Page 1, 15th June 1945

15th June 1945
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Page 1, 15th June 1945 — No European Crisis If We Had

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Organisations: United Nations
People: Roosevelt, Mgr
Locations: Reading


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No European Crisis If We Had

Stuck To Our Promises—GRIFFIN The fate of Poland, the effective partition of Europe, the black-out behind the Russian lines, Syria—

these were given by the Archbishop of Westminster as examples of what happens when men do not stand by their own principles. His Grace\was speaking on the second day of thd " Christianity in Action " week in Reading.

" The various events that have happened in Europe and elsewhere have now made us realik how far are our difficulties from a real solution," said Mgr. Griffin. " We had hoped that by now Poland would have had a representative Government and that she would have had her full freedom and independence restored. It is ominous that no representative of Poland was present at the San Francisco Confer ence.

" We are disturbed by the partition of Europe into separate spheres of control and by the complete blackout that has fallen upon Eastern Germany, not to mention the-more sinister blackout that envelops Poland, the Balkans and

the Baltic States. Recent events in Syria also show us how far we are from real peace.

" At the beginning of the war we were given a sound lead by the present Holy Father. His well-known peace points were applauded even. by those who do not accept the Catholic Faith. Briefly. they establish the principles of international inter-dependence of one nation with another, of disarmament. [ of treaty revision, of the rights of teal . foundation of any moral inter

national agreement. To prevent misunderstanding 1 ought to point out perhaps that I do not advocate disarmament for this country except as a partner in a general disarmament agreement. 11' disarmament is to conic it must be a universal policy. We must be satisfied that other nations are prepared to carry out their agreements, and we must be very, very sure about it."

His Grace then went on to explain how the five peace points were publicly adopted by the Christian leaders of Great Britain. To these points were added five standards. He then spoke of the meeting between our Prime Minister and the late President Roosevelt, which resulted in the Atlantic Charter, an stated: " The statement issued, and the agreement arrived at, was hailed throughout the world as a great chafter of liberty and one on which it was hoped to establish peace in the world after the war. The Atlantic Charger was signed by the United Nations, including Russia."

His Grace then quoted the first three sections of the Atlantic Charter. These were received with acclamation. He then added : " If we compare these principles with what is happerfing in Europe and elsewhere we shall see how far Europe has drifted."

He then wens on to elaborate the eight principles which were drawn up in the recent stelteeent made lit' the

Hierarchy on " A Just a Utfitin8

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