Page 6, 15th May 1992

15th May 1992
Page 6
Page 6, 15th May 1992 — From pot noodles to anarchy

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From pot noodles to anarchy

Glorious Food by Catherine von Ruhland (Marshall Pickering, £4.50) Alex Scott -FROM a business point ot view," we are told in Glorious Food, "potatoes are small potatoes. Better is a chip. Better still is a crisp. Best of all is a crunchy waffle".

Snacks make megabucks. But even more damaging than the hole in the pocket, is our loss ot the communal sharing of food. This delightful little book charts the Christian reasoning for feasting and fasting, and examines the social impact of our eating patterns.

For the thoughtful reader. the language may come across like a sermon at times. But the message does raise questions.

We don't like to be told what to eat, comes the cry of indignation. It is our lives, our choice, dammit, even our stomachs. It is a cry from people whose main nourishment probably comes from individually packed microwave meals. The kind of folk, who say, "let's do lunch some time", and never do.

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