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15th March 1996
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Page 7, 15th March 1996 — An easy • journey for great rewards

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Organisations: Irish Tourist Board
Locations: Holyhead, Dublin, Florence


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An easy • journey for great rewards

road to nowhere. The ld pattern of planning holidays as soon as Christmas is over is rapidly eroding.There are late holiday bookings available, often at advantageous prices.

Another change in holidays taking place is the magnetism of the sun worshipper seeking the shores of the Mediterranean with thousands of other holiday makers.

The popularity of tourism is nearly killing tourism. If you go to Florence and hope to follow in Sr Wendy Beckett's footsteps in the Uffizi, forget it! The Gallery was cleared for her to make her television appearance. It is likely that you will queue for two hours to get in, and then jostle with thousands of others to admire the masterpieces that the Gallery undoubtedly houses.

If finding a spot on a beach large enough to spread your towel no longer attracts you, if you appreciate individuality, good food and good company, and enjoy the freedom to go anywhere, then try Ireland.

There are package holidays available, and comfortable coach tours, but the greatest opportunities await the traveller by car. There are plentiful car ferries at reasonable prices. Irish Ferries operate a large new ship from Holyhead to Dublin which is very comfortable. You have time to enjoy a meal, either served at the table or in an attractive self-service environment. If you like to have a sleep after driving to Holyhead or before you set out for your destination in Ireland, there are comfortable cabins available.

If you are a dog owner and feel confined to settle in Britain because of the rabies restrictions, you have no problem going to Ireland. The same restrictions apply there, and your dog can travel to and fro. He or she is not allowed on deck, but most dogs are happy in their cars.

If you cannot wait to get to Ireland,remember in Ireland itself they believe that God made time, and He made plenty of it.

If you fancy the south of Ireland, County Cork or Kerry, there is the Swansea Cork Ferry.

Those who do not like travelling by sea or simply prefer flying, Ryan Air have very reasonably priced flights from a number of airports in Britain. Aer Lingus have perhaps a larger selection, and the introduction of British Midland on routes to Ireland has also introduced competition resulting in more competitive prices.

So much for why you should go to Ireland and how to get there.There is little space left to tell you what to do when you are there.

Enjoy yourself. The company is good, the scenery is magnificent, driving, except on a Bank Holiday, is a joy.

The people speak English, so no phrase hooks are necessary. If you are an Irish speaker you may have difficulties!

What is your desire? Fishing? The Irish Tourist Board will tell you all about it, and so they will about golf. The food is very good, and in some restaurants and hotels the match to anywhere in the world. History is everywhere about you.

The beaches are plentiful, and if you like peace, you can probably find one all to yourself, and incredibly the sun also shines in Ireland.

Occasionally you might be at a loss as to where to go anywhere will do. Just ask the way of someone on a country road, and you will enjoy the chat.

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