Page 8, 15th May 1981

15th May 1981
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Page 8, 15th May 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Lancaster University, High School, Croydon Deanery Pastoral Council, Graham Chiesernan's Centre, St Josephs Church, Good Shepherd Service, Union of Catholic Mutters Flatly, Board of Administration, Sacred Heart Church, Youth Commission, Schools Commission, Church of St Ekrnif, Ushaw College, Area Pastoral Council, Laity Church, Diocesan Laity Commission, Catholic High School, Liturgy Commission London, Newman School, Lady's School, Priests Consehathm committee, National Liturgy Commission, Governer/I. Heythrop College, am_ Visits St Mary's School, Oalholic'Wouth Service Council, Cheryl/ea Centre, Finance Board, Carsch Centre, Coesiitiati.o Joseph's Church, Mess_ Sacred Heart High School, Visits St Mary's School, St Gabriel's Committee of Management, St Cuthbert Mayne School, Rescue Council, King Church, Bishop Patrick's Church, St Peter's Church, East Ecumenical Committee, Senior School, St Joseph's Academy


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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hums, Archbishop of Westminster: Friday-Saturday: Pastoral visit to Arundel and Brighton diocese. Monday: Visits Finchley Catholic High School. pm. Presides at AGM of Friends of Westminster Cathedral Conference Centre. e pm Attends Confirmation reunion of parents and children at Pimlico, 8 pen. Tuesday: GOA and dlocesan ministry el releais team Archbishop's House Wednesday: Minialry to priests programme. Cure ference Centre. Consecration of St Joseph's. Carpender's Park, 7 pm Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Friday: Meeting with ILEA s•ducatIon officer and members Schools Commission. Archbishop's House 12 noon Mooting with Diocesan Laity Commission. 7.30 pm Sunday: Confirmation& Lewisham, 3 pm Tuesday: Visit and Lunch. South Bank Polytechnic, 12.30 pm Wednesday: Consecration of Church, Herne Hat pm. Thursday: Requiem Mass. Fr B Smoker. RIP. Cathedral 1T art.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham: Sunday: Mass. Keefe University. 12 floor, Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool: itattirday: Meeting of Deanery and Commission representatives. llpholiand Northern. Institute. 10.30 am, Sunday: Good Shepherd Service. Metropolitan Cathedral. 3 ton reenday: Visits Irish Seminaries.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Saturday: K nights of St Celumba Mass at St Josephs Church, Wesson super • Mare. 2.30 pm Visitation Our Lady and St Kenelin Parish. Stow on the Wold, ern Sunday: Visitation Our Lady and St 1(enefrn Parish, Mass at 8.30 ern. laourton on the Water). 10 ern and 5_30 am. Coofirmation. 3 pm Monday: Attends Avail" -Oalholic'Wouth Service Council meeting at CliftertoCathattral House. 8.15 pm. Tuesday: Attends JUleetieg afif Salaibi" labarnianicat Church at Saltebon. 10s3t1 am. Mese-and Confirmation, St Peter's Church, Gloueeener, 7.30 pm. Wedneedsli: Attends National Liturgy Commission. meeting. London. Thursday: Mass for School Leavers at St Bernadette Comprehensive school. Whitchurch, 9.15 am_ Visits St Mary's School, Bath, 12 noon. Mass and Siestas new classrooms. 2 30 orn.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Wednesday, Confirmation. Holy Spirit. Rumor., Thursday: Chapter meeting. Shrewsbury, 1 tam Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: Sunday: Civic Mass. St Marie, Bury 11 am Monday: Secretariat far Catholic Jewish Relations. Harborne Hall. Birmingham 2 om. Wednetday: Board of Administration 10.30 arm Youth Commission, 2.30 pm Confirmation. Our Lady and St John, Chorltoe • cum Hardy. 7.30 ton.

Bishop Clark at East Anglia: Saturday: Diocesan Oay, East Anglia, Sunday: Visitation. St Philip Howard Cambridge. Wednesday-Thursday Schools and Council meeting. Poringlano.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Meeting• of Priests. Maryvale, 10.30 am. Sunday.f Masaand confirmation $5 Mary and John. Snow Pita Wolverhampton, 1 I am. Mass, St Repels. Handsworth, B.30 pm. Monday: Meetiits of Trustee& Atitbe Nall. Stone. 11 am. Tti-ey: Waring-or tnifidtic Teachers, Newcastle. gaffs,

9_30 Pre • Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: -Friday: Maas"

Saturday: la-wades at Diocesan F±astural Co-ogress Bishop Chatham, School, Basingstoke. Sunday: Confirmation. St Edword's. Windsor, am. and Sr Mary s. pm. Tuesday: Visits Diocesan Students for the Priesthood. St John's Seminary. Vaenersh. 10.30 ate. Blessing of Churco. Lee on the Solent, 7 pm.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster: Friday: Attends meeting. Whaliey Abbey, 2 pm. Saturday: Meeting Of Diocesan Pastoral Courtcil, Lancaster University Chaplaincy. 10.30 am C1F Conference, Sr Cuthbert Mayne Schoot, Preston, 3 pm Sunday: Confirmation, St Maria Galena, Preston. 11.15 am. Presents Trophies. Diocesan Youth Gala Day. St Cuthbert Mayne School. Preston, 5.15 pen. Tuesday: Mass to mark retirement of Headmaster. Blessed Sacrament school Preston, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Peervtews prospective candidates for the priesthood, Sr Mary s High School, Blackpool, 10.30 arm .

Bishop Grant of Northampton: Friday: Evening confirmation. Hely Redeemer. Slough Townley: Chapter and Finance Board. Thursday: Evening confirmation. St Brendan's. Codas.

Bishop. Gray of Shressrallrury: -Saturday: CWL agm. St VVinellides, Monkmoor, Shrewsbury. Mass. 2 orn. Sunday: Confirmation. St Maw's, Crewe. 6.30 pm. Tuesday: School chaplains retesting. Apostleship of the Sea. Birkenhead, 11 am. Wednesday: Meeting of Ertecutiya of Liturgy Commission London. Thursday: Chapter meeting. Shrewsbury. 11 am. Confirmation. St Anne's, Rock Ferry, 7 prn.

Bishop Clususeiti, Bishop In kfiet London: Friday: Fr Ian's silver jubilee celebrations, Eden Grove. ./ Om Saturday! prisoners' Sunday Commate°. 11 an Masa for the -Stk. Manor Park, 3 pm. Memoriel mass for Fr Lernmon, Bethnal Groan. 7 Pro.

B ishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Friday: Catholic Atarnens' League Mass St Petere, `Scarboroughneka am, Sunday: Ynitahori --ea St 13ernadettellehurch, Nunlhorpe..7011diesbrdugh, Mass. 10 30 am. Monday: Confirmation, Sacred Heart Church. Middleshrouale 7 pm. Tuesday: Meeting of Deans Bithoo's House, Middtesbrough. 11,30 am,

THO0,7nli.:nbavi.io7n p,.

Bishop Patrick's Church, Thornabv. 7 pm. Wednesday: Con rm reins Christ the King Church. Elkertep Hervey, Bishop in North London: Friday: St Dorrieut s sanh loot, College. Harrow on the Hill. am Meeting of Area Pastoral Council. 7.30 pm. Saturday: Ordination_ St John Fisher, North Harrow. 3 pm. Sunday, Masa, Sc Mary Magdalen willesdan Green. 12 noon. Mass. the Annunciation, Burnt Oak, 7 pen. Monday: Crusade of Rescue Council meeting. 5.30 pm. Tuirarbry: CDA Parents. Meeting, Convent of Jesus end Mary, Willesden, 8 pm. Wednesday: Ministry to uneolo programme, Conference Centre. 10 am Thursday: Mass. St Tereea's School. Headstnne Lane. 9 am

B ishop Ifanderson, Auxiliary of Southwark:

• Friday: Meeting with Ecumenical Commission Secretaries. OrpingIOn, 5.39 cm Saturday: Mass for Religious Sisters. Sacred Heart. Convent_ Belmont Hill_ Lewisham. 12.30 urn. Sunday: Knights or St Columba Pilgrimage to Aytesferd Priory. Mass. 12

noon. Monday' Presides at Usocesan Finance meeting. 11 am. Tuesday: Mass and visitation, St Joseph's Academy. Blackheath. 9 15 am Mass and confirmation. St Mary Cray, 7.30 Thursday: Mass and confirmation, Stockwell. 8 pm.

Bioko', Holland of SeHani: Friday: Visitation Roston. Saturday: Interviews candidates for priesthood. Cathedral House. Salford. 1930 ern Sunday: Visitation. 10.30 am. Confirmation 3.30 pin. 55 Aldan and Oswald, Borten. Tuesday: St Josephs. High School. Victoria Park. 1 30 pie. St Gabriel's Committee of Management. Victoria Park 3 com. Allen Hall Committers of Management Fallowlfeid. 4.40 pen. Wednesday: Board of Administration. 10_30 am. Civic Lunch. Civic Centre Oldham. I pm Thureday: Visaatton and confirmation. Sr Joseph. Shaw. 7 30Pm.

Bishop Korortent, Bishop in Central London: Friday: Deans meeting. 10 an Sunday: Mass. St Charles' Square. 12.15 am. Visits Carsch Centre, 3.30 pm. Monday: Mess_ Sacred Heart High School. Hammersmith. 9 am. Tuesday: CDA meeliog, Archbishop s House. 10 am. Confirmation, Our Lady of Victories. 7 pm Wednesday: Ministry to priests programme. Conference Centre. 10 em Confirmation. Fulham. 8 pm. Thursday: Conarrration, Fulham. 3 pm.

Bishop Lindarry of Hashans and Newcastle: Frklay: Mass and AGM of Lourdes Hospitality, Our Lady Washington. 7 per Saturday: Educative Day meeting. Ushaw College_ 2 pen Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. Holy Name Newcastle. Wednesday: Meeting for publicatIons of diocesan accounts, Marie Reparattice Convent, Newcastle. 11 am. Thursday: Visitation and confirmation. St Dominic's Newcastte 7 pm.

Bishop Mc:Canis% Austin/ay of Birmingham: -Friday: Mass and confirmation. Holy Child Convent. Edgleastora 2 pm, Saturday: Union of Catholic Mutters Flatly, St Catherine's. Birmingham. 10.30 am Sunday: Most and confirmation, Our Lady. Tile Hill, Coventry. 10 an, Mass and ccrfirrnation, Sacred Heart Aston. 10 am. Monday: Meeting of Clergy in preparation tor Papal Visit. Maryvale, 10 30am, Coventry Ecomenfoal Con seitetiye Committee 2.30 pm Mass ant! Parish meeting St John the Baptist Great Heywood, 7.39 Gel Tuesday: Conoco's:ion of Our Laity Church. Tile Hill. Coventry. 7 pm. Wednesday Meeting concem• mg Parish based Catechism. Cheryl/ea Centre. Oxford 11 am. Presentation of Papal Awards. Our Lady. Cowley. 7 pm Thursday: Priests Consehathm committee. Diocesan Schools, Commission, 10.05 am

Bishop McMahon, of Brentwood: Friday: Meeting with Secondary Headteachers. UrSuliee Convent, Brentwood, 2.30 pro. Saturday: Diocesan ReUewal Day, Mercy Convent Brentwood Mass. Gallerwood. 5.30 pm Sunday: Moss arid corda oration Holy Name. Chelmsford Tuesday: Visitation and confirmation_ St Thames More. Debrief,. Wednesday: Mess Ardleign, 7.30 pm

Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Frisky: Confirmation, St Johns. Wigan, 7 pm Saturday: Deanery Meeting. Upholleed Northern Ins:Ovate. 10 am. Sunday: Visitation and halms. SS Peter and Paul, Haresfinch St Helens. 9 am. Mass. Metropolitan Cathedral, 11 am Confirmation. SS Peter and Paul, Haresiinrh, St Helens. 6.30 am• Monday: Confirmation. St Gabriel's. Leigh. 7 30 pm Tuesday: Meeting at UNI. 1 pm Confirmation. Sacred Heart, Wigan, 7 pan Wedneaday: Garth:mai:on, Beller-we School. treerpool. 7.30 em Thursday: Governors Meeting. Notre Dame School Wootton. 4.30 ore. Confirmation Hely Ghost. Ford 730 pm.

Bishop Murphy O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Friday, meeting of Ctetgy. Priory of Our Lady. Sayers Common on the occasion of the visit of Ills Eminence Cardinal Elasa Horne. Saturday; Meeting of Retiglous. Priory of Our Lady. Sayers Common. Lewes Deanery confirmations. Arundel Cathedral, pm Sunday: Visits Bromley Parish. Toe:Stilly: Visits St Pancras school Lewes. art Mass wall the Chapter and priests of Me Levies Deanery. to commemorate the anniversary of Bishop Richard Chalfoner, 11 am. Attends meeting of Chapter. Wednesday: Confirmations. St George s College. Addlestone 3 pm. Weybridge Deanery confirmations. Sr Martin s. Weybridge 7.30 pm. Thursday: Mass Iv, Julaharians. St John s. Seminary. Wonersh Attends Meeting of Governer/I. Heythrop College onr.

Bishop O'Brien, Bishop In Herefordshire Saturday Sunday: Visitation and confirmat/on at St Thomas More. Knebworth NtratarTi meeting at Farm Cottage, 11 am Visits Nicholas Breakspeat school, St Atha s. 3. pin Tuesday Wednesday: Ministry to priests prottrernmo at Ar0.1 hbishop's Hasse. Wedeaddilly: Coesiitiati.o Joseph's Church, Carpendem Park; 7 prn, Bishop Pearson, Bishop in Cumbria: Friday: Admission to Candidacy tor ordination as Deacons. Kendal 7 30 pm. Sunday: Confirmations and visitation. Thurnharn Tuesday: Confirmation. Newman School. Wednesday: Interviews Ion ',respective Chinch Students, Blackpool.

Bishop Restiaaus of Plymouth: Sunday Visitation end Mass. Church of St Ekrnif ate CullemPtoo 11_30 am. Confirmatiens. 3 Pre. Monday, Ordination of Mr David Maddox to the Permanent Diaconate, St Mary s. Poole. 7 pm Bishop Swindlehunni Auxiliary of Heatrorn and Newcastle: Friday: Pans and AGM of Lourdes Hospitality, Our Lady, Wasrtington, 7 pm. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St Cuthberis. Chester • le Street Tuisday: Confirmation. pun Lady, Easington Colliery 7 pm. Thursday: Cnnfirmatioe. Sr Cuthberts, Chaster • le Street. Tom

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday Sunday: Visitation, Addiscornbe. Monday: Visits Our Lady's School. tied Virgo Fidelis, Senior School. Upper Norwood. Tuesday: South East Ecumenical Committee. Conference at Graham Chiesernan's Centre. Chistehurst Confirmation, St Bornface's. Tooting, 8 pm, Wednesday: Attends meeting of Southwark Catholic Children's Society Directors, Purley. 3 pm. Thursday: Attends AGM of Croydon Deanery Pastoral Council 7.30 pm.

Bishop Welnislay, Bishop at the FeT.80., Friday Wednesday: Visitation. HO allied Naval Forces. (UK dement!. Naples

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds: Friday: Lourdes Pilgrimage.

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