Page 10, 15th June 2001

15th June 2001
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Page 10, 15th June 2001 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' diaries

June 16 to 22

Centenary M. St Joseph's, Wenarky, Noon. Mort intervws & Fogagi. Tue London Church 1 earl

in' Mg, NO011. Wed: M sell. Si Margamt Clithemw. Stevenage. 2prn. Thu: Archhp's touncil, 10am-ham" Fri: until jgth June holiday. rchbIshop Nichols (Birmingham): Sun: C. Si dmundCanqato. Watlington, Iainl, E Vespers lehrating 160 years of Si Cathedral, 6 30put Men: National Office of Vocations Mtg. University Puplains, Mug. Arclibp's HIe. Warn_ Thu: Solemn Vier I ksheation. Si Gerard's, Castle Vak, 7prit Archbp's Council Mtg. 9.30on. Centenary M, I loly family. Small Heath, 7.31Ipm. S,iI1,6:siva] of [low cis M. Our lady's. Bulking-ma 6pin.

Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun: V M. St Gregory. Chorley, 0.10ani. I am, 6.:10prit Tue: Golden Jubilee M, St Munica. Bootle, 7.30pra. Wed: M with retired anti elderly people. Cathedral Ipm. Merseyside & Region Chinch Ldrs' Civic Reception I:pool Aniallocesan (7entn: for Evan gelisation, tipor V. St Gmgary's Primary Sch. Chorky, Idam. V. St Otwald's Primary Sch. Longton, I pm. M of Thanksgiving, St Alphonsus.

7.30pm. M to mmir retirement of Arvislitsai of Schs.L'pool Archdiocii Centre For Evangelisatiall.ipm Sat: An.fidnen J&P Assembly. Si Mary. Lowe Hse, St lickrts, 2pin.

Bishop P Pargeter (Wham auxin: Sun: M. St Arate's.Chelansley Wood, I I -10am. 'AVM 'nth. dral. 6.30pm. Tue: Silver Jubilee Celebrations. Biccster, 7pra. Wert Pasiond For= Mtg. Maryvale, I lam. Lourdes Cliee Mtg, Cathedral. 7_30por. Thu: V Sch, Kenilworth. 2p111. C. Kenilworth. 7. ittorn. Fit Anchbp's Council Mtg. 9.1firtra Bible See Mtg. Ilarteme. Noon.

T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: V & C. Grays. Thu: E Prayer Mtg. Bres Hse. ken. Bible Society. Colchester. 12. itkari. Fri, Dedication or Flarmony lise.1)ugenhant. 1 lam. Migsinterviews, Cathedral Ilse. pm. Sat: Funeral M. Stuck, I lam. Bishop D I ang (r 'gran t Sun, M. IlnipFamily. Patchway , Bristol. I lam. Tue: M for Primary Sch leavers, Clifton Catliedral. Bristol, I lam.Mtg with Vice/Choixellor of Bristol University with effect Mau 1st Sept MIL St Ambrose. Leigh Woods, Bristol, C. Si Bernard's, Shirehampton. Bristol. 7.30pro Wed: Mtg of Diocesan Tniones.. Cathedral. Bristol, 10.30antm. C. Si John the Baptist TIM'. bridge, 7_30pm. Th: Mtg of Race for Opportunity SW Patrons. Advisory Board ni GWR Int Ruda., Bristol. 8am. Da en Seln (Minna ssion miji Cabelira!, Bristol. Il.1.30am. C, Si Joseph's, Portishead, 7.30pm. Hi: M. St 'Thomas More Sub Hortield, Bristol. 9_14kun. C, Si (iregoty. Cheltenham I lam. Bishop P Smith (East Anglia): Sun: V. Hutishmtun, Norfolk. Mon: Priests in Service Away Week in Men dle, France.

Bishop A Griffiths i Ilouliun & Newcastle Sun: M. St Newcaole, 830:int I Gam. 7pm. llea: Primary I kads Conference. I dew Colle5e9.30ani. "Shared Vision" talk at Eerryhill: All Saints. 7pm. Wed: Presentation of the Vision, Sunderland, Si Miuy's Churl:11.70u 'Thu: Day of Recollection. Amport Hse, Hampshire, Fri: C. Si Ruben. Morpcth. 7pm. SAT: M Sr Youth 2000, Cannel Sch. Darlington, ions

Bishop V Malone f L'pool auxin: Sun: C, St fir. abeth. Litherland. II aro. Mon ThuRetreat Hireley Hall, I reds Fri: M to mark retirement Arch

diocn Schs 1hr, Archdiocn Centre for Evangelisation, pin. Sal: V M. Holy Funtly. Plad Bodge 6 illpro. Old Xasieran Dinner, I:pool, tipm.

Bkhoa J Crowley (MitialcsbrouaM Sun. C. St Mary 's Crathome, 9.30ant. Pilgrimage to Lady Chapel, Osrmitherley, 2pm LOCO] E Covenant, Hutton Rodhy. 5pro. Mon: 40th Anniversary of 0, St Aelred's York. 7pm. Tue.: M and lunch with Retired Clergy, York, 1210n Wed: Bps' Council. Bp's lire. 10.30ain. Schs Review. Consultation with Govran leadteachers, York. 7pin. Thu: !Jay of Recollection, Crossheek Consent. 10.30am. C, Sacred HC1.111. Howden. 7pm. Fri: M & Soh V. Sacred Henn, NI triltallenon, 'Sun. Sat: Retreat for Religiose,. liar Convent York. amipm.

Bishop K McDonald (Nickel iptont Mon' Mtgs. Bp's Hse, 10 _4(len Nitg Aylesbury Dcanery Clergy, Great Missenden. 345pm. C. re1111111S Crust. 7.30pm. Tile: Council 011h-eons. Woburn Sands, 10.45am C. St Augustine, High Wycombe. 7.30piti. Thu: Mtgs. Bp's Hs, 5.31Jpor. C. Beaconsfield, 7.30pm. En: Primary Sch Teachers' RE. Conference. Milton Keynes, 6.31)ani. Chapter, Cathedral Hue. 11 _45urn. Youth Art Exhibition. Cathedral. 7pm. Sat: M &Opening of Art Exhibition. Cathedral. 10am. M for Silver Jubilee, Northaniplon. I 2..1Ilprn.

Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sun: Dimesan [grinner. to Our Indy, Shrine. Walsingham Norfolk_ Wed: 0 to the Diaconate. Finla College, Rom. Sae Annual M. 11CM. Cathedral Hall, Nottingham. 12.s400.

Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth c Sure V. St Falmtior I. Southampton. Mon: 01. of to Assummion & Si Edward Ilan Con lessor, Lyndhurst. Golden Jubilee M of Thanksgiving. 7pm. 1)incesan Council of Priests Mtg. 10.1(kinv C. Si Joseph's. Maidenlead. 7.311pm. Wed: Priests & People Board Mig, London I lam. Thu: Bp's C'nee for &rope, Item, tion.Wourister, 6pol hi: Bless New Classrooms, St -11:resn's Primary Sch. Wokinehani. 2pm C, Corpus Christi, Wokingbani. 7pm. Sai: M for Bournemouth, Council of KSC. (IL Queen of Peace, Southboome, I lam

Bishop T Bmin (Sulked): Sun until 24th June. V, Si Luke's Institute, Maryland. USA. Bishop It Noble iShrewsburvg Sun: V. St Stu tour's. Gt Sutton. Man-Ed: Clergy Rene:LSI Benno's, Fri: C. St Retie's, Weav erl taro 7pm. Sat: St Werburgles Deanery Day. St Columbia's. (lic-ster. 10.30am.

B/sbop J Hine (S'vra irk AuxinSun: C. Si Thomas of Canterbury. Sevenoaks, I IL Snot. C. New Cross Chaplaincy. Amersham, Spin. Inc. Mtg ot the Kent Schs' Commission, The Hermitge. Vs'est Mailing, 2.15pm. M. Si Justu.s, Paddock Wood, 7.30prn. Wed On-rt.:fling Rimuttion of Priests Day. Aylesford, 111.30am. 0. Aylesford Priory. 7pm. Fre St Anselm's Sch. Canterbury for Ed Faun Distinction Award, 9.30uni Diacorutua O. St Simon Stock, Welders:Mile 7.30pm. Sat Diaconate: 0.S1 Augustine's. Abbey Ramsgair. piii

FILshop H Tripp (Ywurk Auxin: Sun: C. Chessington. liIttn, C, Wimbledon, lprn

Bhhop J O'Brien IWuuiisini. F,euntenical and Inter-latth relations): Sun; C. Shepoliall. I I am. C. St linen's. North Watfrad, 7.30poi The: Head

Teaela,r,' C.'ravairliurn, SI Anne's Else, 2pm. Wed: Margand Clitheruw Sch, Stevenage, 2pm. C, Queen of All Creation, Hemel Hempstead. 730pm. Thu: Cardirud's Council. Archhp's Ilse, 10am. Fri: C. Sacred Flout Church, flerklionsted School cele

bration. 7.111NI Sal ( 'up Presentation. Royston. pm.

Bishop P ()Donaghne ON Minster. Clergy and the Consestited Life Y. Sun: Womiwoxl Serubbs Prison (Father's Day 61). Sant Mon: Lewd Nolan Resit, Mtp, Wminstet. Mini Tor: Upper Thames Deanery. Whitton. I lam. Wed: Intern., kleworth. I Ian. Si Mary's Convent. Brenfford lrealee, 4pm. Si Milry'S College. Strawberry Hill, Lord Alton lancture, 7pm. Thu: Archhp's Council Mig. Westminster. Ilium. St John Fisher, Shuppenon. 6.30prn. Fri C. 54:wred Heart, leddington, 7.30pm.

BIshop A Roche 1,18"minster. Pasts al Affairs I: Tao: C. London fFrarory Sch. fipta. Thu: Archhp's Courted Mtg, lUant. Fri: Gives Preordination retreat at VEC Rome till Thu 28th June.

Bishop F Widuraley (Forces): Tim: V Second Sea Lord and Me Chaplin of the fleet Portsmouth Naval Rase, lpin Wed: C. RAF Helton. 7pm. lb.: Royal Army C'haplain.s* Dpi. Dinner Airport Ilse, Andover. 7 30pm.

WALES Bishop D Idaho Menesiag Man-Tim: Belmont Ahbry tor Menevia Clergy Ciatheiing. Saturday: Oakwood Leisure Park with Family Life Ministry.

Bishop MJaIxded:tairljutor.Meneviag Sun: 01.u( the hastily Ammimford 1.0am. Mon Tim: Belmont Abbey or Menevia Clergy Gathering. Thu: C. Sacred I lean Morristrat 73Upm. Sae Belmont Assn-AGM. and dinner.

Bishop E Regain (Wrenhariii: Sun: Cardiff F.2:11 Deanery Corpus Christi Celebration. Nazareth Ilse. Mon: Cardiff. Toe, Lug wardine. Cardiff. 10.111ani C. St Fieter's. Cardiff 7300n. Wed: Mig Church Leaders with Rhudri Meagan, Cardiff. 2pm. C. Ifoly Family, Cardiff. 7,.,n. Thu: Opens new oh St Cuthherf Cardill. 4.30am. C. Llay, Wretham. 7.30pin. Na: C. Llandudno, \Medea,. 7pm. Sat: Vellum Ceremony. Barry Lifeboat 11.45am, Key: M-Mass.C-ConlIrmation. V-Visatation, 0Ordination. Mtg-bleeting. Sell-School. ES. Ecumenical Service.

We regret Unit we mono( guarantee nw indmion Rishops• engagements received later than indthin) ii. I he \ londa3 prior to publication.

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