Page 2, 15th March 1946

15th March 1946
Page 2
Page 2, 15th March 1946 — HEWSON.-On March 11th, 194e, Dorothy Rears-ice, beloved wife of E.

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HEWSON.-On March 11th, 194e, Dorothy Rears-ice, beloved wife of E.

A. J. flewson, of F1nohley. Funeral. March 116th. 10 a.m.. St. Philip's. Finchley. R.I.P.


A DONATION. no matter how sman, would olo he much appreciated by Carmelite nuns in Iceland.-Karmeltrysturnar. Karmelklanslur, Hafnarfiordur, Iceland AFRENCH family denims to send their son (age 18) to England for 9 to 12

months. Can an Enslish (Amite rceeive him? An ekithange for a boy or girl would be entertained, guaranteed good home near Paris with a farm attached. For parecutars write to 130% 571.

A ()RF.AT seeing, suite. overcoat'.. coetunws, IT turned equal to new from 75s. New lists free. Good clothea need hishost grade super tailoring, save coupons.-Walkers Scientific Turning and Tailoring works Ltd.. Dept. 59, 46, Ilford Lane. Ilford, Essex. Mord 132(1.

F()REIGN STAMPS. Catholic hooks. newsrepro, periodicals. Christmas Cards, WANTED FOR l'HE MISS1ONS.-Srial direct to Rev. Fr. Henry Weatropp, S.J.„ St Xavier'a Fraser Road, Patna, India.

I RELAND eehIin. " All-In " tours includ• ins excellent hotels. catering (full and plenty). extairsions. etc.. aLso Independent

holidays arranged.Itgcrootional Travel Bureau. Commercial Buildines, Dame Street, Dublin.

" LMT week. lor the first time in three. yrare. my wile was able in do her own hall and PUt on het Own coat.(Lcttcr from Lincolnshire, praising " Sun-Spa " Sails). If you suffer from rheitmatistn. lumbago, sciatica. gout, or hist ordinary " tummy a Is. 6d tin of " Sian-Spa • Salts from YOUr saucer rim chemist to-day. or send It. bd postal order, with your name and addreas and chemitel Or grocer's addrese. for ii full-sized tin direct to makers, Joseph

Langford and Si" Ltd Bishop Aucklund. County Durham

-MOSFaS. humped or athematic, remodelled o I to suit the lace, without detection. Outstanding cars Mermancntly set back. Red veins, moles, linea round the eyes, or pre. maturely aged faces treated. Experience of over 25 Years of ticatmeno. Write for an appointment for free consultation. Box " C.H "„ co Speen Service Ltd_ 69. Fleet Street London Er.4,


▪ Melo-Write Ridako, Chemlets, Ltd.. Were, 3111„ 242. Lytham Road, Blackpool. QI ANTHONY'S Bit 1.. AO Donuts prayed for daily —Consent or the Good Shepherd. Saltash. Cornwsli


OROTHERS Or OUR LADY tae MERCe %TOUT HS and men aged ifi to 25 years

▪ Possessing the necessary qualifications as to character health and ethicatien wishing to devote their lives to the service of God In the education of youth should apply to:The Rev Br. Provincial. St Aloysius College. London. N.6

EI)UCA Tit tra A

r(f)RRESPONDE.NCP Conmes: Church • Latin. philosophy. apologetics and other stubiecia. Write for syllabus and temts.C. 0. Mortimer, DA Oxon. 2, White Buildinge, Lae-on-Solent.

SCF-11)0L of Thmiestic Science run on modern lines. Canoricssos of St. Augustine, Filseem Road, Si. Loonerds-on-Sea.Apply Rev. Mother.



Oak, Professional Housekeeper. Dietitian.

Caterer. Ceniticd Bookkeeper. Hotel Recce. tioniat. Rapid successful post-personal courses. Appointment Sweatt, Brochures 3d. -Secretory. Southern Training College.

Withdcan. Brighton.


AN and wife or individual 10 manage “4Youth Holiday Home. All duties. Soso ford-on-Avon.-Applications giving ages. qualifications. experience of youth organising and house management to Secretary. 106. Moseley Road. Birminghtun, 12. EDUCATIONAL ESSEX EDUCATION COMMITTEE. BOROUGH OF BARKING.

St. Ethelburga'a Catholic Mixed Secondary


A young man and a young woman certifi

cated teacher are required smmediatcly for the above school. Applicants must be prepared to build up MT. and games aolvkles in the school. Ability to play the piano a valuable recommendation. Burnham scale plus London allowance. Ample scope for energetic penonality.-Application forms may be obtained b+ sending a stamped addressed foolscap envelope to the underlie:led. WingCommander W. S. Dailey, Headmaster. St. Ethelburga's Secondary School. Barking Tgb E.SIDENT tenor wanted, May, non

Catholic family. quiet manor house,

9 miles Dorchester. Usual subjects (French. Spanish, interest in carpentry an adtantage): might suit foreigner. State terms-Box 568, 14 YE St. Antony (secular) School. Pullen's LI' Lane, Oxford (54 boarders, 9--17). desires as front April 270), competent. Practical, lady as housemietress-mairon, to work In with Priocirkais, S.R.N. Sister, and house-misoess. Clsaege of girls' clothes. mending classes, house-linen, etc.; tupervise housework, etc. Good needlework and personal interview essentials. Salary 020 P.A. Or by capacity.Apply, Miss Rendall, Senior Principal. Tel. Oxford 6302.


Qualified headmistreas of following echoed required: Stafford St. Patrick's R.C. huger mixed School. No. on Roll 137 Grade II. Form of application (which should be retumid by Marsh 2615) can be obtained from Director (M.), Courtly Education Offices. Seaford. by sending sem:tined addressed foolscap envelope. Completed applications to be forwarded to Rev. B. Kelly. St. Patrick's. Stafford. Candidatee receiving no reply by April 300 may il&tillnle VaetlileY filled.

QT. Mary Magdalen's, Mortlake, London, S.W.I4. Wanted Immediately, infant teacher (music desirable). London rate of pay-Apply The Very Rev. Canon Gibney. St. Mary Magdalena. Nortb Worple Way. Mortlake. S W.14.


A COMFORTABLE home for two RIM as

ro cook-general and house-parlourmald.

Modern house, own bedroom and bathroom. Good wages and outing..-Mrs. R. Vinet, 4, Clarendon Road, Fulwood, Sheffield, 10. Tel. 32048.

CAPABLE help required for modern house. I.." Good home. Help given with rough work. Good references needed. Highest wages paid.-Apply Woolf. 23, Crestalany Road, Ilendon Central, N.W.4.

COOK-GENERAL (live it) for Done of

I-1 3 (adults). Modem Rat (central heating). Docent wages and conditiono regular time off-Write S. Shekhory, 6. cropthorne Coon, London, W.9. DOMESTIC hcep MAttired by Youna couple for small modern house, carpeted throughout; no cooking or washing whatever required: good wages and outings. First baby expected in July.—Write. stating sac and waites required. to Mm. Graham, II, Michleharn Dawn, Woodside Park.

I TALIAN Courdeaa (English by birth) weeks a Catholic nursery governess, with some experience, aged 30 to 40, for three children of 6, 5, and 3 years of age. Italian maid he/pa in nursery. Venice and country house near Vicenza: mountains and Verrice Lido lei summer: Rome occasionally. 14 days' annual holiday on full PAY to British Isles. lout-nay paid. Good wages in Reeling, with periodical rise and pension if satisfactory. Good poa for serious-minded, eventemeored, willing Catholic,—APolY by letter to Rog 557 for interview with advertiser's mealier near London.

%TARRIED couple (middle-aged), wife as ▪ T-T• domestic help 51, days: husband as all

round handyman, motor driver. commercial. an advantage (Bradford district). Modernised furnished cottage prodded. State full particulars and refs.--Box 566.

reawo maids wanted for boys' school. £100 per year (each), Live in. Refs.-Box 573.

WANTED. capable woman to help with household duties. good home. good wages, 4 in family.-Freedraaro 67. Brookland" Read. Prestwich, Manchester. !WORKING housekeeper wanted. Modern T house, 3 adult' in family. Deity help kept.-7. Courtleigh Gardens. Golden Green, London, N.W.11. Speedwell 5355.

SITU A I 1,1 MS W A ram nENTS.' tailoring and outeuina. branch manager. family man, age 42. K.S.C„ seeke agemod position. multiple or tarivale. errs district. 18 year* managing experience bestsoke, girls' and outfitting. 5 years present poet.-Box 572. WELL-educated young man. es-RAP.. TT age 26. married. reOuires Progressive potation, preferably printing, publishing. or

photographic trades. London area. Box 569.

BOOKS. Second-hand Catholic hooke bought. any quantity. Write with list and price reausred. Whole libraries bought and visited by appointmern.-DUCKETT. 140, Strand. London, W.C.2. DLSABLED ex-Serviceman, wants ladles' or gent's left-off codling: best Prices given.-liateWOOd. 34, Poplar Street, Liverpool,


I..IISTORY of Ireland. by Revd. E. A. D'Alton. in 6 volumes. aPPros. 1,800 ages. Profusely Profusely illustrated. Beautifully . ID Om—Conway. Eamb. Huntiageon. (Continued on page 5)


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