Page 8, 15th March 1985

15th March 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 15th March 1985 — 0 a Ordinelon, m Mn. v Visitation, C Confirmation.

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Organisations: Addresses Diocesan SeCOridary School, Upholiand Northern Institute, Fareham Deanery Penitential Service, Council of Clergy, Priests' Assembly, Legion of Mary, St Elizabeth's College, Service Of Reconciliation for Doe, Institution of Acolytes, Service Of Reconciliation, Jersey Deanery Penitential Service, Catechelical Centre, Children's Society, Si Joseph's Secondary School, Guernsey Deanery Penitential Service, Board of Aaminiatration, Old People's party, St Joseph'a Church, Diocesan College of Consultors, Teachers Study Si Joeoph's Centre, Notre Dame College, Liverpool Institute of Higher Education, Synod Pinning Committee, Lay Centre, Thweday MOD Anesory Committee, Si Gregory's High School, University Council, VICAnnIn Pastoral Council, Ss John & Elizabeth Hospital, Diocesan Marriage Tribunal, MAlpholland College, Upholland College, House of Commons, Fraley George Andrew Fund


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0 a Ordinelon, m Mn. v Visitation, C Confirmation.

Cardinal Hume. Archbishop ol Westrninew Sunday Synod Pinning Committee, Rome /Return). Council ol Diocesan AI lairs mender: CDA TuesdetaWrdnesday: CDA, am European Bishops ICCEE) Meeting Uphollarid, pm_ Thuredry M, Ealing Abbey Friday. M. for Eduadion Staff, Wilfred Street, 11.305M Reception tor Sr Keating, Ss John & Elizabeth Hospital, 6 30pm Saturday: Reception for Choir School Appeal, 12 noon.

AreheiM100 Bowen of Southwark Monday: Mooting with President Julius Nyerere of Tanzanla, Central London; M. St Joseph's Cellege, Beulah Hill. lipm. Tuesday: C. Rainharn St Augustine's, Bans Friday: Dr/season [city Commission M and meeting. Archbishop's House, 7 30pm Archbishop Cows de Munalle of Birmingham Sunday: V & C. Corpus Christi, Headington. Tuesday: C, St Margaret Mary, Perry Common. ?pm. Wednesday; Marriage Encounter M, St Ambrose Barlow, Hall Green, I Mom Thursday Meeting 01 Head Teachers, Blessed. George Maple, School, Banbury Satufday• V 0 C. Our Lady ft the Assumotam, Maryvale Archbishop Mod ol Cardiff Sunday: V Patrick's, Newport Tuesday. Chapter M, and installation of new honorary Canon, followed by Meeting at Archbishop's House, 1 lam Station M. St Alban's, C.ardilf, 7.30pm Thursdey,

Station M, Commissroning of Seer:Jai Ministers, Most Holy Tnnity, Ledbury. 7 30pm. Friday: Station M. Our Lady of the Rosary Merthyr TONI, 7.10pm Archbishop Womack of Liverpool Sunday; Blessing of Church end consecration or attar. Sr Bartholomew's, Rainhiii. 11 en Monday: Meeting. Christ'. & Notre Dame College, 11.30am. Tuesday: SI Joseph's Day celebration,, upholland College, am Preparatory meeting for European Bishops Meeting, Uph011and Northern inelitute, pm. Wednesday: Meeting Continued, Upholiand Northern Institute Meeting of Amsoalation of Lay Centre,, Console Convent, Liverpool. 4.45pm_ Thursday Northern Church Leaders COnsultatinn, Seargel House, Yorkshire, 1prri, Friday Northern Chetah Leaders Consultation continued. Seal-gal House, Yorkshire Meeting of Michaelmens Group. Curial Offices, 5pm Saturdey Presentation to lithe Singers ef SI Joseph /Kirkby), Arehbishop'S House, 10 30am

Bishop Alexersder of Clifton SundsySalurdayi Gives Reheat for Aukiliarle.s of the Aposloitile Lourdes

Bishop Brewer, Coadjutor of Lancaster Sunday V • C, Good Shepherd, Ternaholino Tu•sday:

Celebrates M in honour of Si Joseph's Secondary School, Workington, 10.45am. Wednesday: V. ICI Worka, Thornton, Clergies., 10amatrern. Administers C. Our Lady of the Assumption Blackpool, 7pm Thuraday Northern Gliorth Loaders' Meeting, Scargill. I prolpm. Friday: Northern Church Leaders' Meeting, Scare!, Ram-2pm. Presents Prizes, St Nicholas High Sehaol, Hartford, 7pm, Saturday: Commences V. Sacred Heart. Blackpool

Shame Burka Auxiliary lor Sellard Sandy: V. English Manrys, Unnelon, Item C, aprn Mender SI Bedels Governors, 3.30pm wedaeaday Board of Aaminiatration. 2pm Lenten Station M. St Wilfrid's,

• 7.30pm Friday Begin V. SI Hugh of Lino-Ole Stretford_

Bishop Cleary. Auditory tor Birmingham Sundae: SI John's, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, 10.30ans Monday: Concelebrates SA, SI Chad'a Cathedral. 12.45pm. M & C, SI Joseph's, Machette. 7.30prn %elder M 6 C, Sr Joseph's, Wolverhampton, 1.30pm Wednemlay: Meeting of Vicars General. Archleshop loirame, 2.30pm. M & C, SI Chnatopher's, Conseil, 7.30pm FrIcley: Acies of the Legion of Mary, Concelebrates M, SI Chad's Cathedral, 8pm.

Bishop Emery ol Portsmouth Sunday: Sacred Heart, Fareharn Parish V. Tueadsy, Fareham Deanery Penitential Service, 7prn Thursday Guernsey Deanery Penitential Service. ?pm Friday; Jersey Deanery Penitential Service. 77111. BMW* Foley Of Lancseter Sunday V P. C. Si Thomea More. Lancealer, 10 30am Tuesday; Si Paler's Deanery Conference, LanceSter University Ceeplaincy, then Weenearley: 1101, tot Diocesan Marriage Tribunal, larettargh Holt. 11,30am Solemn Dedication of Si Bernard's, Knott End, 7pm Thursday, PA, Princess Alexandra Home for the Blind Blackpool, 2.30prri, Blackpool Deanery Lenten, Station. St Cuthbert's. Blackpool. 7.30pm. Friday: Church Leaders' Consultation, Seargal, Yorkshire, 10am. Seturdsy: Institution of Acolytes, HCJ COnvent, Lancaster, 3.30pm.

Bishop Grey of SWewsbury Sunday V. St Gregory's, Bollinglon. Tuesday: Celebrates M, SI Joseph's, Oaten, 10am M, 01 thanksgiving, St Joseph'a Church, Birkenhead, on occasion ef its renevation. 7.30pm. Wednesday: Meeting with Church Leaders, Oswestry, trim Meets with clergy and celebrates Deanery M, Cathedral, Shrewsbury. tipm. Thursday: Clergy Deanery Conference

Bishop Guarani, Auxillery for Westreinows Sundoy-Tuesday Meeting of Bishops, Hare Si

wadoescley Pastoral Workers' group, Area base. 10 30iirn Group meeting, Commercial Rosd, 7.30pM. Thursday: Day ra Recollection for Brenlwond clergy. Chrgwell Convent_ Friday: Stations of the Cross. HornerlOn, Spin Bishop Hoenig. of Menasha Sunday: V & C, St Lamed's, 40th Anniversary celebration, 01 Fr. Stanley Vince. at Milked Haven, pm Monday, Deanery Meeting, Aberystwyth, 1 tam Tuesday; M. for Feastday or Si Joseph's Secondary School. al The Cathedral, wresh.m, 9.30am Chapter M, at The Cathethel, Wrarream. 1 lam Lenten M. Liangefnl, 7.30pm Wednesday. Lenten M, Colwyn Bay, 7.30pm. Thursday: Lenten SA, Dolgellau, 7.30pm. Friday Lenten PA Llanelli, 7.30pm Saturday M, for Retreat Group, Penrneenmawr. pm litehop Henderson, Auxiliary In. Southsverk Sand.n N, and Presentation of Papal Award, Upper Norvrood, 11em M & C, Streatham H111, 3pm. Monday: Diocesan Finance Meeting, 11am Tuesday: Lenten Station Deanery Service, St Saviour's, Lewisham. 8pm. Wednesdoi. Ecumenitat Passover Meal, longport. Canterbury, 6 30prn. Thursday Viait to Martel Community, Smoup, 12 noon. M & C. Clapham 1St Mary). 7 30orn Friday Ecumenical Discussion, Civic Centre Bromley, Spin %hastily, Selection _Discussion Meeeng VW:heist% 10.30ern Blehop Jukes, Auxiliary tor Boulhwark Sunday. V. to Park Wood, Maidstone, Parieh Monday: M, at Chariton, Folkstone Pariah. 7.30tan, Tuesday. V. Plater C011ege, Oxford, 10,30am. Addresses the Tunbridge Welts Mothers' Group, 8 15pro. Wednemliry, Financial Meeting of HON, Hely Crate Priory. 11 15am. Thureday: V. schools in Gravesend Perish. Friday: Lecturing to Seminary Students on the World of Work Start ot V to Gravesend Parish. Saturday: Selector. and Vocations Meeting Cr Wonorsh. 10 30arn Continues V to Gravesend Waage Keay of SsItord Sunder V & C. SI Monica's, Flivion tuartday-Wednesdey MAlpholland College, 11itm Symposium of European Bishops, Upholland College Thursday-Friday, Church Leaders Conferenee at &algal. Saturday: y & C. Our Lady of the Rosary.

Bishop Konslant. Auxiliary Jar Westmlnilm Seedily, Day of Recollection. Abbots Langley. alondaytTuvaday: Meeting of Westminster Bithops, Hare Street. Wedneeday: Priests' Assembly. Central London Area, Kensington, 10am Thursday: siscwi Meeting, Jerthsaleni Chamber, 11 OgaM, M Ibr VMM, All Saints, 511m. Friday: Service Of Reconciliation for Doe) and Hard of Hearing St Vincent, Carlisle Plane, ?pm Bishop McCall!, Aukinary Ica Birmingham Sundsy: M & C, English Marlyra. Sparkinil 9.45arn end ilam. Tuesday. V A C, Si Joseph, Cartertnn. Wednesdey M, Weston•InArden, 7.30prn Thursday: V aehools & sick. St Elizabeth. Coventry Bishop McGuinness at Nottingham Sunday, WC SI Francis ol AsSiSi, Long Eaton. 3pm Blender Station M, SI Margaret, Ganiesley, Born Tuesday; V. Radio Lincolnshire. tipm. Wednesday; Station M. Si Mary, Brigg. Bprn. Thursday: Building & Sites Commission Mtg Cathedral, 2pm. Station IA, Infant ot Prague. liesiwood flpro, Friday: Convent Visit, Loreto. Eastwoud, 13pm.

B ishop McMahon et Brentwood Sunday: V. Our Lady ol Grace and Si Teresa Ching1ord Tuesday, Addresses Diocesan SeCOridary School, Headteachers, Allinglon Castle, Om. Wednela&IY: Addresses MP's at Speaker's House, House of Commons, 8.45am. Thursday: Clergy Day of ReconeCtiOn, Chigwoll COrment Seturchan Preaches al Christ Church, Chelmsford, 8prn B lahop Mahon, Awaiting 1101. Weraminsier Sunday pmTuaaday noses Meeting 01 Bishops with Cardinal, Hare Street, Werinamhar Meeting rat Deans and Area Workers 34 Whitehall Gardens. 10.30arn Thursday: Meeting of NW Church Leaders Friday-Saturday, Hillingdon Deanery M. Yearling, Bem JueliCe & Peace Are. Committee. Wick end,' London Colony Bishop Mover* of Native Sunday; V & C, al Wiekersloy. I lam, Monday. University Council, a 15pm Tuesday: Council of Clergy Meeting, 10.45arn. Wedmadey: Mission at Meaboraugh, 7 30pm. Thursday: Northern Church Leaders' meeting at Scargill. Friday Musical al All Saints' fiehool, Sheffield, 7.30pm. Saturday AGM of CWL al Moulder, Hall. 2.30pm, Old People's party at Herrinotncrpe. 4.301m,

Bishop Cranial J Malline, Area Bishop In Seraneas 5undsy-Saturday, Parish Renewal Seminar, St Elizabeth's College, Newark. Americas B ishop Murphy-O'Conrioa ol Arundel & Leighton Monday-Frlday: Pastoral Conference, Newark, USA Saturday Returns from USA.

Bishop JaMee °fibrin, Ancillary tor Westminsire Sundsy: V, at Si Vincent's. Potters Bar Monday: Hare Street meeting Tuesday-. Hare Street meeting, Teachers Study Si Joeoph's Centre, Henrinn, 5pm. Wednesday: Galod meeting. Item Grove Hill Sponsoring body, Spot Thursdsy Hens Area Education Team meetIng al SI Michael's House, 5prn SPA meeting Cl Si Michael's House. 7 45W.

Wrap K O'Brien. Auxiliary for Middlesbrough Sunday: Consecrate new altar al SI Patrick's, saaleassorough, 1 lam Preach et M, at St Patrick's, Hull, 6.30pm. Tuesdayrveadnamdey: Symposium on Seculariaation al Upholland. Thursdaylfalday: Ecumenical Meeting at Scargill Blehop O'Connar. Auxiliary of Liverpool TeeadaF Chapter NI, Metropolitan Cathed ral, 11 am. Service St Andrew's, Monte Cross, Spat Wallnwasy Crosby schools Thursday: C, Our Laity of the Assumption. Gateacre, 7.30pin. Fraley George Andrew Fund Meeting. 10.45arp Bishop Aseretherne, Auxiliary tor Liverpool TuesdayfThursday: AGM of RE Advisers, London Colney Governore' Meeting, Liverpool Institute of Higher Education. 4pos Certificate evening, Si Gregory's High School, Kirkhy, 7.30urn. Friday Schools' Comnaseion Meeting, 10 15am. Saturday V. St Anne's Ormskirk, lam Bishop Kestiaaus of Plymouth sunder V & M, St Thomes More, Southway. Plymouth, 10.30arn C, 3pm Tuesday: M and Stoning of Foundation Stone for Si Joseph's Church. Devonporl, Plymouth, Ilarn. Thursday: Meeting 01 Diocesan College of Consultors, Plymouth, 2.30pm. Bishop Owen SwIndlehurst, *Amatory In elasham and Newcastle Sunday; V & C, St Micro:tors, Houghton. tit-Spring. Thursdsy•FrIday Attends Northern ChurCh Leaders', Consultation at Scargill House, Kettiewodh, N Yorke.

Bishop Thames of Northampton SUnday.Thuradar To Rome • Cong. for Call, Education Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary in Southwark Sunday: V to New Mendip V to Kew, Study Evening ul RCIA at Catechelical Centre 30prn Tuesdew 0, Joseph Magee OSB to the Diaconate at Si Augustine's Abbey, Ramsgate, 7pm. Wednesday. Directors' Meelag of Catholic, Children's Society, 3 30pria C at Wimbledon, 7.30pm Thursday G at Wimbledon. 7.30pm Saturday: M and attends AGM, of Diocesan Covenant °releasers, lien Bishop Walmaley HM Forces Sundoy. VICAnnIn Pastoral Council, 0.30arn. Thweday MOD Anesory Committee Meeting. London, 1 1 en. RAF Chaplain's Ornner, Wimbledon, 7pm Bishop Wheeler of Lend. Sunday M & V. St Patnck's. HuOrterslield. 11am M & C. St Pareick's Hudderallaid, 3.30pm. Monday: AGM University Cheplaincies. Leeds Chaplaincy, 7.30pro. Tueedsr M, St Joseph's College, Bradford, flan, V I C, SI Joseph's, HuddersEeld, 7pm Wednesdey: Lenten Station M, SI Malacny's, I.IOiiiev. 7.30prn ThwedayFriday:Semple Church Leaders Meeting .Saturday: M. Don Clanne House. Ssehriersdele ltain

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