Page 3, 15th September 1950

15th September 1950
Page 3
Page 3, 15th September 1950 — ALL SORTS

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Organisations: Catholic Church
Locations: London, Long Beach, Sydney


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By Fr, Bernard Basset, Si.

Thank you, Sydney

P RIDE of place this week to (Sydney) who writes: " I find a lot of interesting reading matter in the HERALD and always passit on to my friends. Your Catholic jokes in All Sorts are very amusing and they raise a good laugh when I relate them. It thrills me to see any news of Australia in Tut CATHOLIC HERALD. Why can't we have some more 7 Hundreds of thousands of All Sorts are coming

out here now. Till recently we prided ourselves on being 99 per cent. British. We shall become another U.S.A. in the next generation."

Christmas cribs

V.R. sends a post-card : "I 0' have read your notes on the Christmas Poster campaign with joy. During the dreadful winter of 1939 when one walked down (up?) Tottenham Court Road amid snow, slush and darkness, there was one ray of light. It was a small presentation of the crib that Messrs. Heale had in their shop window. It must have been a great comfort to thousands like myself who saw it."

Christmas posters

L1". (London) asks " This poster • campaign sounds exciting. but do we have to get buckets and brushes to stick them up ourselves ? How big are the posters and how can we get them ?" The poster is, I understand, 6 ft. 8 in.

by 10 ft. The crib is in five colours. A well-known poster

artist made the design. No L.M., you do not need bucket and brush. All the messy work will be done for you if you and your friends will club together and produce £2. For this sum the poster will be exhibited for the whole of Advent.

Christmas play

MH. (Wales) gives this offer: • " You ask about suitable Christmas Plays. I cannot suggest a list but I have a play of my own for children which has been produced many times in California. Its last production was by the Sisters at Long Beach. 11 has never been published or produced in England. The play always met with great success. I should be pleased for any school, club or dramatic society to avail themselves of it if they wish. There are twelve scenes drawn from the scriptures with carols added.

The Brook Kerith MR. (London, S.W.) is rightly upset and annoyed. have just read a book called " The Brook Kerith " which I got from the local free library. It started well and I was interested until I came with a shock to the view that Our Lord did not die on the Cross but finished His life as a shepherd uith the Essenes. I can't imagine a Christian country printing it." Yes, "'The Brook Kerith" is a queer unpleasant book by George Moore. Of course there is no grain of truth in the theory and no evidence is supplied.

The Hierarchy

S. raises the point : " The celeJ • bration of the restoration of the Hierarchy this month is causing some confusion among my non-Catholic friends. They seem to think that the Catholic Church started in England in 1850. Isn't it a pity that we do not see on sale copies of that excellent book ` The Extinction of the Ancient Hierarchy,' by G, E. Phillips? "

How's that ?

CN.S. (Somerset) sends this one :

" Here is another cricket story to cap yours." A Southerner went to the match between Lancashire and Yorkshire and uhen a Yorkshireman made a particularly good catch. he exclaimed to himself Well caught sir." Then came the voice 'from behind.

Voice : Bist tha fra Yorkshire? Man : No.

Voice; Bist tha fra Lancashire? Man ; No.

Voice: Then howd tha tongue.

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