Page 2, 15th November 1946

15th November 1946
Page 2
Page 2, 15th November 1946 — momegimmommummEEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENIS

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mu,/ 8, PREPAID Send amount estimated (approx. 6 words to a lint) plus 6d, if using BOX Number (Adjustments made AldIER insertion). MINIMUM 2 lines.

Hotels and Dade /9 per line

Birth. Deaths. Marriages, Personal. Procetty, Houses, Flats, Holiday Accommodation, Accommodation Vacant and Wanted, Setae eons vac, 0 end Wanted, Educational Vocations, Miscellaneous Sales and Wants

113 per line

Domestic Situations—Vacant and Wanted Ifper ilne THANKSGIVING NOTICES AR 8 NO LONGER ACCEPTED Send instructions and address all BOX NUMBERS tosCA iliOLIC HERALD, 67, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4.

IliblaretaireoisiailisasmaiMilassassiMue121111 DEATH NOTICE MeCANN.—Stiddenly at Detroit. U.S A.. on November 6th, 1946. Catherine Crawley. beloved wife of Fells McCaw) (talc or Dagenham). R.I.P. Our Lady of La Selene pray for her.—Insened by her loving brother 1010 Crawley, 68. Maitland Surer. Cilacat1W.


A GREAT saving, suits. overcoats. costumes, turned equal to new, from Ns. New lists tree. Good clothes need highest grade super tailoring, cave coupons.—Wallicr's Scientik 'turning and Tailoring Works Ltd., Dept. 89, 46. Ilford Lane. Ilford, twee. Ilford 1320. ALL literary work typed and duplicated accurately, intelligently and quickly.— Mr. Parr, 22. Siddington Road. Cirencester. fittinfITIFICIAL teeth need not be embarrasses'. Iro Ilvotesive holds upper and lower dentures firmer and longer than ordinary fixatives. For comfort. coafidence and security always use Dentesive. Available at all chemists in both cream and powder forms.

A , T last available bere. EXTENSION." es the leading U.S. Csatholie monthly (circulation 290,000). The maaazine for the tamI131, 151n. by 10in., 56-64 Paget. multi-col oared cover. Weight nearly six ounces. Fiction. serious articles. special features— and bulky merlons devoted to feminine, teen-age and children's interests. Send year's subscription, only eighteen shillings, to James A. wheian. Extension Magazine, 109, Fleet Street. London, E.C.4. The ideal Christmas Present.

Smith, High Street,

Ea Drricirmis ietages Ciders and Perry Wine supplied In returnahle 6, 10, 18 and 30 gallon casks. delivered anywhere. Send stamped addressed emeloye rot DrIce list. Orders for Christmas should be placed now. —The Cotswold Cider Company. 11. Clarence Street, Gloucester, FOREIGN Stamps, Catholic hooks, newspaners, periodleats, Christmna Cards. WANTED FOR 7'HE MISS1ONS.—Send direct to Rev. Fr. Henry Westrope, Si.. St. Keeler's, Fraser Road. Patna, India.

HANDBAGS repaired. Reellnins, zips. any11,15g. Small cost. Est. free. En-service employed. 15,0111) satisfied customers.— Franklin (Dept. CIT.). 3, Rallton Road, London. S.E.24.

HAVE you seen "Duckett's Register," the

AA monthly devoted to Catholic books? Send 4d. for a specimen coin' or 4s, for an annual subscription to Duckett's. 140, Strand, T.ner—lonB,ogW5.9.C.2. HH teaches. —Bog post required by young teach. fAGIC bath charms! For your next rune-id-6tins eng-tee Eder, the Mateeian.-17. Surfo'k Road. North elserow. Middlesea. Harrow 3905.

MOSES. humped or otherwise. remodelled tnauft the face, without detection. Out standing ears permartentle set hack. Rod veins. moles lines round the eyes. or prematurely aaed faces treated. Experience of over 25 years of tzeatnsente Write for an annointrnem for free contultation.—Box " C.H.". mite Steers Service Ltd. 69. Fleet esiort. t ondon E.C.4 POLISH Children Rescue Fund (BrIlish A Committee for Polish Welfare, registered under War Char it ies ACE. 1940) urgently require toed clothing. Also suitable articles for sale to " Gift Shop." All rontributions gratefully received at 157. Old Bromnum Road. S.W.5. open daily not sus. Telephone Fremantle 0849.

pSORIASIS-ECZEMA. If you are a sufferer write at once. Instant relief assured.—Rfietlex Chemists Ltd, (Dept, 35). 74? Lethem Road. Blackpool.

QANITATION NEEDED QUICKLY ! 1*-7 Ready for instart inittallethan. FLSAN Chemical Closet needs NO DRAINS. NO WATER-FLUSH. Approved by Gone. Depts. Maintaen hygienic standards in thousands of Countty and Seaside HouseS, Bungalnws, Tnuitutes, Canteens, etc. Gruentesd odourtess, term-free, safe Models for every purpose at moderate prices.—Write for FREE iLLITSTRATED BOOKLET and mice.' to FLSAN CO. (Dept 304), 51, ielanham Dead Landon. 5.W.9.

Qr ANTHONY'S BREAD. Donors prayed tee' for daffy —Convent of the Good -Sbem herd. ealtash. Cornwall.

QUITS 009tUatel. overcoats turned ()utility tattering Ruarantecd. From ens, Post or call — Original Turn-Ina and It/ma:ring Co. Ltd., 91, High Holborn. London.. nnp. Pearl Assurance. Hot. 9416.

S lisc5Ttienlmtainente for yea's. rwrrvsrwrervRtulRem " THANK you for what 'Sun-Spa • Salta A terve done for me. They work like meeic!" (Letter from Newcastle In grateful praise of " Sun-Spa " Salts.) If you suffer from reetimatism, lumbago, sciatica. rout or ion ordinary " temmy troutiles," get a tin of " San-Spa " Salts from your grocer or seemie vedette or, if you enrreet obtain it locally. send a Is. dd, meat order, with your nem ! and mistress and ehentist's or grener'a address, for a foil-sized tin to the dIoseconhunLEyInnefotritmet.Son, Ltd., Bishop THE Westenders Dance Band available all entreeements. From emir piece.-34, Weielmill Street, We. Mum, 3092.

UNFURNISHITD room in comfortable home in Falmouth. Cornwall, offered to middle-akcd lady in exchange for help in the hmqe. Must be fond of children and Reply quoting referenees.—Box 64. WANT desperately to come borne, but • need smell furnished house or flat. at least two bedrooms, In or very close to Londnn, from Anril or lelay for three to gix monthe. Have three EL.111ght&s. eldest three. Moderate rent. Agree to tote reasonable terms. Greatest care would he taken of fernitere, etc. References ran be furnished. Now In U.S.A. Will some kind eereon mease help? If so. write promptly.— pa, no6.

WORKERS wanted to make band made TT baby clothes; tele to smoelt and pin mete And cut from models. Good rrices naht—Send rimpres of work to Portnem td., 151, Piccadilly, London. W.I. VOUNG parish prime with extensive -WrmuntrY parish. urgently reeuires good email ear for ft-freebie! work—Stoic 56. 55. POST FREI?. Family Packet of veer/ henutifel cards for Christmas. with 2 Gift ("menders in verse by the eminent Irish Catholic Poet. Michael Walsh. SatIsfeetion eliarenteed or money refunded.—Walsh Smdio, 65 Croydon Park Avenue, Dublin,


—ifOLIDAV ACCOMMODATION nUBLIN. Private Manse. Vacancies for

Christmas—Write Flynn, 53, Donard Road. Drinmegh.

ntIRL/N. Bed and breakfase—bdre Neville, n—ulBst. Trlarclymvoisuintorst. Pahccibosbninnirno.dated. Select

residence. In mine city and sea, bed, hreakfase—Lambert, 18, Brookville Park, ✓ oolnek. Dutaln,

DtTBLrN. Spend Xmas In comfort and plenty, Turkey. ham. etc., on merle.— The Bungalow, 48. Patrick Street, Dun Lentrhaire, VIRE Tours, 1947. Bookabie now; also winter holidays, Paigniton. Torauay. etc. Henry's Holiday Agency, Orchard Chambers, shone's', 1.

1'ONDON. Red and breakfast.—Mrs. z• Hale. 34, Windmill Street. Tottenham ("nun One& W.I. Museum 3092.

S. DEVON. Poultry farm. 3 ens. net week. 2 sharing; 31 gm. sIng/e. Full board. fire. double bedroom only. Private aittIng-room.—Sampson, West Park, Buck

SITORS to Dublin. accommodation avail able, centre, board optional.-4 St. Catherine's Avenue, South Circular Road.


COMFORTAM.F. room. elec. foe. ring. Suit business lady, near bus and trains. —Box SS.

EIRE. Bray. Red. breakMat. Dublin. Dun Lnoxhaire, hoses pass door.—St. Philoenema's, Tentland Road,

ILFRACOMBE. Vacant furnished bedroom

• and sitting-room. All conveniences, no attendance. it weekly.—Box $5. VO let. outskirts of velem, healthy climate, • fernisbed or partly furnished six-roomed small house, tothrnam, garden, towage. Near buses and G.W.R. nation. Cheltenham vicinity—nor 992.

ere-ROOMED cottage, detached, fitonithed. " with garden. Ready for occupation

December. 30 miles London. station I mile away, convent echnol 2 miles, Winter rent 3es. • weee.—Apply Catlin de la Bedoyere, Cowden 2141.


AAUS1NESS man and daughter (teacher), require accommodation South-West arcs. Roard, 2 meals, full week-end.Saunders. 119, Moorgrae. E.C.2. Mon. 5504. CATHOLIC teacher and wife deatre mall self-contained fiat. any London area.— Box 61.

STUDENT needs accommodation. C. London preferred, out all day.—Box 60.

YOUNG man desire( hoard accommodation for several weeks in or near Tottenham. Stamford Hill, Ednernton area. — Poe 65.

PROPERTY FOR SALE VCR sale. E2.000 or near ofter. /Maga

& taw, S. Coast. 15 atlas. church. 4 rooms, kitchen, bathroom. law, serallte—Box M.



nUBLIN. Visitors should stay at The Claarlemont Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, over. looking harbour; stone's throw from Man Boat Pier. Church, forms and railway station. Registered by Irish Tourist Board. PrOprletor, C. O'Brien. Tel. No. 81546.

nUNLAOGLIAIRE. Visitors to Ore stay at Glencar Hotel. 14. Windsor Terrace. Seafront. Good catering. H. and C. water. Model ate terms. — Proprietress, Mrs. H. Jenkins. Phone 815521.

▪ IRE, Bray. Spend your holidays at Kin." vans Hotel. Mild winter resort. Excellent cuisine. Moderate tarat—McCallion.

IN Dublin stay at Ende Haute, nwrt Fit,u,Iamsmet.entralsei:ct,odesalo—Proprietress, Mrs. O'Connor. VOCATIONS BCO'fitERS OF OUR LADY OF MERCY.

YOUTHS and men aged 16 and 25 years possessing the neeessary qualieeations as to character, health and education wishing to devote their lives to the services of God in [hie education Of eolith should apply to: The Rev. Br. Provincial, St. Aloysim Colleac, London. N.6.

VOUTHS or young men desirous or becorm ing Priests or lay brothers in a Teaching Congregation should write to the Novice Master, St. George's College, Weybridgm, Surrey.

course—Brochures (Id.). Secretary. Southern Training College. Witbdean, Brighton 5.

• ITYp uBOrc LHEEEALDST. H DEPARTMENT, KILLINGBECK SANATORIUM. Vacancies exist for Student Nurses (male and female). Two years' training In Tuberculosis for T.A Certificate. Salary and conditions of service in meordance with the RushelifTe Seale. Uniform provided during service. Modern nurses' home.

Application forma may be obtained from the Matron. Killingeeck Sanatorium, Leeds,

IIgardener wanted for country propetty, ketpcnenccd. young. R.C.—Apnly 13799I05R shorthand-typist and 2 Junior girls, UN aged 14 to 15 years, required by pue Ushers, S.W.1 district. Must be Catholic, Intelligent, quick and reliable Wages according wliordil to qualifications.—Apply by letter e J NTOR required by export rum, Good prospects for keen youth.—Fautsel Eros., sic Hoihom Viaduct, E.C.1.

QHLTRTHAND in one week. Test Insole

• 3d.—Dutton's (v'C2), 93. Ge Russell St., W.CIIS WNON Green Menial Hospital, Birminge TT ham le, England. vacancies exist for female student nurses. Commencing eatery £75 per annum, together with board, lodging and uniform. valued at 28s. 9d. per week. There is a lieced a_ale ni off-duty lime eluding four weeks' holidays Per year. There Is a Catholic chard oa the estate where Mass is training ingwseeehkooly.1Tfhore HmoesPntaffel iniustsesfee!)—"Whed riteastOe the Medical Superimendeat fat application form and further particulars.


CITY OF CSOHMEEMFITTLEDE. EDUCATION Qualified assistant teacher Mon required for the Sheffield Hillsborough Roman catholic School. Salary In accordance with the Bumham Scale.

Application forms. which may Sc obtained from the undersigned should he returned as soon as possible to the Rey. I. L. Mitchel, The Presbytery, Hillsborough. Sheffield, 6.


Director of Education.

Education Office, Leopold Street, seenieid.


CAPABLE maid required to run modern A.' flat for business People. 3 in family. 10 minutes from Marble Arch. Good outings.— Apply Mrs. Richfield, 25, Neville Court. Abbey Road, N.W.8„ after 6.30 p.m., or by letter.

C00K-general required, experienced, for Ts family of three. Very modern Rat, allelectric. Very rood saIary.—Apply Mrs. Goldman. 26, Riverside neve, _Goldcrs Green Road. London, N.Vvell,

gee 00K-general wanted. Family 2 adults. 2

▪ ' schoolboys. Own bedroom, etc. Generous

salary and off times, daily help. Must be experienced and have good references. — Davis, 1, Garrick Avenue, Golders Green,

London, N.w.ii.

C00K-hnusetteeper wanted for small mod lee ern house, daily help kept. eour in family, nannie kept for 2 little girls.-41. Hermitage Lane, Hampstead, N.W.2. Hardee mad 4370.

VXPF.RIENCED woman, plain cooking, all

▪ duties. charge mall modem house, business couple. two school children, excellent off times and Wary. References essential, — Sack. 18. fiolmfleld Avenue. Hendon. London, N,W.4.

KITCHEN help. girls' school, coast. AA mother with girl welcomed—Apply Superior stating wages, Box 57, RELIABLE cook-housekeeper, Catholic guest house, Cornwall. Nannic complete charge children I, 3-4 and 54 years. Essentiai rural enthusiasts and active Catholics.— Box 65.

WWANTED for convent boarding school in Scotland. nirl to help with laundry and general work.—Box 69.

WANTED housekeeper, modern house. 77 one priest. Country town, Surrey. State ass. wages, refs.—Box 62.

WANTED. Mother's help for modern fiat. T W Hampstead diatrice Good salary and excellent situation for suitable applicant.— Mrs. Pearl, 2, Vaendover Court. N.w.3. Ham. 4525.


D etIVE or ride anything. Age 31. Clean license for 11 years. Experience motor trade.—Rnx 70,

lateCTOR regimes an assistantship; married, one child. Accommodation esseadal. --Box 67.

U UBLIN man (11.C.). single, 34, seeks postdon, any kind. Pasmon. English driving licence. Own passage reed. References. — Box 66.

IADY would undertake all duties bunnlow or small house. Daily Mass Please.— Box 63.


LEARN Church Latin individual lessons by correspondence, beet results. Write now. Also New Testament Greek, clasalcal Latin or Greek.—T)omont (Dept. 4), 14. St. George's Road. London, N.W.11.

QCITOOL of Domestic Science run on " meet= lines. National Council for Domestic Studies Examinations. Canoncsses of St. Augusenc. Filsbam Roae, St. Leonardo. on-Sea.—Apply Rev. mother.


SAVE the old books. Millions of books were destroyed by the Nazis throughout Europe. Millions more for salvage and must.. lions. Whole libraries blown up in six years of war. Save the old books and send them to Wm. Shearman. catholic Book Dealer, 2, TasLer Road, Landon, N.W.3. Gil, 2654,


QCTENTTFICALLY made WAX CRAYONS 47 for Junior, senior artists. Firm, durable, no smudge. 3M. x tin. Fine colnurs. 6 dozen only 6s. 6d.; S dozen 3a. 6d. post tree. Purchase tax included.—fl. C. Matthews. 30e. Brookley Road, London. S.E.4.

WALL plaque. St. Anthony and Child.

5in, round and worded Pray for us, Exquisite features, Good present. Only 6s. each. post free.—H. C. Matthews. R.C., 308, Brockley Road, London, S.E.4.


esessia hru ul postal esessia hru ul postal

Smith, High Street,

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