Page 2, 15th March 1996

15th March 1996
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Page 2, 15th March 1996 — Italian nuns rejoice at Women's Day

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Italian nuns rejoice at Women's Day

TIE LEADERS OF Italy's religious orders of women and some of the country's best known feminists celebrated International Women's Day together in the shadow of St Peter's Dome last week.

"We as religious women are called to contribute to the search for the proper place for women in society, for the recognition of their dignity and their full selfrealisation," said Pallottine Mother Lille Capretti, president of the Italian Union of Major Superiors.

The organisation of Italian women's orders sponsored what it called "an opening of dialogue" between Catholic religious and Italian feminists at a meeting last Friday a few blocks from the Vatican.

"From the hidden, silent places where we have lived, there has mtured a vision of who we at as women, as consecrated embers of the Church, as builders of culture and a ministers to the hurdle," Mother Capretti said.

In predominntly Catholic Italy, as well a: other countries, "there has been a stereotype whics saw sisters as 'good womer' and feminists as 'bad women'," said Livia Turco, in Italian member of Parlianent from the Democratic Dirty of the Left the former Commuist Party and presicent of the Italian equal optortunity commission.

"The truth is tint we are united in our desire to find out what it means to be a woman, to recognise our dignity and to have it recognised."

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