Page 2, 15th September 1950

15th September 1950
Page 2
Page 2, 15th September 1950 — 'Mr -VIP' • ANQ„,c0 What is the address of St. Francis Leper Guild ?

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Organisations: St. Francis Leper Guild
People: Elizabeth Gouda


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'Mr -VIP' • ANQ„,c0 What is the address of St. Francis Leper Guild ?

C/o Rev. Mother, The Hermitage, Cleveland Road, Worcester Park, Surrey.

What prayers are prescribed for the Holy Year Indulgence ?

Consult your parish priest.

How long agn did the Coitus of St. Jude originate 7

We do not know. It has existed for centuries at Toulouse, where his rehi are preserved. The Carmelite Fathers, Faversham, Kent, would probably give you detailed information.

Have you any biographical Infonust. tion about Elizabeth Gouda*, a Catholic reviewer 7

No we hope that eorne reader may be able to help

Why did an Anglican Bishop state, some time since, that St. Peter was not the First Bishop of Rome ?

We did not see the statement-and, unless we knew the name of the bishop, and its occasion, we could hardly give it credence. The admissions of innumerable scholars, Protestant or Rationalist. given in " The Question Box " (p. 144) are all to the contrary Most Anglican scholars admit a Primacy, at least of Honote to the Holy See.

How Can I get Catholic papers from Holland and Bavaria 7 Inquire of Duckelis, who specialise h; Continental literature Is a ship an emblem of St. Thomas of Canterbury ?

Not to OUT kilOWledae.

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