Page 8, 15th November 1985

15th November 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 15th November 1985 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Christer & Notre Dame College, Minden New Church, Association of Sisters, N.I. Region Association, Council of Primal, Church Regional Broadcasting Council, Kent Ecumenical Council, Diocesan Council of Priests, Army, Baptist Church, Pastoral Ministry, St Thomas More's Church, St Mary's High School, Royal Corps of Signals, Stevenage Team Ministry, Converts' Aid Society, Haunton Convent School, Voluntary Service, Music Univerrom College, Manchester Merseyside Council, Lady's Convent High School, Nativity School, Catholic BiOlical Association, Council of Priests, Holy CroSO High School, St Joseph's Parish Centre, London Voluntary Service Council, Catholic Church, Biahorie Committee, Ushaw College, Penitential Service, King Primary School, ToearleM Govareors' Srarallim Committee, SI Thomas More Church, Diocesan Lally CommiSsion, St Mary's College, Foundation of the Bruhn° Order, Oaklands School, Youlh Custody Centre, DIOCOSSan Finance Committee, Lady's Church, Tosarter Council, General Hospital, Council of Priesis, Blantyre School, Eilmelhics Committee


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Bishops' Diaries

Page 8 from 3rd January 1997


▪ Masao', Mattetion. C o Conermellon, 0 = Ordination,

Cercerdi Hume, Archbishop of Westminster Wednesday to Nov. 30: Rome tor Meeting of Cardinain and Bishops Synod Archbishop Bowen 01 Southwerk Monday: Area bishops meeting. archblehop's House. 5.30pm Tuesday. inauguration Ceremony of the General Synod of the Church at England. Westminster Abbey and Church House; Reception for Mgr Edward MahOny, OBE. ArehbIshop's House 6 30pm Wednewley: Diocesan Council of Priests meeting, Amigo Hall, 11.30arn. Friday; Diocesan Lally CommiSsion meetieg. Archbishop's House, 7.30pm S eim:der M to celebrale 450th anniversary of the Foundation of the Bruhn° Order, Cathedral, 3pm. Archbishop Ceara de Melville ol Birmingham Sunday: M at Birmingham Univerrety Catholic Chaplaincy, 7orn. Tuesday: Council of Priesis, Maryvale. 11ani. C. l•toly Great). Walmley. 7.30pm. Wednesdey, M at Haunton Convent School, Staffs, Ilem Thursday: Osuotl Try aloe* 10.30arn. FeldirMSaturday: Catholic BiOlical Association. Damascus House ArChbishOp Wird of Cardllf Sunday: C. St

Dyf Pontypridd. ii than, leadneader U & meeting of Diocesari VoCalions Directors, Cour:0*d, Ross:on-Wye, 12 noon. C, All Hallows. Liantrleatit, 7.30pm. Thursday: Children's Ka SI Philip Evans. Cardiff, 9.45arn. Friday. PflUala. Requiem, St David's Cathedral, Cardiff, 11 30are Courrell or Priests, Nazareth House, Cardifl, 2.15pm AreabishoP 'MOW, of Liverpool Sunder M tor deceased benefaCtOrs, Metropolitan Cathedral I lam. Monday: Leigh Deanery Clergy meeting, Archbishop's Huuse. 12.30pm Governors' meeting. Christer & Notre Dame College, 4 30pm. Tuesday: Governing Committee meeting, Ushaw College, 12 noon Wednesday: Lecture for Interface Week, Leeds U nivaraity Chapialney. 12,30pm. Bolinder Cathedral Choir Anniversary Celebrations, Liverpool University Chaplaincy. 7.30em Illiehop Alexander of Clifton Sunder V, Christ the King, Amesbury, Preaches at all M, I lam. Tuesday: PA, AGM of Association of Sisters in Pastoral

Ministry, 10 4513 Thuredey, Catania,' Clergy Night or Grand Atlantic HolM. Weston-supeoMare. Friday: M at Cnrist the King Primary School, Filwood, lOarn. V Mousebound Preludes at Penitential Service, Christ Me King 7 300m Saturday: V. Christ the King Parish. Preaches at all M

Blahop Brewer of Limonite! Sunday: V and C. Sacred Hear!, Tnornton Tuesday. Conference cie Pastoral Care or Heolicapoad Persons, U N.I. Region Association for Catholic: Deaf, pm Wednesday: DIOCOSSan Finance Committee, ern Indunts Fr John Denson as Parish Priest of Our Lady's. St Annemon•Sea, pm Thursday: Silver Jubilee M for Sister Cuthbert Mayne, Nazareth Huutiii, Lancaster, 11.30arn Sallurdem °Perm the Christmas Fame, Galgate, pm.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary for Salford Sunday to Noy. 30; Pilgrimage to Holy Land.

. Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary tor Birmingham Sunday M & C. The Oratory, Birmingham, 3pm Tuesday, Council of Primal. Maryyale. 11 am Wednesday: Meeting Of Director!' at Lourdes Pilgrimage. Harborne Hail, Mem. Thursday: Meeting of (Mood Trustees, 10 30am Friday: NI 13 C. Sacred Heart, II Mien, f.30pm Bishop Emory of Porternewh Sunday: V & C, EngliSh Martyrs. DMIC01 Tireaday: V. Sr SwIlhun Wells School, Chandlers Ford, 2pm. Wednesday: Oaklands School, Walerlooville, Opening and Blessing of new Chapel. 7pm. Thuroday: Bishop's House. Portsmouth, Gelorogether for Priests of the Diocese, 12 noon Friday: SI Tarafilifi Schaal, Wokingham. pm M, Corpua Othati. VenkIngharn, 7pm,

B ishop Gray of Shrewsbury Monday-Frld4: V

Pnellts In Germeny and attends opening of church in Minden

B ishop Mamie Auxiliary Ior Westminster Sunday: Justice & Peace Conference, Digby Stuart Collage, 10.30 4pm Moncley-Thurstley: Bishop and priests week. London Colney. Featly: Pastoral Workers' group. 10.30m. Launch of "Avoiding Nuclear War". Westminster. 12 noon Saturday Area Day, Hackney & Tower Hamlets deaneries. Tower Hill, 10.30am la, Presentation, Eden Grove, 7pm &shim Hennlean at Manorial Sunder V and C. SI Aaaph Monday: Catholic Childran'S Society Interview% Cardiff, 10am Saturday: V to Buckley. illthop Harris of Middlesbrough Tuesday-Thursday: V. Army Chaplain and opening of church, Germany. Friday: Meeting of Eilmelhics Committee, London, 2.313pm Bishop Harvey, Auxiliary for Wastmlnater Sunday: M for School Governors, Our Lady of Dolours. Hendon, 3pm. Mended: AGM. London Voluntary Service Council, 4pm. Wednesday: M, The Moat Precious Blood &St Edmund, KMI„ 7por_Teursder M of Dedication. SI Thomas More School. Wood Green. 11.45am M, Converts' Aid Society, Cathedral, 6pro B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary No Southwark mender Meeting of the MethorasuRC Corrimiltee, HIncle St. 125pm. Diocesan Bishops' meeting, 5.30pm. Tuaiday: Meeting of the Kent Ecumenical Cooncil. Weal Malan. Mant. Departs for BAOR base, Osnabruck, 5.35. Wednesday; V, BAOR.DInner with Chaplains and other Bishops. Thursday: Dedication and opening celebrations of Minden New Church Friday: Meeting or Friglish, ARC, Bngshot Park Seturday: Continuation of moellnim Concelebrates M, St Georges Cathedral, Ursulines celebrate 450 years. 3orti

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary tor Liverpool Sunday: V. St Ambrose Ballow. Action, Manchester

Merseyside Council or Voluntary Service, 5pm Thursday: C. Holy Family. Boothstovre. 7 30pm Salimlar V Al, Si Gabriel, Hi/jher Folds, !pint Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary for Southwork Sunday: V 10 WeaterhaM parish Mender. V. Convert of the Nativity School, SIttingbourne. 10am. Bishops' meeting, 5.10poi. Tianday: Kent Ecumenical Council meeting at West Malting. Mem C in WhaStable, 7.30pm. Wednesday: Council ol Priests at Amigo Soorhwark Thursday: C, Setinghnurna, 7 30pm Friday:Saturday: V, GOudhurst parish.

W shop Kelly of Salford Tuesday-FrIday: V. PC

forces chaplains in Germany, dedication at church of Si Thomas Mom, Rhodesia Barracks. Minden

Bishop Knoll-lent of Leeds Sunday: C, Pudsey. Wodneutey:61, Cathedral. 1pm Holy Family Convent, Bromley. 7.30pm Friday: Catholic: Social weithre Society AGM. 11am Saturday: St Joseph's, Bradford, RC1A Course. 4pm B ishop Lindsay of Hexham and Newcastle Sunday: V and C, St Aluysius, HabOure, 3.30Pm ToearleM Govareors' Srarallim Committee meetIng. Ushaw College, Durham, 12 noon. Wednesdar. Church Regional Broadcasting Council, Durham, I 30pm Price Giving, Our Lady's Convent High School, Ainvock, 2pm Thursday: Council of Priests mooting, St Joseph's Parish Centre, Gateshead. 1 lam F.Idsy: N.E. Ecumenical Group meeting Auckland Castle. Durham. 2.30pm B ishop McCord', Auditory for Birmingham Sunday; M & C. Our Lady of Fatima. Quinton, 12 noon. 3pm, 6pm Monday: M, St Teresa. Charlbury. 7pm. Tosarter Council o1 Priests. Maryville. 11arn Wednesday: 0, Schnnt 0 Parish. Si Arnbrona Barrow, Hall Green. Thureday: Meeting of Oscott /tut:Item 10,308m Ecumenical Mooting, Coventry, 7pm. Saturday: Mauling of Cumeilitee for Commoriity Relations, Westminster, Ilain Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham Sunder. M Ion Celebration of Ilth Centenary of Lincoln (St Hugh's, Lincoln). tpm Monday-FrIday: V W Germany for opening at new church at Minden Military Exterraion &stun:ley: Commissions spacial ministers. 12 noon B ishop McMahon of Brennvood Sunder. V and C. Greeristeed Monday-Friday: ICEL Meeting, ROOM Bishop Mahon, Amalie,' Iv. Westminster Sunday: C. West Drayton parish. Item C, Hayes parish 1.30pm Commissioning of Special ramie:tar, 0 C, Hayes, 6.30pm Monday-friday: Meeting of Biahorie Committee Mr Europe, Brussels.

Bishop Movrley of HeiWin Tuesday: Ushew

GoverI10,15 Wurinesday huul V WWI Gf.ti. I nam Thursday: School V, Doopcar, 10.30arn, Friday: Governors ot Welfare Society, Leeds, 11am Bishop Mullins. Area Bishop In Swansea: Thursday: Tarr:owl I Sauer:tars Lewis, Coital y Ctindud. Caertyrddin adder Deceased Clary)? M, r I 30am Council or Priests. 2 30pm Saturday; Opening or C lammrdieff Festival of Music Univerrom College, I B ishop O'Iblen, Auxiliary lo. Westminster Sunday: C at Westminster Cathedral, 5.30pm, Thunder

Meeting with Herta Well education team, Spur. Friday: C, Stevenage Team Ministry, 7.30pm Saturday: V, SI Anthony's, Radler!

Marv* O'Brian, Auditory for Middlesbrough Tuesdsy: Opens Army church in Germany. wlth Bishop Hartls.

Moho, Rewsillorma Auxiliary tor Liverpool Sunday: V. St Albert's, Liverpool. Monday: V, St

Albert's Christ's & Nalre Dame Governors' meeting, 4pm. Tuesday: C, Christ the King. Liverprml Wednesday: C, Our Lady at Waisingham, Netherton Thursday: C. uonolland College Friday: Holy CroSO High School, Chantey. Barn.

B ishop Relates. of Plymouth Sunday: V and M. St John the Baptist Church, Camborne, 10.30am C,

3pm Tuesday: Deanery Conference. Cornwall, 1 lam B ishop Swindlahurel, Auxiliary for Newham 4.11 Newcastle Sunday: C M, S1 Patrick's. Stockton on Toes. 3prn. Tuesdey: Governors' Standing Commmeo

meeting, Ushaw Collage, Durham, 12 noon, Wednesday. C M, Si Cuthbert's. Hartlepool, 7pn:

Thwaday: Council of Priests' meeting. St Joseph's Parish Centre, Gateshead. 11 am Filthy: NE Eoumenical Grotto meeting. Auckland Castle, Durbarn 2 30pm Bishop Thomas of Northampton Sur■day: V. Holy Family. Luton. Tuesday: MKCC Presidency, 10.15351.

Wednesday; Chapter 5 Finance Board MI:Wing:I, Thursday: Diocesan Youth Aosembly, 7.30pm Friday: ARC tEnglarch, London Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary In Southwark Sunder M at Youlh Custody Centre, Dover, 9.45am tr; al Sander:Stead 3pm. Kingston Deanery Postoral Council Social al New Malden, apm Tuesday:

Reception to celebrate Award of OBE to Monsignor E Mahony. 6.30pm Wodneedsy: CUU111,11 of Priests

Southwark, 11.10arn CCS Deectors. 2 30pei Thuradey: South London Church Leaders at Addington Palace. 7pm Saturday: Concelebrates Urauline 450th Anniversary M at St Georges Cathedral, Reception, Festival Hall. 3pm.

B lehop Wahroley (HM Format Burnley: Confers bap118111 at Our Lady's Church, Rickmarisworth, 3pm. Wedneadey. Parish celebration, St Thomas More r Church, Minden, 44081 Gerrnany, 7pm Thursday: Dedication of SI Thomas More Church. Minden. Waal Germany, apro

Father Michael Brassie, formerly Parish Priest of Petworth, West Sussex, died in retirement at Ballyagran, Co Limerick, Ireland, on 4 November 1985.

He was born in Ireland on 16 June 1903 and he studied for the Priesthood at St Patrick's, Carlow, He was ordained Priest 12 June 1927.

He then became Curate at Anerley 1927-1930, Rotherhythe 1930-1934, Camberwell 1934.1937. He was Priest-InCharge in Purley 1937-1944, and in 1944 became Parish Priest of Greenwich East. He became Parish Priest of Petworth in March 1956 and he was there until 1973 when he went as Chaplain to the Nursing Home In Littlehampton, retiring to his home town Ballyagran, Co Limerick, in 1982.

Mother Mary Finbarr Quinn, Provincial Superior of the Sisters of St Joseph of Annecy died on November 11 at Llantarnan Abbey, Cwmbran, Gwent, aged 66. A native of Kinsale, Co Cork, she entered St Joseph's Convent, Newport in 1937. After taking an honours degree in Manchester, she joined the teaching staff at St Joseph's Convent where she later became headmistress. After successfully launching the school she became mistress of novices She

was first named provincial in

1964, and was subsequently appointed General Councillor In Annecy, France. A further term of office as Provincial began In 1980. Her funeral was held on November 14 at Llantarnan Abbey.

Fr Colin Kilby, Priest-in-Charge of St Thomas More's Catholic Church in Stoney Lane, Weeke, Winchester, who died in the General Hospital, Southampton, aged 58, had suffered long periods of illness in recent years, yet never retired from parish work.

His Solemn Requiem Mass was celebrated on 4 November.

Born in Watford, one of a family of five, he joined the Royal Corps of Signals in 1945 and served in North Italy and Austria. In 1949 he studied for the priesthood and was ordained in the Westminster Diocese by Cardinal Godfrey In 1957.

He was curate In the East End of London at Limehouse, later at St Aidan's in Acton, where he also assisted as chaplain to Wormwood Scrubs prison. Already he was battling with illness.

In 1968 Fr Kilby received permission from Cardinal Heenan to work In the Diocese of Portsmouth under Bishop Derek Warlock.

He served first in the Isle of Wight and was for a time chaplain to Prisons at Albany, Camp Hill and Parkhurst. After a short spell In Fareham he moved to Southampton, where he was close to the hospital where he needed continual treatment.

While in Southampton he took on the Night Shelter, a hail with beds for 18 homeless men. He ran It with compassion and good order.

In 1976, Fr Kilby took up an appointment as priest-in-charge of St Thomas More's Church, Weeke, within St Peter's Parish, Winchester. He also became Catholic chaplain to Winchester prison and officiating chaplain to the Catholics at Worthy Down Camp and the Peninsular Barracks.

Since the amputation of a leg five years ago he relinquished the post as prison chaplain.

Fr Charles Ward, a priest of the Southwark diocese, died on Friday November 1 at St Anne's Home, Stoke Newington, North London, aged 79.

Fr Ward was ordained on the 31 July 1932 and served in Sydenhath from then until 1937, when he transferred to St Mary Magdalene's, Brighton for the next five years.

From 1942 until 1946, he served at Bromley Common and,

after a short spell at Edenbridge and St Vincent's, Whitstable, went to Carshalton Beeches in 1947. From 1950 until his retirement in 1964, he was parish priest at Wallington Fr James Michael Daly was born In Blantyre, Glasgow, on 21st July 1923. He was educated at Blantyre School, and then at St Mary's High School. Following service in the Army, he went to Campion House, Osterley in 1955, and from there to St Mary's College, Oscott in 1957.

He was ordained priest for the Diocese of Nottingham on April 30th 1963, and spent the next five years as assistant priest at the Annunciation, Chesterfield, followed by a further five years as Assistant at Sacred Heart, Leicester.

Fr Daly served as parish priest at Mickleover, Shirebrook and Gainsborough before ill health struck him in 1984. As soon as he was able, he returned to pastoral duties and worked again as an assistant priest in Lincoln and Leicester. In May 1985, he felt himself sufficiently recovered to undertake once again the duties of parish priest, and the Bishop appointed him to St Gregory's, Sileby.

He died on Feast of All Saint 1985.

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