Page 4, 15th March 1996

15th March 1996
Page 4
Page 4, 15th March 1996 — Stop tampering with the words of the Gospel!

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Stop tampering with the words of the Gospel!

IF TRADITIONALISTS are complaining to Catholic bishops, I wish one would have a good grumble about tampering with the "Word of the Lord".

As the other week, when our priest read out the Gospel of the day, which included those time-honoured words: 'What does it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and suffer the kiss of his own soul?"

Except he didn't.

What he actually read out was "...suffer the loss of his life".

It makes perfect sense that it's no great bargain to gain the world, if the cost is eternal damnation but "loss of life"? Don't we all have to die?

If some people have lost their faith in "hell, damnation and souls", that's their affair, but have they the right to foist their disbeliefs on the rest of us, by corrupting the text of our liturgy and Gospel?

Mr CA Derrick

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