Page 12, 15th March 1974

15th March 1974
Page 12
Page 12, 15th March 1974 — Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Sairoday• Lectures te Guild nt

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Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Sairoday• Lectures te Guild nt

Social Workers. Sunday: Parochial Visitatinn end Confirmation Wheathamostuail Wednesday: Education Commission maetin. HOUSE/. 11. Thitraday.F ii ,:.lahite and Bedfordshire Fraritiertiral ,imativo Conunithre meeting. Dioces.m Wm/W. 10 30.

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday: Justice and Peaee Com mission. Saturday -Monday: Deanery Vamation Harrow Monday: Con • ..i•ation, Grahame Park. 7.30. Tuesday: Le

Sisters of the Poor Portobello Road IMItleri Jubilee. Mass. 10.30 St Thomas More Upper School Mass, 8. Wednesday' Council i)f. Administration 11, bleasing school. Wembley.. 7 Thursday: Gametal roaming. Ealing Deanery.

Bishop Guarzelli, Auxiliary of Westmioster Friday: Renewal, Bishop of Ed ,..iitell 6. Governor, meeting St Bernard s . hoot 10: Vigil. St Francis College, bworth Saturday: St Patricks, Soho. Sunday: National Conferenct,. Grail 8

• adaY. UCM Highleigh, Hodclesdon, 9.30. ilnesdeV• Catholic Bible Aesociation. Montfort Fathers. Oidiriatiee Thuraday• asts" Meeting. Grail. 10: Kensington tioariery Station. 8,

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham 01dayConfirmation and Benediction.

-dnesford. 4: atienda United Service for -ay/ Initiative. Erdington Abbey. 6.45. Monday: Mie:s for St Patrick. St Chart a Cathedral. 12.55. Thursday: Station Mass, Si Mary s Coventry 730 Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Bir mingham M:r Conti, Inn S1 John. Klifswhy, 11 15; Confr I IIiris ;nut Fh■riottil.lithil. Fnit,IlsIi MartyrS 3 Monday: VIsor.,11U1) C011ege. NIA Staffordshire Tiresdiry. Celehretas Mass and preaches, Si Chart s Calltedral, 12 55: Celebratea Maas arid preaches. St Mary', 13ionattiliam 7 30 Werfaeaday. Visitation sick and school, Si Joseph's. Chasetown. 2.30; Celebrates Mass. St Joseph's, Chesetown, 7 Thursday: Addresses Newman Society, Hanley. Stoke on Trent.

Bishop Emery, Alcditry of Birreiriglawri-Sunday! Mass and Coafitiiiirtioas, Holy Rosary Saltley, 10: Confirmations and 1341.11-91T11011. Holy Family. •Sinall Heath. 3 Moriday. Conceleitieres Mast, St Chad s Cathedral. 12.45. Tueettay: Lenten Station Marrs. St Anne's Caversham 7 30 Wednesday. Free Critirch Federal Council loinch Coventry, 12.30 Thursday! Meelina Priem, Schools Consultative Committee Oima 11 Leith." SI,tjrnnn Mts. Si Peters Leamington 7 30.

Archbishop Beck of LiverpoolMonddy Cuocelebraies Holy Year Mass for Garstun Deanery. St Chrislooliees, SPeke. 7.30 Tuosliay• Presides iplit preaches at Mass. St Joseph's Callege. 1.?ia Holland. a.m.: C1,11[10Tebrittif.S 11,11V Y11,3t MaSh Si James Boma 7 30 Wednesday. Celebrates Guild of St Nicholas Mass, 5.45. Thursday. Meetino io Curial Cifficea, in n.. Serro •• • r Birch 1-101/Se Mossiny Hilt 6 30. Bishop Harrill, Auxiliary of Liverpool CC),,CtIlebrate5 Mess for Si

,Ioick's Day Cathedral, Liverpoot, 5

I uesday. Concelebrates Mass. Little Sisters of the Poor. Aigburth. 10. Concelebrates Deanery Mass. St Anne's, Ormskirk, 7.30. WednesdayMeeting of New Parishes and Boundaries Commission 10.30. administers CinilorrndIim. SS Peter and Paul Crosby, p.m_ Thutsday: administers Confirmation, St Helen's. Crosby. p.m.

Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sanday: Presides toil ineacties at Mass. Si irriesds PenWortham, 10,30: Celebrates Mass and preaches. 5. Monday: Meeting of Council of Aditairearation at Curial Offi-ces. ' 10 30: confers Confirmation during Mass in the Pariah of Holy Cross, Livermail, 7.30. Tuesday: Concelebrates Mats In Up Holland Crinege, I 1: Confers Confirmation dining Miitig, St Joseph's Chorley. 7.30. WedeasilayVisits schools and srck. Si Catherine S. karindlon. 10.30. Contras CMfir,ation daring Mass in Ora Lady's Eldon Street, I iverpool. 7.30 f harsday: Concelebrates Mass in Our Lady's Parbolti, on 11,0 refISt KA St Elt,t/efliCt 11. Confers Conlatent ion during Mass id St Sylvester's, Lrverrion,1 7.30.

Bishop Cowderoy of Southwark Sunday. Mass. Visitation and Confirmation Sacted Heart. Walla:Mon 3 Monday Lenten Station Mass Streatham. 8 Tuesday: xtrin. and Confirmation Streatham Hill, l Em Wodoesday Meeting of Churches Main Committee. 2.30. Thursday: Lenten Stollen Mass Si Mdly Choy 8 Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwarkfriday• Visitation mad Contemotion Beckenham Hill 7 30 .Saturday• Visit:moo, Piumidoad p.M. SlIndaY: ViSita

tl011 and Confirmation Plumatead, 3.30. Moralay Meeting nit Diocesan Finance Corn 1■■•rt.aloy Holy Year Station

i aIy.Thiasi1dyVisiatien and v1,wor,,East Bishop Warlock of Portsmouth Saturday' Returns from, Rome, p.m.; Family Circle National Conference. The Grail, Pinner. Suriday.MonClay. VisitatiOn add Corliirmzmon, English Martyrs, Reading. Monday: Celebratres Mass for Catholic Students. Rowing' University. 8 Wednesday. Alton end Aidersent Deanery meeting, Si Lacy's Convent. Medstearl 3. Celebrates Holy Year Sian.. Mass 1G,T Alton Deanery, St Mary's, Alton, 7. Thursday: Pensions Committee meeting. Archbishop's House. Westminster, 1 I. Celebrates Holy Year Station Mass for Rending Deanery, St James', Reading. 8, Bishop Grant of Northampton f twiny: Missionary Education Committee Council. 2.30 Saturday-Mondily: Visitation and Cotifilmatinn. Marlow Tuesday: Holy YPar Lorton Station Et-tar-fiord.

Bishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton Friday' Deanery Station Maas Our lady owl the English Martyrs.

C.ImIn Saftp,hiy Mertitnj u/ Norfolk Ei-renenical Confereace, Sunday: Visitation and Confirmations Clare Suffolk. Tuesday:

Speaks at A-milk:au Burnham and Walsingham Deanery. Wednesday: Ipswich School's Consortium, Thursday: CTS Executive Committee meeting

Bishop Ellis of Nottingham Friday: Catenian Diamond Jubilee Dinner. Nottinoham Sunday: 'Visitation and Confirmation. Si Joseph's, Stavelcy. Tuesday: Lonic ni S1.ili1111 Mass, St Joseph's Denby VVednesday: Lenten Station Mass. St John Bosco. Leicester. Thursday: Lenten Station Mass Hely Trirety. Newark Bishop McGuinness, Coadjutor of Nottingham Friday. Meeting of Ecclesiastical Education Commission, Bishop s House. 3. Saturday: Concelebrates Mass St Patikk's Leicester, 11 animal dinner: St Patrick s, Leicester, 7.30. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Lulterworth. Tuesday. Lenten Stamm Mass St Joseph's. Retfincl, 8. Wednesday: Lenten Station Mass Sacred Heart, Leicester, B. Thursday: I rearm Station Mass, Swadlincote, 8. Bishop McClean of filiddiesbrough Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St Wiifrids Hull. Monday: Bishop Brunner Anniversary Mass. Cathedral, Middlesbrough, 7.30 Tuesday. Mass. Si Juseph•s sound Loftus. 9 30. Wednesday: Divinity Examinations, Endsleiah College. Hull: Celebrates Deanery Mass, Holy Cross, Cottingham, Thursday: Meeting ot Council et Priests. Ampleforth. 11: Celebrates Deanery Mass. Siocrf/C1 Heart, Hornsea.

Bishop Holland of Safford Saturday: Diocesan Covenant Scheme annual general meeting, Stella Maris Club, Salford, 3. Sunday: Visitation. St Thomas More. CrawshawImam 10 07 Tuesday: Visits St Reda s Collage Manchester, 12. Wednesday: Visits school ond sock. I ioly rarr,ily. Limeside, 10.30; Lenten Station Mass, St. Cuthbert's, Withington, 8. Thursday: Schools Commission, 10.30; Lenten Station Mass, St. Anne's, Blackburn, 8.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Friday. Anijiuns Visilulinnni. St Mary's. Ashtonunder.Lyne. 2.15. Sunday: Visitation 11, Confirinahnn 3, St Mary's, Ashton-under:Lynn Wednesday: Lenten Station Mass. C0fpus Christi Priory, Miles Platttng, 8. Nur stiar Schools Commission. 10.30.

Bishop Rudderham of CliftonFriday: Sherift s Reception, Council House. Bristol. Wednesday: Confirmation. Holy Cross. Bristo1.7 Bishop

Alexander, Aintffiery of Clifton Tuesday Pastreal C-enhie i Lis,unn Cammime, 7.30. Wednesday: Day of Recollec, lion, Castle Caly Convent, 11a.131. ,:3 0;.Cr: jit Thehdurre.1 Youth Club play. plowman H sday: Taunton and District Council of Clued-ars 7 30.

Bishop Restleaux of Plymouth -Sunday: Mass and Visitation, St Peter's, Plymouth, 11: Confirmation. St Peter's, Plymouth, 3 fuesdayr Senior Schools Music Festivai, Buckram Abbey. 2.30: Lenten Station Mass. St Peter's. Plymouth, 7.30. Wednesday: Lenten Station Mass, Newton Abbot. 7,30. Bishop Casey of Brentwood -Fna.e, gC„onnesreacirates Church of St Joi-.1 fElOn Plitilewell. 7 30 Satarday: Chairs aimuai

meeting of Diocesan Covenant Scheme.. Majestic Ballroom, South Wood turd, 37 Mass, St Anne Line, South Wood ford. 5 Sunday: Offers Mass, St Petrick 's Walthamstow. Mourlay. Holy Year Deanery Mass, Our Lady of Lourdes, Leigh-on-Sea, 8 Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation. Si Timmer, Mire Debated Wednesday' Holy Year Deanery Mass. St Teresa's, Leaden, 8. Thursday: Visitation and Confirmation. St James the LeSS and St Helen, Colchester.

Bishop Undsay, Auxiliary of Hexham end Newcastle Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Patrick's. Ryhope, 3. Tuesday: Finance Committee, Bishop's House. Newcastle. 2.30. Visitation and CurtfirmatiOn, St Mary'a, Sunderland, 7. Wednesday: Feast Day Mass. Ushavv. 9.

Tin nit sthry of Priests, Marie Reparatrice Convent, Newcastle. 11. Friday, Call to the North. Liverpool, 11.30.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Concelebration. St John's, Nurmanton, 7.30. Saturday: Vocation interviews. 10, reception. Bradford Knights of St Columba Golden Jubilee, 7.30, Sunday: Visitation and Conf,•

Our Lady of Good Counsel, H. sforth, 10.45. Monday Lenten Station M:i. St Roberts. Harrogate. 7.30. Tuesil Consecration of First Martyrs, Brat-if...I 1.311 Wednesday: School Mass, Si John Fisher School. Dewsbury 11. Tbilisi lay • School Mass. Batley Carr. 11; Lenten Station M355, St Anne's, Keighley, 7.30. Bishop Foley of Lanpaster Safi irrldy• St Patrick's Night Celebrations. Morecambe, 6.30. Sunday:Visitation 10.30, Confirmation 2.30. Om Lady lif I (ponies, Carnforth Tuesday: Consecrates St Joseph's Church. Preston, 11. Wednesday: Lenten Station Mass. St Mary's. Fleetwood. 7.30 Bishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancaster Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Joseph's. Friaington, Tuesday: Opens extensions to St Joseph's School, Workington Wedriesilay Concelebrates Station Mass. St Bernadette's, Lancaster, 7.30.

Bishop Grasar of Shrewsbury Friday. Dim:le:H(1 I Miner:al Commission. Crewe, 6.30. Monday: Visits Oscott College. Tuesday: Lenten Station Mass, Weavetham. Thursday: Administration Board meeting, Crewe. Thursday: Lenten Station Mass St LauTer/Ce. Birkeril mad Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsary -Friday:10Rome. Wednesday: Lesatij,oass.0.rdystockport.

8. Thursday: Administration Board meeting, Crewe; Lenten Station Mass. St Alban's. Liscard. 8 Bishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton Fiiday Celebrates Lenten Station Mass, ST Joseph's. Guildford, 8. Sunday: Addresaes Ecumenical Service and attends 'St Patrick's Day Parade, Caterham Barracks. Surrey, Monday: Celebrates Lenten Station Mass, Our Lady of Lourdes, Rottingdnan. Smarting of Diocesan Council of Ad ministration, Bishop's House, Hove. Tuesday: Consecrates St Joseph's Church. Epsom. 7. Wednesday: Celebrates Lenten Station sch4,0jasfs:.. 7S:,5ti. Mary ry Worthing. 7. Thursday VisinaSt Richard's School Bexhill:

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