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15th March 2002
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Page 10, 15th March 2002 — Bishops' diaries

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Organisations: Service for Confirmandi, Addiesses Newman Assoc., Board of Consultors, Ushaw College, ES-Ecumenical Service, Upool Archdionesan Centre for Evangelisation, USIL9W College, Pastoral Centre, Council of Priests Steering Cure, Sch's Commission, Archhp's Council, Essex Community Foundation, Anglican Roman Catholic Commission for Unity, Archbp's Council, Council of the Laity Mtg., College of Further Ed, Parish council, Archdiocesin Centre for Evangelisation, Bp's Council, Dulwich College, Northern Church, Apostolic Nuncio & Ushaw College, St Robert's Church, Christian Church, Pilgrim Centre, Archdicesan Centre for Evangelistion, Saints College, National Project, St Roberts Parish Centre, St Augustine's Palish Centre, University of London, Council for EVUllgetisation Mtg, Derbyshire Country Cricket Club, Telford Christian Council, St Mary's Church


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Bishops' diaries

Keywords: Religion / Belief

March 17 to March 23

Cardinal C Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster): Sun:V. parishes in Potters Bar. Morauc: Interviews & Engagements. Wed: V. Heythmp College. University of London. Thu: Presents Loyal Address to NM the Queen., Buckingham Palace, 10am. Fri: Archbp's Council. 9-ant V of Our Lady's Sch. Hackney. I lam. Sat: Lays Foundation Stone of new Catholic Chunli in South Harrow. I lain.

Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpooli:Sun: M for Fifth Sunday of Lent. Cathedral. I lam. Mon: Bps Day of Recollection: Leeds. Reflection in preprwation for Holy Week, L'pool CathedraL Crypt. 7.30pm.Tue: Day of Recollection for the St Helens Deanery, Archhp's Hse. Council for EVUllgetisation Mtg, Upool Archdionesan Centre for Evangelisation, 7pm. Wed: Meets with Council of Priests Steering Cure. 1...pciol Archdicesan Centre for Evangelistion. Noon. Thu: Northern Church Leaders. Retreat. Hinsley Hall. Leeds. Sat: Survive-Miva AGM & M. Upon] Archdiocesin Centre for Evangelisation, I I am.

Archbishop NI Bowen

(Southwark i:Tue: BSc ing of &Joseph's Sch. Craytord Thu: Interviews & Engagements. Achbif Hse. Sat: Gal Aid M. Cathedral. 3pni. Gift Aid AGM. Amigo Hall.

Bishop! Kieran Conry (Arundel & Brighton): Thu: M. St George's College, Addlestone. 9am. Addiesses Newman Assoc. Guildford. Spin. Fri: Heads of Agencies Mtg. DABCEC. 1030am. ■ 11 Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood); Sun:Service for Confirmandi, Cathedral. 3pm. Tue: Mtgs & Intervicao, Cathedral Hse. Mtg of Diocesan Trustees. Cathedral Ilse. 3pm.Lenten M & mtg Parish council. Stock,SprnWed: Mtg of Essex Church Leaders, Pleshey. 2pm. Thu: Mt/interview. Cathedral Hse. Essex Community Foundation. Ingatestone Hall, 6.30pin. Sat: Faure Requiem. Cathedral, 7.30pm

13 ,Mop D Lang (Clifton): Sun:V. St Dunstan, Keyrisham, Bristol. Wed: Hosts Nita of Ministry. to Priests Review Go, St Ambrose, 11 am. Thu: Mtg of SW Church Leaders The Palace_ Exeter. 10am.Thu:P Rededimtion S. Horfield Prison. Bristol, 5pm.. Fri: Mtg of English ARC. United Church Cricklade, 1pm. Sat. lvlig of English ARC, Pilgrim Centre. Swindon, 9,30arn.

Bishop j Rawsthorne (Hallam): Sun:CAFOD, Hiristey Hall. Mom Bps' Mtg, Leeds. 10.30am. Rainbows Trustees. Leeds. bpm. Wed: CAFOD Faster Europe Mtg. 11 am. Thu: Staff Mtg, Pastoral Centre. loam. Northern Church Leaders. Hinsiey Hall. pm. Fri: Northern Church Leaders, Hinsley Hall. Sat: Methodist District Day, Victoria Hall Sheffield. 9.30ant

Bishop A Griffiths (Hexham & Newcastle): Mon: V Carmel Convent Darlington. 3pm. V. Poor Clam Abbey, Darlington. 4pm. M, St Augustine's Church Darlington. 7.30pm. Meet Laity of Diocese, St Augustine's Palish Centre. Darlington, 8.15pm. Toe: Lunch.. Bps Hse. with Apostolic Nuncio. I pm. Mtg & Ebvening Prayers with Religious of the Diocese at the Little Sisters of the Poor Holy Cross Horne, Sunderland, 3.15m. M. St Robert's Church, Fathom Newcastle upon Tyne. 7.30pm. Mtg with Laity in St Roberts Parish Centre. 8.15pm. Wed: Mla with Apostolic Nuncio and Christian Church Leaders, Bp's Hoe, 10am. Lunch with Apostolic Nuncio & Ushaw College Staff, Ushaw College, I poi. Mtg with Priests of the Diocese, 3.30pm. M. Ushaw College with Apostolic Nuncio for priests of Diocese and Ushaw College Students & staff, Sprit Dinner at Ushaw College with Apostolic Nuncio Priests. Staff & Students of USIL9W College, fiprn. Thu/Fri: Church Leaders' Retreat. Sat: Council of the Laity Mtg.

Bishop O'Doriogimo (Lancaster1: Mon: Nag, Leeds. Toe: Consecration of Bp of Penrith, York Minster. I lam. Engagement. Cathedral. 7pm. Thu: Mtg, Brettargh Holy. Ham, Fri: Bp's Council Nag.

Bishop D Konstant (Leetts):Mon: Mtg of Northern Bps' Bp's lase 11am. Mtg of Rainbows Trustees Hinsley Hall. TUC7 Interviews for DDM. Cathedral. Wed: Laying of Foundation Stone. Library Trinity & All Saints College. Mtg of Trinity and Al! Saints Governors, Horsforth. Thu-Fri: Northern Church 1 aiders Retreat, Hinsley Hall.

Bishop V Malone ILpool aux il): Sun: V,St Patrick, Newton le Willi:AYR. Mon: Bps' Day of Recollection: Leeds. C. St Laurence, Kirkby. 7.30pm. Tue: C. St Teresa, Penworthran. 7.30pm. Wed: V. Wigan College of Further Ed. 11.30am. C. St Marie of the Annunciation. Standish, 7.30pm. Thu: Northern Church Leaders; Retreat, Hinsley Hall. Leeds. Fri: C. All Saints, Anfield. 7.30pm. Bishop J Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: M. St Patrick's, Thornahy. 10.34am. Handicapped Fellowship M. St Joseph's Middlesbrough. 3pm.Mon: Station M. Sacred Heart, Middlesbrough, 7.30arn, Mtg of Northern Bps, Leeds. am/pm. C. St Joseph & St Cuthbert. Loftus, 7pm. The: Ed Mfg with Diocesan Priests. English Manyrs, Ymit 120.30am. Nita of Diocesan Trustees. York, 2pm. Presides and Preaches at Station M. St Joseph's. Yolk, 7pm. Wed Presides and Preaches at Statin M. St Joseph's, Middlesbrough. 7.30am. Meets with Bp's Council ant/pat Meets with Heads of Governors 8c Headtrachers, All Saints Sch. York, 7pm. Thu: E Gathering of Church Leaders, Hinsley Hall. Leeds. am/pm. Bishop K McDonald (Northampton): Sun: Bedford & Luton Joint Desnety Mtg, St Joseph's. Luton. 10.30antC, Princes Risborough. 730pin. Wed: Inter-faith Cttee, London. I tarn. Thu: C. Marlow, 7.30pm. Fri: Church Leaders' Mtg. St Albans. 10mn. Sat: C. Aston-le-Walls. Bishop Si McMahon (Nottingham): V. St John Fisher and St Thomas More, Chapel-en-le-Frith. Tue: Board Mtg of the CCRS. London. Wed: Station M, sT Charles Borrorneo, Hadfield. 7.30pm_ Thu: Annual Padley Business Breakfast Lund Pavilion. Derbyshire Country Cricket Club, 7.30am. Mtg. of Bp's Council. Bp's House. 1 I am. Station M. Infant of Prague. Bestwood. 7pm. Fri: Mtg of Diocesan Trustees. Cathedral Hall, 3pm. Sat: Enthronement of the 71st 13p of Lincoln. Lincoln Cathedral, 2pm. Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun: M.

for Bournemouth Catenians. Bournemouth, I lam. Mon: Bp's Hse. Portsmouth, International Anglican Roman Catholic Commission for Unity & Mission Mtg. 10ant Mon-Wed: Chaplains in Higher Ed Conference, Park Place Pastoral Centre. Wickham, pm. Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sun:Primary Sch Headtechers' Exec Mtg. Norton Grange Hotel, Rochdale, Noon. Lenten Station M. SS Peter 8c Paul, Bolton. 7.30m. Thu/Fri: Northern Church Leaders' Retreat, Hinsley HalL Leeds Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun:Churches Together in England, Enabling Gp. Manchester (con). Mon: Bps' Mtg, Leeds. The: Episcopal Vicars. Curial Offices. 9am. Board of Consultors. Curial Offices, Ham, Wirral Ed Partnership, Curial Offices. 3pm. C. Holy Family, Pensby, 7.30pm. Wed: Shropshire Churches Together, Telford, am. Telford Christian Council, Telford'. pm. Thu:/Fri: Northern Church Leaders, Hinisey Hall.

Bishop C Henderson (S'wark); Sun:M & C. St David's Abbey Wood. Dam. Mon: V. Newton Prep Sch. Battersea. SW8 1 I am-2pin. The: VM, Home for Incurables. Streatham Common. 10am. Thu: V. with Blessing of Nursery, St Augu.stine:s Sch. Beckenham Hill. lOam2311.1pin. M with C. St Joseph's, Shooters Hill, SEAS 7.30pm. Sat: Centenary Celebrations, Salesian Sisters, Dulwich College. 73m.

Bishop J Hine (S'wark Sun:V, Walderslarie. Mon: Mtg of the Deans, West MaIling. 11.15arn. Private Mtg, 4pm. Tue: 1V Rainham parish. Wed: V. Rochester Parish. Catholic Children's Society Mtg, Pourley. 2.30prn. Fri: Interviews for RE Advisers at Sch's Commission. Sat Marriage Preparation Weekend.

Bishop H Tripp (S'wark Auxil): Sun: Governms: Mtg. Thomas More Sch, Purley, 7.30pm. Fri: Priests' Penitential Day at Mane Reparatrice Convent, Wimbledon, 11.30am.

Bishop .1 O'Brien (W'minster. Ecumenical and Inter-faith relations): Sun: NI, St PeleT'S Hatfield, 9.15 & I imn. Mon: Herts & Beds Shared Churches Company Mtg. Holywell. 10am. Wed: Legion of Mary ACIES M.. St Michael's Garston. 7pm. Fri: Archhp's Council, Archbp's Hse, 9am. Church Leaders' mtg. Abbey Gate lase. St Albans, Illant Bishop A Roche (N' minster, Pastoral Affairs): Sun:C. St Raphael's, Yeading, 3pm. Tue: M with Chaplains of Ethnic Chaplaincies, bpm. Thu: Day V to churches in eastern part of Diocese. Fri: Archbp's Council Mtg. 9am. Reconciliation S. St John's, Islington. 7.30pm. Bishop G Stack (W'minster, Education and Formation): Sun:St Patrick's Day M. Cathedral. Noon„ Tue: Vita et Pax Sch. Cockfosters, 2.30100. Tut: Vila et Pax Sch. Cockfosters, 2.30pm. M Little Sisters of the Poor, Stoke Newington, (ipmin Wed: Ed Board Mtg, 1.0.30am. Thu: Day V to churches in eastern part of Diocese. Fri: Arehbp's Council Mtg. gam_ Ed Dept, Director's Mtg, 2.30pm. C. St Mary Magdalene. Willesden Green.


WALES Archbishop Peter Smith (Cardi)): Man: Dinner with High Sheriff of Mid Glamorgan, 7.30pm. Tue: St Patrick's Day Reception with Consul General of Ireland 8c Wales,6pin. Wed : New Development in Parish of St Helen's, Barry 11 ans. Bridgend Deanery Holy Hour in St Mary's Church, 13ridgenci 7.30pm. Thu: Presentation of Loyal Address, Buckingham Palace. 1 I am 3pm. Mtg with Miss Eileen Shearer, I)ireetor of COPCA, 10am. Si Albans High Sch. Pontypool production of Jesus Christ Superstar. 7pm.

Bishop St Jahale (Menevia): Sun:Return from Rome. Wed: Briton Ferry. Station M, 7pm. Llandrindod Wells, Station M. 7pm.

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham): Sun:Wreaham 14-18 Youth Retreat, Penniaenmowr, Mon: Northern Bps[ Group. Toe: M St Joseph's Convent. Derby Road. Wrexham 8pm. Deanery Penitential S. Rhyl, 630pm. Wed: NBR1A Exec Mtg. Thu: Deacons; AGM, 7pm. Fri: National Project Steering Go Mtg. Eceleston Sqm London.

Key: M-Mass. C-Confirmation, VVisitation. 0-Ordination. MtgMeeting, Sch-Schnol. ES-Ecumenical Service.

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