Page 5, 16th April 1937

16th April 1937
Page 5
Page 5, 16th April 1937 — Modern History

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Modern History

Whither Albania

King Zog's Albania, by J. Ssvire (Hale, 12s. 6d.)

Reviewed by GERALD WYNNE RUSHTON This hook by Mr. J. Swire is well-written. beautifully illustrated, and extremely documente. On finishing it one feels a little confused. A confusion largely due to one's own preconception of Albania which. to this reviewer at any rate, was simply a mountainous country with no pretensions to history other than that provided by countless generations of bandits.

One discovers in Mr. Swire's vivid pages, that not only has Albania a quite distinguished past-but also that. given a real chance, a quite definite prosperous future, That chance Italy has seen-but King Zog has his work cut out for him as the Italian liaison is not popular. At the same time it appears to be the only solution of the problem as, without the support of one or other of the Great Powers, Albania would be at the mercy of the Whale: feuds which, in the past, have rendered any sort of organisation there, practically impossible.

Really a most interesting and enlightening book.

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