Page 5, 15th May 1970

15th May 1970
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Page 5, 15th May 1970 — QUESTION and

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Organisations: Vatican Press Office
Locations: Edinburgh


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Conducted by Fr. JOHN SYMON

Question—A few months ago we heard that orz Maundy Thursday our priests were going to renew their vows in a public ceremony. There was considerable interest among many of the laity, hut in the end nothing happened. Was the report false, and is there any chance that this ceremony may perhaps be held next year?

MLR., Edinburgh.

Answer—A few months ago when the radio and television and the newspapers announced that a new ruling required priests to renew their promise of celibacy annually on Maundy Thursday, this ceremony was depicted as if it were going to be something of a sensation. In actual fact. of course, it turned out to be the liturgical non-event of the century, but the report was not completely false, and the ceremony referred to may

possibly year.

Several things went wrong. First, there was the delay which seems to be inevitably involved in making available in this country the Latin master-text for any new ceremony. Second, it seemed as if there was a fixed text for this service and that it would be necessary to take time and care in translating it into English. Third, with the whole gamut of Holy Week services anyhow being overhauled, there was some doubt as to haw the new rite was to be inserted into the already elaborate goingson in our cathedrals on Maundy Thursday

A fourth difficulty is that, while the Holy Spirit helps the Church in other spheres, the arrangements of the Vatican Press Office still need a great deal of renewal. Earlier last year the announcement of the new calendar of saints was either badly explained to the Press or badly understood

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