Page 4, 15th June 1956

15th June 1956
Page 4
Page 4, 15th June 1956 — DAILY MASS GUIDE

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Organisations: Aloysius, French Parliament
People: Christ Himself
Locations: Paris, Rome


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SUN., JUNE 17. FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST. d. Creed. Preface of the Trinity. (Green.) MON., JUNE 18. St. Ephraem. Doctor of the Church. d. Comm. of SS. Mark and Marcellianus. Creed. (White.) TUES., JUNE 19. St. Juliana de Falconerils. d. Comm. of SS. Gervase and Prolate. (White.) WED., JUNE 20. Of the Sunday, Comm. of St. Silverius. No Gloria or Creed. Common Preface, ST. ALOYS1US GONZAGA ; 1565-1591. God forgive those responsible for this young man's pictures and statues looking as limp as a parboiled leek. He said of himself: " I am a piece of twisted iron, and I entered religion to get twisted straight." He was born into a world of adulteries and assassinations—two of his brothers were murdered and his mother was left stabbed in the street (but a dream of Aloysius cured her). The French Parliament protested against the introduction of the Gonzaga theatre-troupes into Paris where. it said, they would act simply as a school of debauchery for the young. The insane magnificence of r these Italian tyrant-clans could he kept up only by bleeding the peasantry white.

Conscious of his appalling ancestry and of so corrupt a society, Aloysius resolved to enter the "Company of Jesus," recently founded, because of its vow of poverty and promise to accept no ecclesiastical dignity. He was a prince of the Empire, and a kinsman of all the kings, so the abdica THURS., JUNE 21. St. Aloysius. (dG. re(eWiLl)tite.)

FRI., JUNE 22. St. Alban, Protoamairntyrus: (Red.)

Comm. of St. pul SAT., JUNE 23. St. Etheldreda. Comm. of the Vigil of St. John the Baptist. (White.) SUN., JUNE 24. The Nativity of .S(vit.I.I.uoteh.n) the Baptist. Comm. of the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost. Creed. Common Preface, lion of his marquisate and role as eldest son involved the lawyers and diplomats up to the Emperor himself.

He had hoped to serve in the Far East missions; but during the ghastly plague of Rome he found his service among the plaguestricken, carrying them to hospitals that had become sinks of blasphemy, obscenity and panic. He caught the infection and died aged 13.

He has been named Protector of young men and boys, especially to help them to control their sensual instincts; and if such control is difficult. neither Aloysius nor Christ Himself asks us to carry out soft jobs only. Pope Pius XI, speaking to me about something I had written on the saint, said: " You did right to show he was no weakling. He was a man of will—volonrarisa"

But no strength of personal will suffices in any part of the Christian life—Aloysius sought his strength, and found it. in prayer and in Holy Communion.

C. C. Martindale, S.J.

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