short time ago I had to return to my abbey here. May I point out that the Rev. Fr. A.Muecke, S.A.C., German Church St. Boniface. Alder Street, Commercial Road, London, E.1., doing a certain part of my former area, will be very thankful for every help and information of the whereabouts of Austrian, German and Germanspeaking Volunteer Workers. — OSCAR LtICAS WAHI ER, 0.S.B., Trier/Mosel, French Zone, Abtei, St. Matthias.

More Food the Answer ?

I'm afraid the Authorities and the National Press have not " seen the light" as regards the dollar crisis.

It is surely obvious that the only satisfactory long-term solution lies in the production of more food in these islands.

Not a few townsfolk will have to overcome their aversion to hard work. and facing the elements and get out on the land. They will find consolations.—!.. BETHELL, c/o 31 Nursery Road, High Brooms, Tunbridge Wells.

Anglican Churches

To examine hymnbooks is not

an in fallible test. I have seen " The Notre Dame Hymnbook" lying about in more than one Anglican church, the ornaments and fittings of which would deceive even the elect. But an infallible test is to examine the lay-out of the sanctuary. If there is a rail and kneeling step just before the altar steps, as well as the rail and gates at the entrance of the chancel, the church is Anglican—MARY AuousTINE MILLER, 23 Kew Gardens Road, Kew, Surrey,

Parochial Pilgrhnage Fund I consider the suggestion put forward by Mr. Cox re a Pilgrimage fund to be both sound and practical, and I hope that if it is inaugurated in time for next year it may nothave slumped by the 'time the Vatican authorities shall have decreed that more English martyrs shall be canonised. — (Miss) E. A. EDMUNDS, " Wawanesa," East Witboring.

What Is the criterion of a Catholic vernacular hymn ?

The New Westminster Hymnal says that the " norm is the ancient office hymn " . . . plus the more popular canticles " of the homely Catholic services of the last 50 years."

Is (lie enclosed Boy Scout Hymn approved?

Not to our knowledge. As the name of God does not appear in its rather humdrum lines, we agree that it is not suitable for public worship.

Should the celebrant In the Roman Rite say the Canon of the Mass (except the words of consecration) in an audible voice at public Low Mass ?

No. " The priest so pronounces the words (of the Canon) that he can bear himself but not be heard by others near by . . . he must actually pronounce the words with his lips and tongue and not

merely read them . Or say them mentally " (O'Connell, Low Mass, p. 4), The silence is broken by the words Nobis quoque peceatoribus, formerly a signal to the sub-deacons at the Papal Mass. and by the concluding Per amnia saecuia saeculorum. which follows the Little Elevation, and invites the ratificating, Amen.

Should English Catholics in Germany keep Gemian Holy Days of Obligation?

They should observe those prescribed for the Universal Church. In a spirit of fraternal piety and courtesy they will naturally observe local festivals of obligation or devotion.

Why does the Catechism say " this likeness to God is " chiefly" in my soul," when God, as a Spirit. has no " body?"

Because we have bodies !

Is there still II Catholic " Back to the Land " movement ?

Consult the Guild of Catholic Farmers, Ivy Cottage, Princes Risborough, Bucks.

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